Thursday 26 January 2017

I Want to Give Money Away

I want to give money away to people is something you might rarely hear however there are a number of people willing to give money away. These Millionaires or Billionaires who give money away are called philanthropists. There’s nothing stopping you from contacting millionaires who help people in need, in fact, there are some great stories of how these rich people give money away. If you're experiencing financial hardship you can contact people giving away money. The reason why most requests for money get turned down is because the person asking for money does not have a genuine need and just wants free money. 

If you're looking to supplement your income then take the time to read the following posts too. These posts include strategies and ideas to create multiple passive income streams which are legal and legitimate. I myself have used these strategies to supplement my income impressively.

Who is Eligible for Financial Assistance?

There are a select group of people who are eligible for help from people giving away money. If you're experiencing financial despair, disabled, have health problems, single parent, low-income, large family, disaster victim, or domestic abuse victim you have a genuine need and can contact rich millionaires who give away money.

Also if you want to improve your quality of life and standard of living by furthering your education and training you could get in touch with charitable foundations run by people giving money away. Most of these foundations offer scholarship programs, business support programs and a chance to train to further your career. These charitable foundations are run by millionaires giving money as well as philanthropists giving away money.

Rich People Giving Away Money

Rich Millionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill & Melinda Gates have pledged most of their wealth to help people in need. Oprah Winfrey has given away more than $50 Million to help African-American people who are experiencing poverty by giving them money for education and training. Ellen DeGeneres has given away free houses and cars away to her fans who are struggling with money. You can find a full list of millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and philanthropists giving money away on lists such as the (1) Giving Pledge, (2) Forbes Philanthropy List, & (3) Business Week Rich List. I have included the contact details of rich people giving money away if you are thinking of contacting them for help. Remember you must have a genuine need before you contact these millionaires giving money.

505 5th Avenue South, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104
Lisa Arnold, Manager, Grants & Library Program
Phone: (206) 342-2085

The Susan Buffett Foundation (Scholarships)
222 Kiewit Plaza
Omaha Nebraska 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1383

People Giving Away Free Money

Rich people who want to give away money are always prepared to listen to your story, if they do end up helping you then it’s great for their publicity when Ellen DeGeneres gave away a free house to one of her fans her publicity and ratings went off the charts. When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledged most of their wealth away Forbes magazine did a piece on how great they are and how they’ll be remembered as the greatest philanthropists ever. There are many reasons why people give money away. Sometimes giving money to a worthy cause can give them the lift they need to become more successful in life.

Most of the time philanthropists and millionaires giving money away prefer to be contacted via their charitable foundation. You can contact these rich people for money by emailing them or sending a letter through the post. A recent trend involves creating a YouTube Video asking philanthropists for money and then sharing the video with friends and family. Individuals such as Craig Rowin were able to secure a million dollar donation from rich people just by simply asking for money from rich people and making statements such as I Need Money Now!. Here are some more contact details for millionaires giving money.

51 Vista Lane
Stanford California CA 94305
Telephone: (650) 566-5100
Fax: (650) 326-0278

People Who Want to Donate Money

People who give away money can be contacted in different ways. These people want attention and like to hear a story they can donate to. If you’re interested you can easily find a list of rich people in the Forbes 400 Philanthropist List. From this list, you can find the foundations and charities that are run by these rich people and contact them by email or letter. 

For example, on the Forbes Philanthropy List, you will find that celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi are regularly giving money away. You can then do a search for the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation and find the contact details and research on all the programs available for people experiencing hardship. From your research, you will find that the foundation supports people in America who are experiencing financial hardship. You can then either send a letter or email or look at the different programs and apply to them by find the most relevant program for your needs. I have included the contact details for the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation if you want to contact the organization.

1635 Market Street, 17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Email: Info@JBJSoulFoundation.Org
Telephone: (215) 636-0420 

I Want to Give Money Away to People

If you do contact the rich people who always say 'I want to give money away to people' then always be open and honest as your story will be checked verified. 

If you're desperate for help and require urgent financial assistance then financial help from the Government should be available. You should visit USA.Gov for more information, some of the help available include mortgage assistance programs, financial help for self-employed, financial assistance for pensioners and debt management and debt consolidation advice.

