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Free Money - 22 Ways to Make at least $10,000 Per Year Legitimately

Why pay when you can get it for free? Most people think that free money is a myth and while the web inundates users with spam there are legitimate ways where you can get free money now. There are organisations, millionaires; philanthropists all giving away free money as long as you are eligible. In this post we take a look at some of the ways where you can get free money online. I have not included the links as these change from time to time. You can find all the sites online.

How to Get Free Money

1: Get Free Money from the Government

If you’re experiencing hardship and are on a low income with a large family the government does have programs to help you. Some of the programs and initiative include Food Stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You can also get rental and mortgage assistance through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. You should also be eligible for Energy assistance through LIHEAP which stands for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs. If you’re unemployed through no fault of your own you could claim unemployment benefits where you could get anything between $300 and $450 per week depending on your circumstances and the state in which you reside in. Visit the USA.Gov website to see all the programs available in your state. Knowing how to get free money from the government can make your life a little easier so its well worth the investment in time.

1: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Free Food Stampls

2: Mortgage and Rental Assistance Program – Help With Living

3: Energy Assistance Programs

2: Get Free Money Online Using Cash Back

Large companies use cash back promotions to lure customers into trying their products or services. There are lots of ways to get free money online using cash back sites. You can receive cash back for shopping, cash back for using credit cards and cash back for just paying your bills. I have a cash back checking account where I receive 1% for just making my mortgage payments, in a year I receive $300 in free money. Here is a list of all the cash back programs that I could find. Take action now and join some of these programs and spend normally and just watch your cash back mount up. Just knowing how to get free money online can add hundreds to your checking account every year.

4: Swagbucks - Receive Cash Back for Spending

5: MyPoints - Receive Cash Back for Spending on Daily Household Items

6: Ebates - Shop Online and Receive Cash Back

3: Get Free Money Filling Out Surveys

Knowing where to get free money using surveys can also add more money in your bank account. This isn’t strictly free money as you have to complete a task in order to get compensated. You can fill out surveys during your spare time and make between $1000 and $5000 per year depending on how much time you invest in the project. If you have most of your day to spare and are at home this is the perfect environment to just fill out surveys and get compensated. I have compiled a list of the best survey sites which have a proven track record of paying people money on time.

7: Cashcrate - Get Paid to Try New Offers

8: Surveysavvy - Get Paid to Share Your Opinions

9: TreasureTrooper - Get Cash Back While Having Fun

10: GetPaid - Earn Extra Money Filling Out Surveys

4: Get Free Money for Trying Out Products

Large companies are always fighting for our custom. It is no longer effective to offer customers discounts to try their products. Now large multinational companies have resorted to paying customers to try their products in the hope that they will purchase the item or continue with their subscription. You can get tonnes of free money for trying out new products and services. Handsome compensation programs belong to financial products and services. I have made a list of all the best legitimate products that you can try for free and still get compensation for it. You can cancel the subscription if it’s no longer useful and keep the money.

11: Free $50 for Trying Capital One 360 Account

12: Get Compensated for Tasks at InboxDollars.com - Sign Up NOW and get $5 for Free

13: Free $20 for Opening NetSpend Account

14: Get $25 forOpening Betterment Account

15: Get $50 for Opeing Account at Serve.com

5: Get Free Money Stoozing Credit Cards

Credit companies are virtually giving away their money to people who have impeccable credit scores. These credit companies are offering money at 0 percent for periods between 12 and 24 months. Some of these credit cards only charge a fee of 1% to transfer the money to your credit account. The trick to stoozing is you borrow money at zero percent interest and then put the proceeds into a high profit credit account. 

Personally I have $30,000 which I have borrowed for free. I pay 1% for the transfer into my back account for 24 months and then invest the money into peer to peer lending through companies like Trust Buddy who pay 12%. At the end of the two years I will earn $7632 just because I’ve got a great credit score. Here is a list of all the credit card companies currently lending money at zero percent interest.

16: Citi Simplicity Card 0% for 24 Months

17: Chase Slate Card 0% for 19 Months

18: Bank Americard Visa 0% for 15 Months

6: How to Get Money for Free from Grant Makers

There are literally hundreds of grant programs for people who want to get themselves out of poverty and for those who want to make a contribution to society. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have a number of programs open to students in the USA and abroad. To take advantage you need to research into programs that suit your circumstances. Suppose you’re a student wishing to make a contribution into medical research then there are programs to help you achieve this. If you’re a talented student who need money to study you could find a scholarship programs which will fund your education. Here is a list of all the foundation that offer grants to help people all over the world.

19: The Foundation Center

20: BIG Online

21: Foundation Search America

22: Grants.Gov

7: How to Get Free Money from Millionaires

Warren Buffett has pledged to give away nearly all of this wealth to charity. Bill Gates, George Soros, and other billionaire philanthropists have pledged to give away over half of their wealth to charitable foundations. Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres help their fans with financial assistance on nearly every show. You can get access to free money from millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists if you’ve got a genuine need. You can apply for grants and scholarships as well as programs which are designed to help you climb out of poverty and into prosperity.

Free Money

You can definitely get money for free. The programs and offers mentioned above are completely above board and legitimate. If anyone was to allocate their spare time to finding free money on the internet through cash back, surveys, grants, scholarship and paid product trials then they could earn a significant second income. Take action now and slowly build your free money portfolio. These things definitely take time however when you start to see the money roll in it will be worth it.

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