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I Need 500 Dollars in 24 Hours or Less - I am Desperate for Money

I Need 500 Dollars in 24 Hour or Less

How to Get 500 Dollars in an Hour IDEAS 

We've all been in this position, we need 500 dollars in 24 hours or less. If you're really desperate for money and have no savings, no assets and nowhere to turn to and have a deadline looming which is potentially life threatening you need to take action now. You can either run away and look over your shoulder for the rest of your life, go to the authorities for protection, or you could put every ounce of your energy to raise 500 dollars in 24 hours or less. In this article we look at how we can potentially make $500 in 24 hours by pan handling and begging for money, I'm assuming your desperate and willing to do anything. If you can find the right location and advertise your hardship in a brilliant way you can make the money.

Feel free to share the contents of this article, if you know anyone who needs money in 24 hours or less then please send this to them. You can also like this article on Facebook and Google+ so it reaches more people. Derren Brown the trickster inspired me to write this article, he demonstrated how finding the right location and wearing the right sort of clothes along with the right slogan can help you beg for money successfully, I'm now going to try to put his methods in a little guide below.

How to Get 500 Dollars in an Hour

1. Find the Right Locations

You're basically looking for high foot flow, if you can position yourself outside shopping malls or a subway stations in a highly affluent area there is a chance that you will get donations. Find at least several locations and move around from time to time. The more people who can see you the more you can make. You could also try to wait outside places of worship especially if it's a day of worship, people are feeling very generous and if you wait outside patiently and ask for help you could get a lot of money. 

2. Wear the Right Clothes

Wear normal clothes, nothing too flash to make people think your taking advantage and nothing too rough to make you unapproachable, you want to show that your in a temporary hardship and only need a little help to get yourself out of poverty. Make sure you're clean and presented well, wear old clothes that are clean and smell good, you want to be approachable. 

3. Have the Right Message

You can make more money by writing a message on a cardboard box, you need to be honest and you must write something that catches the attention of others and makes them want to donate money to you. You must relate to the person and they must feel sympathetic to your cause. If you're planning to stand outside a subway station when people are going to work you could write something like "Need Money for Hair Cut, Shave and Suit, I have Interview in 4 Days". If you're waiting outside the subway station when people are leaving from work you could write "Was Fired Because My Boss Hates Me". If you can relate to a person's mood then you could make 500 dollars easily. Try to have several messages to maximize your pan handling skills. 

4. Ask For Large Donations

The quicker you raise your money the quicker you can stop panhandling. Ask for generous amounts, if you write on your message you need $5 from 100 people or any small change people just might give the 5 dollars because they feel like you have a target and will stop when your reach your goal, it will also show that you have a strategy and are trying to beg yourself out of poverty and into a better quality of life.

5. Assess Your Progress

Every hour assess your progress, try to make $100 per hour and realize what is working and what is not, if standing outside subway stations is really working then continue going to different stations at different times of the day. If a particular message is working then keep using that message. If you can find out whats making people donate more and exploit this you can reach your 500 dollar goal very fast.

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I Need 500 Dollars by Today I Will Do Anything I'm Desperate

I Need 500 Dollars in 24 Hours

If you're desperate and need $500 dollars in 24 hours and are prepared to do anything like taking high risks then there is a chance that you might get the money together. Assuming you have no savings or assets your ability to raise the money will depend on how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone. 

In this article, we look at how you can raise 500 dollars in less than 24 hours. Another article which is quite popular and is worth reading is I need 500 dollars by tomorrow, this article recommends that you ask friends and family, sell items, use payday loan companies and credit cards and exchange your services for money. In this article, we look at what you can do in 24 hours to raise the money. 

If you need more ideas to raise money really quickly then check out the following popular posts on making money quickly. 

I Need 500 Dollars By Today I Will Do ANYTHING

Before you start thinking about making money you need to get into the right frame of mind, you need to be determined as it takes time and patience to learn how to make money quickly. You will be defeated before you taste success so you need to remain positive and upbeat and refuse to accept defeat. Failure is just another stepping stone towards success. Some people can raise 500 dollars in a few hours so if they can do it we all have a chance. 