There are rich people, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, and philanthropists out there giving money to help people in need. These rich people like to help less fortunate people with genuine needs. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you contact rich people who give money away.

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Monday 23 January 2017

I Need Help Buying Food for My Family

I need help buying food is a frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. If you're facing financial difficulty buying food for your family then this guide will help you to reduce your food bills, eat better food. This guide will also look at all the programs available for low-income families and individuals as well as hunger programs in the USA that will help you feed your family for free. 

This will be a very comprehensive guide which I will constantly add to help as many people as I can, I've experienced hunger myself and I know how unpleasant it can feel (I seriously sympathize); please bookmark this article and forward it to as many people experiencing hunger, leave a comment if you know of any tips or programs that can help people experience food poverty. 

#1: Budget Your Money Better

Effective budgeting can make your grocery bill much more manageable, sometimes people are surprised to find out how much they spend on a particular area in their life. If you need help with food then smart budgeting is essential to curb your spending on groceries. When I was facing difficulties feeding my family I started budgeting, to my absolute horror I found that I was spending more money on entertainment and hobbies that I was on food. 
Budgeting will help you to get things into perspective and will help you prioritize what is most important which is to feed your family healthy and nutritious food. You should create your income and expenses statement so that you can see where all your money is going, you might be surprised. The most important exercise is to try to cut needless spending and then use that money for the things that matter like feeding your family.

#2: Get Groceries for Cheap Using Coupons and Vouchers

Another great way to stretch the amount you can buy is with coupons and special offers. You can get groceries for cheap using these strategies. When I need help with food the first thing I did was to downscale on the food supermarket I use and go to a budget supermarket, this helped me to drastically reduce my food bills. 

I also looked for coupons on the internet on the foods I needed and every time I found something it was like finding free money, I also looked at supermarket comparison sites to find half price offers or buy one get one free. The bottom line was I always looked for a cheaper alternative or ways I could cut the cost of buying foods. A search on the internet will reveal excellent sites which offer advice to people who want to stretch their money using special offers and coupons.

#3: Learn to Love Leftovers

One of the best ways of Feeding Hunger is to learn to love leftovers. If everyone embraced and shared their leftovers no one would need help with food. When I need help with food the first thing I do is embrace leftovers and make meals stretch as far as possible. This is a great strategy to help with food and bills! Make your food last as long as possible, learn to make your energy last as long as possible. Small changes to make the best of resources will help to save you money so you can allocate more money towards food.

For me personally, there were times when we chucked everything that we didn't want to eat when I look back I think to myself what a waste of money, throwing food away was like throwing money away. What really helped with lowering our food bill was cooking less food and leaving leftovers for another day. If you're struggling with your food bill I would urge you to take this challenge and cook less food and lower your portion size, if you find that you're chucking away 1/3 of your food then cook a third less, instead of cooking 7 days worth of meals cook only 5 days and then use the leftovers for days 6 and 7. 

#4: Find Inexpensive Food Items

Whenever I need help with money I find inexpensive food items to slash my grocery bills. This is like taking groceries for cheap to the next level. This tip was mentioned quickly on #1 but deserves more attention, if you're struggling with your food bills you need to downshift a brand, rather than buying Coca Cola you need to buy budget cola, rather than buying Branded chocolate you need to switch to generic brands. If you can do this with every item you buy you can slash your bill by half! Take the challenge for a month, make the switch and then see how much you save, also see if you notice a big difference.

#5: Apply for Food Stamps Help

You can get help from the government by applying for food stamps. Food Stamps help low-income families and individuals who are experiencing hunger. Whenever I need help with food I look for government programs that help low-income families and individuals. If I need financial help I also turn to the government who offer welfare benefits to get you back on your feet. You can apply for food stamps if you're experiencing hunger and have no income or savings. If you're on a very low income or have lost your job, are facing financial despair, disaster or crisis then you might be eligible for food stamps from the Government. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps people to feed their families, the public assistance comes in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed for food at stores that accept the vouchers. This program is invaluable for those who are having difficulties and you should apply right now if you're in this position, swallow your pride and get help. You can apply for help from the USDA Food & Nutrition Service.

