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I Need Help With Money Right Now Please Help Me

If you need help with money right now there are a number of options worth. If you're unemployed, on a low income, have a needy family or are experiencing grave financial hardship then you could turn to public assistance or private assistance, or even both. In this post, we look at some of the agencies and organization that can help if you need help with money right now. 

After you read this financial assistance article you MUST take action and apply for some of the programs or at least make contact asking them for help. If you're struggling with your finances there should be no shame in admitting this so you can get over your financial hardship quicker. I have included some very useful links so make sure you bookmark the article or share it with others that need help, I also have more articles on getting money for college, medical bills, and money if you're pregnant and have no money. Also if you want ideas to supplement your income check out the following posts. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and I have used these strategies myself to increase my passive income stream.

Government Assistance/Public Assistance

Need Help Paying Bills:

If you need help with money right now and have nowhere to go you should turn to the government for help. Public assistance is available for people who are struggling with their finances and need help, you could get assistance towards your food in the form of food stamps, this program is called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You could also apply for unemployment benefits if you've lost your job through no fault of your own. You could get help towards your Utility Bills through the LIHEAP Program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). The list below shows all the help that you might be eligible for if you're on a low income or near the Federal poverty line

+ Food Stamps (Check: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
+ LIHEAP Program (Check: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
+ Rental Assistance (Check: Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Need Help With Rent:

You could get help with rent or mortgage through the rental assistance program offered by the US Housing & Urban Development  Department (HUD). A number of other programs could help starting from Weatherization programs from LIHEAP which helps with utility bills, this program has helped families stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. You can also find military financial assistance, financial assistance for pensioners, mortgage assistance programs and advice on debt consolidation and debt management.

Help During Hard Times - This bookmark will take you to all the public assistance programs 
Social Security - This bookmark will help you to apply for Disability Benefits or SSI

Charities/Foundations Giving Money Away

Anther option you have if you need money right now is to visit your local charity or community foundation. In the past when I needed help paying bills I would turn to these organizations for help. These agencies have a money set aside to help people who are struggling financially. If you're not eligible for financial assistance you could be eligible for other help. Many charities offer help with food, clothes, emergency accommodation and much more. They can also offer advice which will help you improve your circumstances much quicker.

211 Inquiries - Get a List of Charities/Foundations and Private Assistance Agencies 
American Public Human Services Association - Has a list of agencies that could potentially help

Churches & Religious Bodies Giving Money

Religious organizations like churches, synagogues, mosques all have financial assistance plans, it might be little known but these organizations help a number of people. If you were not eligible for public or private assistance you could go to these places of worship for help. Most places of worship have their own discretionary fund to help people who need help with money right now. Make a list of all the religious places of worship and then ask them for assistance one by one. Here are some charities and religious organizations you should definitely check out. I have seen countless people visit my place of worship when they need help with money.

1. Community Action Organization
2. St Vincent De Paul
3. Red Cross
4. United Way
5. Catholic Charities
6. Salvation Army

Friends & Family

This could be the least popular option as the last people you want to bother with your problems and friends and families. It might surprise you to know that these people are really willing to help and if you go to them with a legitimate problem they will help you with money right now. You could ask them for a loan and then write a loan contract agreement of promissory note to make sure the relationship stays intact if you're unable to repay them.

Millionaires Giving Money/Begging Sites/Giving Sites

Another option you have for financial assistance is asking millionaires/billionaires and philanthropists for help. You can find hundreds of charitable foundations in the USA, most of them offer emergency financial assistance to people who need money now. 

You should also try sites such as Fund Anything which was founded by Donald Trump. This site allows you to create a video to ask for funding for virtually anything. A lot of people have used this service and received the funds that they require to get out of hardship.

You should also consider sites such as YouTube. Creating a video asking rich people for help is another way to reach out to solve your financial problems. You might be surprised to know that many people are doing this as we speak and getting help with their financial hardship. One individual who goes by the name of Craig Rowin was able to secure a one million dollar donation just by asking for financial assistance on YouTube.

Begging sites and giving sites are great to raise money if you're experiencing poverty, crisis or even terminal illnesses. You can use these sites to post your hardship and then ask for help by giving people the option to donate, if you can promote this all over the internet then you could raise a lot of money. If you need help with money right now there are a number of options you could explore, the key is being proactive and always looking for ways to get yourself out of hardship and live a better life.   

Taking out a Short Term Loan

If you've exhausted all avenues the only alternative you might have is to take out a loan. You should always try to borrow money interest-free from friends and family. You can also take advantage of zero percent interest credit cards which offer free finance. If you cannot take out an interest-free loan you should use a comparison site to find the best payday loan company offering the lowest possible APR. As always you should be aware of how much you are borrowing and how much you will have to repay. You should also complete an income and expenses statement to find out how much disposable income you have to cover your loan repayments. Never take out a loan you cannot service otherwise your loan will spiral out of control.   

Earn More Money

Asking for financial assistance is only one side of the coin. You should try to earn as much money as you can to get yourself out of financial hardship. If you're determined and put your mind to it you can earn whatever you want if you give it enough time and patience. I have written a number of posts which share ideas on how to make money very quickly. All these ideas and strategies are completely legal and legitimate and you will make money if you're determined. Check out some of these posts for inspiration and motivation.

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