The only difference is the way they think and how far they are prepared to go for the money. Here are five ideas that you can try out. Feel free to bookmark this article if you need to revisit the content. Feel free to share with others who might find it beneficial, I only ask that you share the content on Facebook and Google+ so more people can access it. 

I Need 500 Dollars Today Ideas

1. Rent Out Space for an Advance 

If you've got a spare room or a garage then see if you can rent this out really quickly so you can make a fast buck. If you can sell the space really cheap by offering a yearly contract then everyone wins. You can charge $500 a year for a spare room or garage as long as the tenant pays in advance. Get yourself over to all the Realty Agents or call them with this offer. There are lots of people who are looking for space and when you offer space that is cheap you'll be able to rent it out quickly, sometimes on same day.

2. Offer Your Time for an Advance

Offer to work every weekend for the rest of the year for 500 dollars, if you know anyone who's hiring and you're desperate for money then ask them for a Cash Advance. Have in your hand a contract which stipulates that you'll work for the rest of the year for a certain sum of money in advance. If you can offer a security for the money then it's ever better and will go a long way to convincing a potential employer to hire you. By offering your service in arrears you will get the money you need quickly, it might be slave labor but at least you've got the money you needed.

3. Make 500 Dollar Deals 

Individuals who know the art of making a profitable deal can make huge amounts of money in a short space of time. All they do is find a product or service someone else wants and then charges a commission for the service. If you can do a 500 dollar deal then you can make money in a short space of time. If you know someone who wants to buy a car or a house offer your service to research the market and get them the best deal, charge $500 for the service and you'll make the money quickly.

4. Offer Yourself for 500 Dollars

This is when things start to get desperate, if you know someone who really likes you then why not offer to go on a date with them, explain that you'll only do it for 500 dollars and the only thing they get is a date and a chance to impress you and go on another date. This might be very shallow but if you need the money and have nowhere else to turn to it might be the only option. I know people who offer themselves on dates only and make significant amounts of money for their company. This is completely legal as long as both parties are aware that they are paying for the company and nothing else.

5. Begging Like Crazy

There are a few hours left and you need just a little bit more, it's time to leave your pride to one side and start begging like crazy, ask your local community members, ask local churches, ask local businesses and ask your neighbors, friends, and family. If you can average $50 per person then you only need ten people to lend you the money and you're there. 

6. 500 Dollar Loans

You could try applying to payday loans companies and short term cash advance companies for a loan. These Pay Day loan companies specialize in offering borrowers $50 to $1000 to be paid over 30 to 100 days. If you have a satisfactory credit history you could apply for some of these loans and have the money transferred into your account in a matter of minutes. You can either to payday lenders direct or you could go to a Pay Day broker like 100DayLoans.com who do all the searching to find the best short term loan.

I Need 500 Dollars Fast

If you've failed then you can either run away or face your problems. Most of the time people face this problem because they've borrowed money from a loan shark who is demanding payment. If you run away you'll always be looking over your shoulder so it's probably time you notified the authorities for protection and help. Finding $500 in 24 hours is a very hard task, it can be done but always have a contingency plan if you fail. If you need help with financial problems, help paying mortgage or financial assistance for pensioners or military families its better to ask for financial help from the Government. 

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I Need 500 Dollars By Tomorrow I Will Do Anything Please Help

I Need 500 Dollars by Tomorrow

I need 500 dollars by tomorrow is a frequently asked question on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog. If you need 500 dollars by tomorrow and are prepared to do anything you might just achieve your goal. Gathering 500 dollars is no easy task and you will have to sell a lot of items and borrow at very high rates of interest. 

However, if you're desperate and have nowhere to turn to it may be the only options you have. With that said it is entirely possible to make money fast as long as you have an open mind and a positive attitude. Whenever I need 500 dollars now I look for ideas and then try my best and give it 100% to make these ideas work.

I Need 500 Dollars Fast

In this Millionaires Giving Money Blog Post, we look at some of the quickest ways to raise 500 dollars by tomorrow. I will start with the cheapest options and then work myself down to the most expensive option. Feel free to bookmark this article and share it with others if you find it helpful and don't forget to share the content on Facebook and other social media sites. 