#6: Emergency Food Help From Food Banks

Another option that you could explore is food banks, these programs are for families and individuals who have nowhere to turn to and need immediate assistance. These food banks are sometimes also referred to as Emergency Food Help programs dedicated to helping people overcome hunger. Food banks are spread all across America and are one of the greatest programs available in the world today. Being hungry feels terrible seeing your family experience hunger is even worse, these nonprofit organizations helps people all across America with food. I have bookmarked as many Food Bank Programs that I could find, I will add more as and when I find them. 

If you know anyone who is experiencing hunger then forward this guide to them, if you know more hunger food banks then leave a comment below for people to share. You should also do some research on the internet to find churches that help with food. Go to Google Maps and then find all the churches in your area and contact them individually to inquire about churches that help with food. Nearly all churches have a program to help hungry people. Search for the following if you need emergency food help.

Search 1: Feeding America Food Banks
Search 2: North Carolina Feeding America Food Banks
Search 3: Food Pantries America Food Banks

#7: Grow Your Own Food

If you've got a garden you have to grow your own food or at least try, if you can become a better gardener every year then the less you'll have to spend on your grocery. When I was experiencing hardship my garden became a respite from the depression of not having money, I grew tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears, plums and used every inch of my garden to get some food, leaving a patch empty was like saying no to money. If you've got a garden start growing things and see how much you can save, start small and then build your produce. If you're thinking about where to get help with food always consider your garden or allotment because it could contribute towards 50% of your food requirements which is just amazing.

#8: Eat Less

If you're overweight then try to eat less, if you've been putting off that diet or are thinking about losing some pounds from around the waist then do it now. Buy less food and start your diet, if you eat less you'll lose weight and have enough money to feed your family, stop spending on takeouts, on expensive beverages and foods with high fat and sugars, replace them with cheaper healthier alternatives, if you can lose weight, save money and become healthy in one go then your life will improve in three dimensions.

#9: Buy Low GI Foods 

The reason I ate too frequently was because I was eating foods high in fat and sugars, this habit was also picked up by my children, the high from the taste of fat, sugar wore off quickly so we visited the fridge more often which increased our food bills. By switching to foods with low GI I was able to feel fuller for longer, foods like Weetabix mixed Low Fat Yogurt and fruits. The less we ate the less we spent on food so our food bill became more manageable. 

I  Need Financial Help

If you're desperate and have nowhere to turn to and need urgent financial assistance you should visit the USA.Gov website to find financial help from the Government. You could get help with mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance, financial help for self-employed, and financial assistance for pensioners. All these programs are designed for people who need financial help.

I Need Help Buying Food Summary

If you need help buying food for your family then try some of the tips mentioned above, the more attention you put into the advice the more money you could save which will help you to put healthy nourishing food on the table for your family. Please feel free to comment and add more tips to this guide, the more tips there are the more people we can help. Also please forward this guide to anyone who is experiencing hunger, by using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and G+ we can reach a much wider audience. I really hope this guide helps. Be sure to read my other Millionaires Giving Money guides if you need financial help, these guides will help you save and make money in every area of your life.

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Free Money Giveaway No Strings Attached

Free money giveaway with no strings attached is available from lots of different sources. Because organizations and people are helping other people in need I created this site which connects people who are experiencing hardship with people that can help them. These people could be millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, corporate foundations or even just the general public. If you're experiencing a genuine hardship then there are free money give away's with no strings attached in 2017

In this article, I will reveal ways that you can contact charitable organizations for money. Remember that money giveaways are generally available if you are experiencing hardship and false statements could lead to money giveaways being recalled. If you want to take charge of your own finances then check out the following posts on making money quickly. These posts give ideas on how to make money legally and if you put a concerted amount of effort you could generate a nice passive monthly income.

Money Making Guides

Who is Eligible for Free Money Giveaway?

The first thing that I would like to mention is that there are lots of scam sites out there who just want to make money off of you, there are sites that want you to leave a comment on your hardship in an attempt to increase their views so that they can make more money from advertising, this site is different, I genuinely want to help people and anything that I find worth sharing will be posted here. There are lots of free money giveaway sites and programs which are completely genuine.

