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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quick Ways to Make 1000 Dollars - 10 Ideas to Make a Thousand

Quick Ways to Make 1000 Dollars 

Recently I received an email from a reader of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog. The reader was a single mother who was unemployed and was living on welfare with help from her parents. The young mother asks the following question which has been abbreviated. 

Dear The Millionaires Giving Money Blog, I am a single mother living on a very low income which is probably below the poverty line. Can you give me some quick ways to make 1000 dollars? 

This email compelled me to put my thinking cap on because I admire people who want to dig themselves out of poverty. So in this post I will be sharing strategies for making a quick 1000 dollars so the reader and many like the readers can improve their quality of life and standard of living. All of these ideas to make a 1000 dollars quick are legal and legitimate and you wont be breaking any laws. 

As long as you are consistent and patient you will start to see money coming in, In the past I have experienced poverty and it wasn't very nice living paycheck to paycheck, everything does get better as long as you strive and have faith in God that your circumstances will improve. So without Further ado here are the ideas and strategies to make a thousand. 

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Make a 1000 Dollars Quick 

1: Tighten Up Your Budget 

This might not seem like a make a quick 1000 dollars idea but I think its very important. One of the most important points to remember when making money is the following - The Quickest Way To Make Money is to Stop Hemorrhaging Money. I see so many people trying to get ahead with decent salaries only to blow their hard earned wages on things they don't really need. 

So the first thing that you need to do is go through your budget and cut any superfluous expenses. You should also call everyone you make a monthly payment to and negotiate a better deal, this might include your insurance company, mortgage company, loan companies, credit card companies. Your aim should be to trim as much excess expenses as you can because they you can divert that money to the more important things in life. 
Resources: 40 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Expenses

2: Ask To Work Overtime and Weekends 

The rate of pay which you get on overtime and on weekends or unsociable hours are sometimes twice as much as the normal rate. When I worked as a retail assistant during my years of poverty I made a lot of extra money by working nights and Sundays when they pay was twice as much as normal. 

I was able to make a quick 1000 dollars above my normal salary just by putting in more time at work. This might not seem like a get rich quick idea but every little helps and when your not making money you're spending money so this strategy helped to get me expenses under control. You should definitely meet with your line manager and ask if you could be given more overtime. 
Resources: Living Paycheck to Paycheck? How to Get Ahead

3: Ask For a Pay Rise 

Another 'relatively' quick way to get 100 dollars is to ask for a pay rise. There are so many employees in the US and UK who are paid much less than they are worth just because they don't speak up. There are employees who get paid more then their productivity because they have a big mouth. 

What you need to do is to understand your level of commitment to the job and increase it as much as possible. Once you've put in the hard work you can legitimately ask for more money. This is a great idea to make 1000 quickly because sometimes you can ask for twice what you are paid once you make a significant contribution as an indispensable employee. 
Resources: How to Ask for a Raise

4: Reduce Rent or Mortgage 

Your rent and mortgage payments take a big bite out of your income so it makes sense to try and cut these as much as possible. With mortgage rates at all time lows it might be time to give your mortgage provider a call to see if you can make a quick 1000 dollars by saving money on your mortgage. Ask for a lower rate and see how much you can save. During my years of poverty I was able to save nearly $700 just by making a quick call to my mortgage provider to change rates.  

If you're renting your property it might be an excellent idea to downsize or even take extreme measures and live in a trailer so you can save enough money to get yourself out of poverty. The ultimate aim to making money quickly is to save as much as possible and then use that money to make your future so much better.
Resources: 6 Questions to Ask for Lower Mortgage Rate 

5: Borrow Cheap Money 

If you need to make a quick 1000 dollars one idea might be to take out an interest free quick 1000 loan from your parents or friends. I have been in situations where I needed money quickly and turned to my family for help. The key to getting a quick 1000 dollar loan from your friend or family is to make the arrangement professional. 

When I asked for money I created a loan agreement and the dates of when I would repay the money. I would even put down a security such as a laptop, phone or even my car. Your family and friends will help if they truly believe you have the intention to pay them back. 

You can also look for interest free credit cards that allow you to deposit money into your account or credit cards that offer zero percent on purchases. Using a interest free credit card as a quick 1000 dollar loan is great because you don't have to pay interest, you'll only pay off what you borrows and improve your credit score in the process. 

6: Sell All Your Unwanted Items

One great way to make a quick 1000 dollars and feel lighter in the process is to sell items you no longer need. You need to be mercurial and relentless and find things that have value but you no longer need. Take a photo of all these items and put them up for sale on eBay when you don't have to pay fees. Your aim should be to find enough items to make quick 1000 dollars. 

I have done this exercise a few times and I came very close to breaking the thousand dollar mark. I sold all the items that were surplus to my requirements on eBay and made $836.50 which is not bad. Not only was I laughing all the way to the bank but I felt a sense of clarity and simplicity in my life because I did not have so much rubbish to look after in my home. 

