Monday 16 December 2013

I Need Christmas Help for My Kids & Family Urgently

Every Christmas I get messages from low income families who need help getting money quickly, need help with rent, help with food, and help with Christmas gifts. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a blog post with all the relevant information on one page, sort of like a financial assistance resources page. This post will contain all the previous posts which have become insanely popular and useful, I will also be adding more posts from other sites which I think could be of use.

One recurring theme I get from the emails I receive from low income families is that they are ashamed to ask for help. My advice to people feeling embarrassed is to swallow your pride and ask for help so you can get yourself out of poverty. From time to time we all fall on hard times and it catches us when we least expect it, some people plan for contingencies other people don't, we need to learn from our mistakes. If you need help then ask for it, inquire about as many financial assistance programs as you can, be relentless in your pursuit to give yourself and your family a better Christmas, use this experience to get stronger so you can plan for the future more adequately. Good Luck. 

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If you found any of the resources here useful please leave a comment, it's nice to hear from people I have helped. If you know anyone who will find this useful please forward to them.


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