If you're looking for a free money giveaway in 2017 then you need to have a genuine hardship, sometimes people get confused over their circumstances and send requests for money everywhere never to get a response. A Genuine hardship would be someone who is experiencing the following:

#1: Financial Despair - Have no money or have lost all your money and have nowhere to turn to

#2: Homelessness - Have no shelter and no one who can accommodate you 

#3: Poverty - Are in debt, have no future prospect, stuck in a low-income job where you need more income

#4: Medical Bills with No Insurance

#5: Medical Treatment with No Insurance

#6: Disaster Recovery - Have experienced a disaster and require assistance to get back on your feet

If you do have a genuine hardship then people are willing to give money with no strings attached. The first step that you need to take is to reflect on whether you really have a real hardship, if your circumstance is within your control then it's better you do something about it and help yourself.

Help From the Government Public Assistance

The first free giveaway money organization to consider is government assistance. If through your reflection you've found that you need external intervention then take a moment to think about public assistance, if you're unemployed and on a low income then you could probably qualify for the following benefits which are offered by US Government.

#1: Unemployment Benefits


#2: Food Stamps


#3: Rental Assistance


#4: Weatherization Programs

Millionaires Giving Money

The next money giveaway option you should consider is asking rich millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists for help. If you've tried public assistance and have nowhere to turn to then it's worth contacting rich people for money, you could contact millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even corporate foundations for money. I have started to add the contact details of all the people that can help on the pages above where you can ask millionaires, philanthropists, corporate foundations, and celebrities for help. You can also get millionaire help by contacting the foundations run by these rich people, I have shared some contact details below for millionaires giving money

If you're looking for more people to contact then you could try the following lists which have excellent profiles on rich people giving money away with no strings attached. Once you find a millionaire who supports your cause you can research further into their charitable foundation and then contact them directly for help.

#1: The Giving Pledge

#2: Forbes Philanthropy List

#3: Business Week Top 50 American Philanthropists

How to Get Money for Free (Genuine)

Once you have a handful of rich people that are likely to support your cause it's best to contact them with a hardship letter, the hardship letter should contain details of your present circumstances, how much you need and how you plan to use the money, you should finish the letter by describing how much difference a donation would make to your life.

You should also find the charitable foundation run by these rich people. These organizations will have programs to help people who are experiencing hardship. If you look hard enough you will find a program for absolutely every hardship that's conceivable. If you're looking to make a quick buck through deceiving these organizations then the chances of receiving donations are low. 

Suppose you want to further your education with free college money you could look at programs available on the George Lucas Edutopia Foundation, Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Suppose you were experiencing financial hardship you could check the programs on offer through the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which specializes in helping people who are in financial despair. You could also look at contacting celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres who regularly give away free education, free homes, and free cars to their fans and audience.

George Lucas Edutopia Foundation
PO Box 3494
San Rafael
California 94912-3494

Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation
222 Kiewit Plaza Omaha
Nebraska 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1383

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
East Coast Office
PO Box 6176
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044
Telephone: (202) 662-8130

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation
1635 Market Street
17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Email: info@JBJSoulFoundation.Org 
Telephone: (215) 636-0420

Free Money Giveaway No Strings Attached

Free money is available for people who are experiencing genuine hardship. Most requests for money are turned down because there is no genuine need - most of these fraudsters are looking for places where to get free cash and they spoil the system for real hardship cases. 

If you're still not convinced and need help for the money you should know that In 2013 alone donations in the US reached more than $50 billion dollars. You can get some of this free money by pro-actively looking for programs to help you. You should definitely try contacting some of the millionaires giving money listed above. 

If you're experiencing financial hardship look for all the foundations which offer financial assistance. If you're looking to improve your prospects look for organizations that offer scholarship programs. If you're looking to start a business check out some of the corporate philanthropy organization which helps business start-ups. Free money giveaway is available if you have a true need and are pro-actively seeking help.

If you're planning on contacting these rich people leave a comment below to support this site so it can reach more people, if you've already contacted rich people with free money giveaway with no strings attached then please leave a comment to share your story.

I Need Help With Money Right Now Please Help Me

If you need help with money right now there are a number of options worth. If you're unemployed, on a low income, have a needy family or are experiencing grave financial hardship then you could turn to public assistance or private assistance, or even both. In this post, we look at some of the agencies and organization that can help if you need help with money right now. 

After you read this financial assistance article you MUST take action and apply for some of the programs or at least make contact asking them for help. If you're struggling with your finances there should be no shame in admitting this so you can get over your financial hardship quicker. I have included some very useful links so make sure you bookmark the article or share it with others that need help, I also have more articles on getting money for college, medical bills, and money if you're pregnant and have no money. Also if you want ideas to supplement your income check out the following posts. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and I have used these strategies myself to increase my passive income stream.