7: Sell Products for Other People

Another great way to get 1000 dollars quick is to help others to sell their crap. Offer a service in your local community asking people to donate their unwanted goods. You can then sell all these items and make money in the process. One great way to make people part with their rubbish is when its for a good cause so offer to give 50% of the proceeds to a nominated charity to get people to donate. 

A close friend of mine tried this strategy and it was a success and he continues to do this to this day collecting items and then maximizing the profit on eBay by posting excellent pictures and descriptions and making 50% in the process. 

8: Rent Everything Out 

I keep banging on about this strategy because its a great way to get a thousand dollars quickly. All you have to do is make a list of all the items you can rent out. The list could include rooms, storage space, vehicles, electrical equipment, and parking space. Put all of these rent-able assets for hire and watch the money roll in. 

At the moment I have rented a room out in my home which helps me to pay the mortgage. I have also rented out my parking space and storage space which pays for my energy bills and grocery expenses. Any money I make I keep saved in the bank which is invested for my future.  

9: Freelancing 

Another quick way to earn a thousand dollars is by freelancing a skill or expertise you have. If you don't have any expertise don't worry because you can easily become an expert at something your enjoy. I love setting up websites for other people and offer this service on sites like upwork.com. 

I charge a hundred dollars for the service which includes a year or servicing when required and I usually get about 5 to 10 jobs per month. If you like the idea of freelancing find something that pays well which is also something you enjoy doing. It might be creating logos or setting up sites. Whatever it is providing you offer exceptional service you can potentially make a thousand dollars quickly. 

10: Invest in Yourself 

I always advise others to invest in themselves if they want to make money quickly. You should invest in personal finance books, investment books and seminars and courses that teach you a skill which can be monetized. If you can raise your level of knowledge and expertise you can make better decisions with your money, you could ask for a raise or charge more money for your freelancing. The more you know the more people will pay you for that knowledge.  

Ways to Make a Quick 1000 Dollars  

All the ideas and strategies listed above are great ways to make a thousand dollars. All these ideas also apply to people who live in the US, UK and Europe because I also get emails from readers asking how to make £1000 quickly or how to make 1000 Euros quickly. All these ideas are tried and tested so you will make money as long as you persevere and keep on trying. 

I love hearing from the readers of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog so feel free to leave a comment to share any ideas you have. If you have experience of making money using these ideas feel free to share your experience as I would love to hear from you. Good Luck and don't forget to follow The Millionaires Giving Money Blog on Google+. Also be sure to check out the posts below for more ideas.

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I Need 5,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 2,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I Need Money for My Business Right Now - I am Desperate

I Need Money For My Business Right Now

Recently on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog I noticed readers asking about how to raise money for a new business venture. The Millionaires Giving Money Blog was started to share information on Millionaires and Billionaires who help people in need. However, the blog has now evolved into a  place where we share money making ideas and NOW how to get funding for your business. A esteemed reader emailed the following question to me which has been abbreviated for obvious reasons. 

Dear Millionaires Giving Money Blog,  I have a great idea for a business. I have created a business plan and have shared it with many like minded entrepreneurs who have validated the concept. I have gone to many banks but they fail to understand the idea and have turned me down for a small business loan. I don't have the best credit in the world so I'm having difficulties getting funding for my business. If you have any ideas or strategies on funding for your business please can you share them with me. Also this blog has inspired me to dig myself out of poverty so thank you so much. 

First of all I'm glad The Millionaires Giving Money Blog has inspired you to get out of poverty. I hope your enthusiasm will help others come to the same decision. I have been thinking hard about your question and have asked most of my entrepreneur friends and I've actually managed to find 10 ways you can get funding for your business. I've also included resources at the end of the post, these resources will hopefully help to get your business off the ground.

I really hope you can use these ideas to drive your business forward and make a tremendous and sustained profit. So without further ado, here are 10 Ideas to raise fund for your business. 

I Need 10,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 5,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 2,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW


10 Ideas to Get Funds for Your Business 

 1: Ask Crowdfunding  

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding with their business plans and ideas. Unfortunately Banks are unqualified pencil pushers and don't really know the first thing about entrepreneurial spirit and only look at the bottom line. If people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates went to the Banks when they first started Microsoft and Apple they would have been refused. Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding for your business

To get started make sure you've polished your business plan and be prepared for questions on revenue, cost and profit. Know exactly how much you propose to make in year one, two and three. Have all the necessary business projections for the future and then submit your plan to the Crowdfunding site to seek investors. Because Crowdfunding sites are made up of entrepreneurs they will cut right to the chase and know if the idea is viable.
Resources: Get Crowdfunded for Your Business Right Now  

 2: Borrow Money From a Credit Card 

So many people put their holidays and irrelevant shopping trips on their credit card. When it comes to borrowing money from your credit card to get funds for your business many people are reluctant to do this. By borrowing money from your credit card to fund your business you are betting on yourself which might be scary but is the most liberating thing you can do. If you really believe in your business idea and business plan and have enthusiasm and perseverance to see this through you will be successful. 