Before I go onto the tips you need to get into the right frame of mind, you need to be extremely energetic, be prepared for rejection and remain upbeat to you will achieve your target. Also, check out the following posts if you want more creative ideas to raise money quickly. Always rise to the challenge and push yourself to supercharge your passive income and multiply your residual income streams.

I Need 500 Dollars Ideas
1. Ask Friends & Family if you Need 500 Dollars

I know that this is very obvious but you won't believe how many people overlook this option. The best way to borrow is through your friends and family because it's interest-free, or at very low rates of interest. If people trust you and you've always repaid your debt they will be willing to lend to you.

To make everything more professional you could create a loan contract or a promissory note just to give the lender a heightened sense of confidence that they will return the money. Try to borrow at 5% or less, if you can get a zero percent loan then it's even better. If you're in trouble and need the money because you've got nowhere else to turn to then explain this to them, hopefully, they will take a sympathetic approach. 

To seal the deal you might want to add a security such as a laptop or a vehicle so the lender knows they won't be out of pocket if you default.

2. Sell Like Crazy if you Need 500 Dollars Now

If you don't want to get into debt then you need to sell like crazy to make money fast. Most people don't realize this that they have plenty of assets that they can sell at really low prices to raise money. If you've got electronics, jewelry, designer clothes, designer sunglasses or watches all these items can be sold at the local cash converter or a pawn store.

You can either take out a loan by offering the items as security to the loan or you could sell the items at a discount. If you have a sentimental attachment to the items then take out a loan, otherwise, sell the items to raise the money.

3. Short Term High-Risk Loans

This is where things start to get very expensive, short-term high-risk loans such as Pay Day loans, car title loans are very convenient because they offer small loans instantly, sometimes they send the money to your bank on the same day. The only catch is that they charge a very high rate of interest often between 1000% and 4000% depending on how good or bad your credit is.  
 If you don't want to turn to friends and family and want to avoid selling like crazy then you need to borrow using this method. You should try to find the best payday loan company and rates by using comparison sites. Also, you should take your time to fill out an income and expenses statement to find out if you have any disposable income at the end of the month. 

If you do have enough disposable income to cover the payday loan repayments you can consider going ahead with the loan. Try to compare 100-day loans, debit card loans and 90 days loans to find the best rate for your personal circumstances. Personally, I would consider 100 days or 90-day loans as they offer more time and flexibility.

4. I Need to Borrow 500 Dollars - Use Credit Cards

Credit cards offer cash advances, this is usually 90% of the credit limit you have available, the rate of interest that is charged is usually between 20% and 50% and again depends on your credit score. Normally you can take the money out from ATM machines. Just give the credit card companies a call and let them know you want to withdraw money as they sometimes have the power to block transactions if they suspect fraud.

If you have any offers on your credit card then offer these to other people with debt in exchange for cash. If you've got a $500 interest free credit balance transfer then offer this to anyone who has debt and is paying a high interest, they get an interest free loan and you get your cash. You aim should be to get a cash advance at interest-free rates. With credit now more relaxed than even you can apply for interest-free credit cards offer a limit of 500 Dollars.

5. Make 500 Dollars in 24 Hours

It is possible and it's just a numbers game, if you break 500 into 20 then you get $25. If you can do a job that pays $25 twenty times then you can make your 500 dollars. Wake up early one day and start knocking on doors in your local community and ask them if they have any odd jobs that you can do for cash, tell them your predicament and explain any extra would be a bonus. If you can really sell your story and get a sympathetic response you will start to make money.

I Need 500 Dollars Fast

If you need 500 dollars by tomorrow and are prepared to do anything there is a good chance you will get the money if you use all the resources available to you. Use the list above to really maximize your chances. If you can't get the money together then don't worry, just use what you have. If you owe the money to a loan shark then it's time you went to the police to explain what you've got yourself into, they should be able to offer you protection.

Whenever I Need 500 Dollars by tomorrow or now I use some of the above ideas. I look to get an interest free loan from family members by offering my car as collateral. I also look at payday loans to find the cheapest rate for short term loans. I also consider applying for credit cards which are offering zero percent interest rates. It is entirely possible to make money quickly if you think outside the box when you need 500 Dollars. 


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