Government Assistance/Public Assistance

Need Help Paying Bills:

If you need help with money right now and have nowhere to go you should turn to the government for help. Public assistance is available for people who are struggling with their finances and need help, you could get assistance towards your food in the form of food stamps, this program is called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You could also apply for unemployment benefits if you've lost your job through no fault of your own. You could get help towards your Utility Bills through the LIHEAP Program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). The list below shows all the help that you might be eligible for if you're on a low income or near the Federal poverty line

+ Food Stamps (Check: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
+ LIHEAP Program (Check: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
+ Rental Assistance (Check: Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Need Help With Rent:

You could get help with rent or mortgage through the rental assistance program offered by the US Housing & Urban Development  Department (HUD). A number of other programs could help starting from Weatherization programs from LIHEAP which helps with utility bills, this program has helped families stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. You can also find military financial assistance, financial assistance for pensioners, mortgage assistance programs and advice on debt consolidation and debt management.

Help During Hard Times - This bookmark will take you to all the public assistance programs 
Social Security - This bookmark will help you to apply for Disability Benefits or SSI

Charities/Foundations Giving Money Away

Anther option you have if you need money right now is to visit your local charity or community foundation. In the past when I needed help paying bills I would turn to these organizations for help. These agencies have a money set aside to help people who are struggling financially. If you're not eligible for financial assistance you could be eligible for other help. Many charities offer help with food, clothes, emergency accommodation and much more. They can also offer advice which will help you improve your circumstances much quicker.

211 Inquiries - Get a List of Charities/Foundations and Private Assistance Agencies 
American Public Human Services Association - Has a list of agencies that could potentially help

Churches & Religious Bodies Giving Money

Religious organizations like churches, synagogues, mosques all have financial assistance plans, it might be little known but these organizations help a number of people. If you were not eligible for public or private assistance you could go to these places of worship for help. Most places of worship have their own discretionary fund to help people who need help with money right now. Make a list of all the religious places of worship and then ask them for assistance one by one. Here are some charities and religious organizations you should definitely check out. I have seen countless people visit my place of worship when they need help with money.

1. Community Action Organization
2. St Vincent De Paul
3. Red Cross
4. United Way
5. Catholic Charities
6. Salvation Army

Friends & Family

This could be the least popular option as the last people you want to bother with your problems and friends and families. It might surprise you to know that these people are really willing to help and if you go to them with a legitimate problem they will help you with money right now. You could ask them for a loan and then write a loan contract agreement of promissory note to make sure the relationship stays intact if you're unable to repay them.

Millionaires Giving Money/Begging Sites/Giving Sites

Another option you have for financial assistance is asking millionaires/billionaires and philanthropists for help. You can find hundreds of charitable foundations in the USA, most of them offer emergency financial assistance to people who need money now. 

You should also try sites such as Fund Anything which was founded by Donald Trump. This site allows you to create a video to ask for funding for virtually anything. A lot of people have used this service and received the funds that they require to get out of hardship.

You should also consider sites such as YouTube. Creating a video asking rich people for help is another way to reach out to solve your financial problems. You might be surprised to know that many people are doing this as we speak and getting help with their financial hardship. One individual who goes by the name of Craig Rowin was able to secure a one million dollar donation just by asking for financial assistance on YouTube.

Begging sites and giving sites are great to raise money if you're experiencing poverty, crisis or even terminal illnesses. You can use these sites to post your hardship and then ask for help by giving people the option to donate, if you can promote this all over the internet then you could raise a lot of money. If you need help with money right now there are a number of options you could explore, the key is being proactive and always looking for ways to get yourself out of hardship and live a better life.   

Taking out a Short Term Loan

If you've exhausted all avenues the only alternative you might have is to take out a loan. You should always try to borrow money interest-free from friends and family. You can also take advantage of zero percent interest credit cards which offer free finance. If you cannot take out an interest-free loan you should use a comparison site to find the best payday loan company offering the lowest possible APR. As always you should be aware of how much you are borrowing and how much you will have to repay. You should also complete an income and expenses statement to find out how much disposable income you have to cover your loan repayments. Never take out a loan you cannot service otherwise your loan will spiral out of control.   