To get started see if you can find any zero percent credit card where you can transfer money to your checking account. The trick is to find a zero percent money transfer credit card so you don't have to pay any interest to get your business off the ground. I know many people who used this method to get their business started and haven't looked back since.
Resources: Zero Percent Credit Cards for Businesses 

 3: Sell Everything You Don't Need 

The things we own end up owning us. If you really want to focus on your business plan then you need to remove all the distractions in your life. When I first knuckled down to start my business I got rid of all my crap on sites like eBay to raise money for my venture. 

I was surprised at how much possessions I had accumulated and all these items were putting a strain on my mind. When I got rid of these items I no longer had to worry about them and in the meantime raised a lot of cash in the process. I used this cash to start my blog and other sites and haven't looked back since. To get started make a list of all the items you don't need. 

Ask yourself whether the item is more important than your business and be relentless in the process. Put all the items on sale on eBay by taking immaculate pictures and posting highly informative descriptions. Once you start selling use all the money for your business and don't get sidetracked into spending on more useless things.
Resources: How to Start a Successful eBay Business 

4: Ask the Bank of Mom and Pop 

Entrepreneurs are reluctant to ask their parents and parents are reluctant to lend because they don't want to cause a rift in the relationship. However, if you really believe in your idea and are passionate to the point you wont give up on your dreams you will get funding for your business from your parents. What parents want to see is you are serious about what you're doing so they feel confident lending to you. To get started present your business plan and explain everything to them in laymen's term. 

Let them know that there's no pressure and they should only be obliged to lend or invest if they believe in the idea and believe in your enthusiasm and passion to get the business off the ground. I have no doubt that when you pitch a compelling business idea you will get support from your parents and raise fund for your business. 
Resources: How to Ask Your Parents for Money

 5: Ask Angel Investors 

If you have an idea similar to Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, an idea that can change the world but for some reason banks can't fathom the concept, then you need to find yourself an Angel Investor and pitch your business idea. Businesses like Google and Facebook would never have come to existence had it not been for Angel Investors. 

To get started you need to polish your business plan until it shines and then find Angel Investors who are scattered all over the web. Email your idea and business plan to them and see what they think. Angel Investors are always looking for ways to get an exponential return on their money so you will get funds for your business if Angel Investors see the potential in your idea.
Resources: US Angel Investors 

 6: Go on Dragon's Den 

Having an influential business partner could make all the difference because they have the power to open doors we didn't even know exist. Going on Dragons Den to pitch your idea might seem daunting but its the fastest way to 'guarantee' success because these dragons can make things happen very quickly. 

To get funding for your business contact the editors of Dragons Den in your country and convince them you can pitch your idea and make a Dragon invest. If your plan has potential you will get your 10 minutes of fame which might lead to a lifetime of wealth and riches. 

 7: Local Entrepreneurs 

Every community has a handful of successful entrepreneurs who have made it and are living it big. What annoys me is most ordinary people shun these Uber rich people and dismiss them as arrogant. What you need to do is network with these people because they have the financial power to make things happen. 

Getting funding for your business might be as easy as finding a local entrepreneur for money and asking them to invest. Make a list of all the successful people in your community and then email your business idea to them. As always make sure your business plan is polished and be passionate and enthusiastic in your email to raise funds for your business. 

 8: Work Your Socks Off 

Some entrepreneurs don't like asking for money and don't like the idea of taking on a business partner. If that's the case you need to work your damn socks off to raise money for your business. Ask your boss for a pay rise or find another job that pays more. You need to live frugally so you can save at least 70% of the income you have coming in. 

In a year or so you should have enough money to get your business of the ground without the help of lenders or investors so you can truly label yourself a self made man. The key is working hard and living an extremely frugal life and saving as much as you can. Think of it as forgoing present happiness for long term happiness in the future.   

 9: Pawn Valuables 

I don't really want to recommend pawning valuables but sometimes it makes sense. If you pawn valuables to make ends meet you'll eventually get into trouble. However, if you pawn valuables to bet on yourself and raise funds for your business its worth a shot. To get started make a list of all the items you can pawn and then find a pawn shop that will pay you top dollars for your stash. 

Once you have the money use it wisely to get your business started. Don't waste money on coffee or a brand spanking new desk, use the money where you will get the greatest dollar return over the long term. 

 10: Sell Your Idea 

If you can't get funding for your business or simply don't want to go to all the trouble you could sell your idea for money. Unfortunately you wont be able to reap the long term benefits and profits if you do this but you wont have to go through all the strife to set up the business and make it successful. 

To get started find entrepreneurs or other businesses who might be interested in your idea. Contact these people and let them know an idea is for sale. Make sure you get them to sign a disclaimer or contract to pay you money if they like your idea so they cant copy your plans. If you're idea is as good as you think you will get some money.

 Get Funding For Your Business 

There are so many ways you can raise money for your business and I've only mentioned 10 ways to get funding for your business idea. The key to success here is not giving up on your dream however many times you get rejected. You must remember when one door slams in your face another 20 doors will open. 

Its only a matter of time and if you persevere and patiently keep going you will get funding for your business. I really hope this post can help you and other like you and please remember to like this post and follow me on Google+. God Bless. 

Effective Resources to Start Your Own Business

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