Earn More Money

Asking for financial assistance is only one side of the coin. You should try to earn as much money as you can to get yourself out of financial hardship. If you're determined and put your mind to it you can earn whatever you want if you give it enough time and patience. I have written a number of posts which share ideas on how to make money very quickly. All these ideas and strategies are completely legal and legitimate and you will make money if you're determined. Check out some of these posts for inspiration and motivation.

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Sunday 22 January 2017

Get Free Unclaimed Money from The Government 2018 - The Definitive Guide

This blog is about how people ask millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists for financial assistance. However, from time to time I get emails asking whether there are any other ways of getting free money for hardships. This post looks at how to get free unclaimed money from the Government as well as other sources. I would urge you to read How to Get Free Money from the Government 2018 - The Definitive Guide if you want a list of all the helps that's available to you.

If the Government owes you money and you don't take it then its unclaimed money which is set aside. This can happen with Government benefits, banks, credit unions, pensions and so many other sources of income that you might have forgotten about.

Fortunately, there are ways to check if you have unclaimed money. It's important to be aware of scams and tricks where agencies ask you for an upfront fee for money they claim to be yours. 99% of the time these agencies are con artists so tell them where to get off.

The First step is to check State by State to see if you have any unclaimed money. You can also check this for your parents and siblings in one go if they permit it. If you've lived in multiple states be sure to check. You can check State by State for unclaimed Money on the bookmark below

Unclaimed Government Money State by State Search
PBGC: Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation - A U.S. Government Agency
If you're retired and remember contributing to different pension schemes at different jobs then you could have an unclaimed pension somewhere. Given that the stock market is at an all time high there your pension pot could be quite significant. You can check to see if you have unclaimed pension money even if the company went out of business or ended the defined plan on the bookmark below.
IRS Logo
If you've overpaid your taxes then the Government doesn't have to tell you. It is your responsibility to find out if you've been overtaxed and then claim any extra money you've given. You can check to see if the IRS owes any money if your tax refund was unclaimed or undelivered. You can also check to see if you've filed a tax return which was more that what was required on the bookmarks below.
Major Banks and Credit Unions failed where deposits that were insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) failed between 2007 to 2011. There are billions of dollars worth of unclaimed money that people just did not bother with. You can check to see if you have any unclaimed money with Banks and Credit unions on the bookmarks below. You can also check to see if a Securities and Exchange Listed Company which failed owes you any money below.
[Logo: Homes and Communities: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development]
FHA-Insured mortgages have been under the spotlight, consequently, there is a change that you might be eligible for a refund if you had an FHA Insured mortgage, this refund will come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and you can check on the bookmark below.
TreasuryDirect Logo
If you saved money in Treasury Bonds and forgot all about it, you can use the Treasury Hunt which allows you to look for bonds issued after the 70's which have matured and no longer pay interest, you can work out the value and then make a formal request for the unclaimed money on the bookmarks below.
Finally, if you've been around the world and lived in different countries and opened Bank Accounts everywhere you can check to see if you have any unclaimed money on the bookmark below. US Nationals can find unclaimed money from Foreign Governments, Foreign Banks and even loss of property below.
Looking for unclaimed money takes time and patience, you must be organized and disciplined to see the process through to its conclusion. If you're experiencing hardship then it's worth taking the time to check these services to see if you have any unclaimed money.

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I Need 200 Dollars ASAP Right Now I Will do Anything! Desperately Need Financial Assistance

I Need 200 Dollars Right NOW

I need 200 Dollars right now what can I do? is a question I get asked frequently on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Another question is I need 200 dollars ASAP. If you Need Cash Now, there are ways to raise the money quickly. To answer the question above I created this Quick-Fire guide which gives ideas if you need 200 dollars right now. If you need money urgently and only have a few days then this guide should be beneficial. Earlier in the series we looked at how you could Get 100 dollars right now so make sure you check that article out before you read this guide.

If you need 200 dollars quickly then you probably need to pay a debt or a fine, alternatively you may want the money for a investment or to buy something at a really good price. Some of the ideas mentioned already in the other I Need Money article included selling items on popular eBay, offering your services, going on a date, investing in the stock market, mowing lawns or washing cars. These suggestions are very similar and will help you get $200 dollars right now if you're prepared to do anything. Don't for get to check out the other popular money making resources. All the ideas listed in the posts below are legal and legitimate ways to make money very quickly and it worth giving it a go.

I Need 200 Dollars ASAP Now IDEAS 

1: Need 200 Dollars Today? Ask Friends & Family 

This might not sound very appealing! I mean who wants to go grovelling to parents or friends for money, even if it is a loan? If you've got no other ideas and want to try this option out try to approach things professionally. You could create a loan agreement and itemize all the payments you're going to make and the interest you're going to pay. Have some valuables on the contract as security so they lender can have these items if you default. Just tell your friends and family I need 200 dollars ASAP (if you don't ask you don't get!) Having a contract will give friends and family more confidence to lend to you. If you need 200 dollars today then asking friends and family for a secured personal loan might be the quickest way to get the money.

2: I Need 200 Dollars ASAP! Go on Viral on Begging Sites

If I needed 200 dollars right now I would consider posting my circumstances on a Begging Site which asks people for money. How successful you are begging will depend on how many people you can reach online. If you need 200 dollars ASAP right now you could join all the begging sites and then post your problem online. If you then use search engine optimization to reach as many people as possible through twitter, Facebook, Google + then there's a good chance you could make a lot of money. Just ask for a $1 donation and try to reach about 10,000 people by networking on social media sites. Seriously if you can reach a wide audience you can make a lot of money.


3. Make 200 Dollar ASAP by Tomorrow Deals 

If you're a natural salesperson then look for deals to make two hundred big ones by tomorrow, look to buy something cheap and then add value and sell it on at a higher price. Use other people's money to buy the item and then sell it on to make a profit. You could do this with electronics, cars, valuables and anything that people really want.

4. I Need 200 Dollar Loan ASAP

You should be able to get a 200 dollar loan by using your car as collateral, car title loans offer loans on the value of the car. If you've got a car get it valued and then get a loan against it. Remember not to borrow too much as these loans come with a very high APR. You should also consider using comparison sites to find the best payday loans which offer competitive interest rates. 

Try to pay the loan off as quickly as possible and never miss a payment otherwise you'll lose your car. You can get cash loans online from payday cash advance lenders, make sure you check the small print and any charges that are levied on late payment. If you can find a fax payday loan or a car title fax loan then these will be quicker but will charge more.

5. Clean Windows - Clean 10 Houses for $200 Dollars ASAP Today

If you can charge $20 for cleaning windows in a house you only need to clean ten houses and make $200. All you need is a ladder and a willing and upbeat personality. When you pitch your service let the community members know that you're in financial trouble and need 200 dollars quickly. If they refuse then just ask them for a small donation as every little helps. 

6. $200 Dollars ASAP Today Dares  

If you're good at dares then start wagering money with family members and friends, make sure you can do whatever it is you can do. I use to know a person who could drink a whole bottle of olive oil and made up to $300 per day on the weekends on bets. If you've got a party trick then it's time to use it to make some money.

7. Bonus: Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month on Amazon Affiliate

Recently in 2020, I decided to use Amazon to generate some passive income. I signed up for Dan Brock's free online course and it has been ridiculously successful. I am making a lot of money, it is hard work but it's definitely worth it. I am planning to continue working hard until I hit the 10,000 dollar mark. For more information check out how to make 10,000 dollars per month using Amazon.

Need Cash Now 

If you need 200 dollars ASAP right now and are willing to do anything then the chances of succeeding are pretty high. You need to have a can do attitude and take the bull by the horn. If you need the money for financial assistance then appeal to a person's better side. Share your problems and try to get a sympathetic response.

Here are all the suggestions to make $200 really quickly. If you need urgent financial assistance then ask for financial help from the Government, you could be eligible for mortgage assistance programs, financial assistance for pensioners and military financial assistance - Its worth a try.

1. Ask You Friends & Family for Money 
2. Ask for money on viral sites 
3. Make $200 dollar Deals 
4. Car Title Loans 
5. Clean Windows 
6. 200 Dollar Dares

More Popular Money Making Ideas

If you're looking to supplement your income here are some more ideas to make money legally and quickly. I have used most of these ideas to supplement my income and I know many people who use these strategies to create more passive income streams.

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