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I Need 200 Dollars ASAP Right Now I Will do Anything! Desperately Need Financial Assistance

I Need 200 Dollars Right NOW

I need 200 Dollars right now what can I do? is a question I get asked frequently on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Another question is I need 200 dollars ASAP. If you Need Cash Now, there are ways to raise the money quickly. To answer the question above I created this Quick-Fire guide which gives ideas if you need 200 dollars right now. If you need money urgently and only have a few days then this guide should be beneficial. Earlier in the series we looked at how you could Get 100 dollars right now so make sure you check that article out before you read this guide.

If you need 200 dollars quickly then you probably need to pay a debt or a fine, alternatively you may want the money for a investment or to buy something at a really good price. Some of the ideas mentioned already in the other I Need Money article included selling items on popular eBay, offering your services, going on a date, investing in the stock market, mowing lawns or washing cars. These suggestions are very similar and will help you get $200 dollars right now if you're prepared to do anything. Don't for get to check out the other popular money making resources. All the ideas listed in the posts below are legal and legitimate ways to make money very quickly and it worth giving it a go.

I Need 200 Dollars ASAP Now IDEAS 

1: Need 200 Dollars Today? Ask Friends & Family 

This might not sound very appealing! I mean who wants to go grovelling to parents or friends for money, even if it is a loan? If you've got no other ideas and want to try this option out try to approach things professionally. You could create a loan agreement and itemize all the payments you're going to make and the interest you're going to pay. Have some valuables on the contract as security so they lender can have these items if you default. Just tell your friends and family I need 200 dollars ASAP (if you don't ask you don't get!) Having a contract will give friends and family more confidence to lend to you. If you need 200 dollars today then asking friends and family for a secured personal loan might be the quickest way to get the money.

2: I Need 200 Dollars ASAP! Go on Viral on Begging Sites

If I needed 200 dollars right now I would consider posting my circumstances on a Begging Site which asks people for money. How successful you are begging will depend on how many people you can reach online. If you need 200 dollars ASAP right now you could join all the begging sites and then post your problem online. If you then use search engine optimization to reach as many people as possible through twitter, Facebook, Google + then there's a good chance you could make a lot of money. Just ask for a $1 donation and try to reach about 10,000 people by networking on social media sites. Seriously if you can reach a wide audience you can make a lot of money.


3. Make 200 Dollar ASAP by Tomorrow Deals 

If you're a natural salesperson then look for deals to make two hundred big ones by tomorrow, look to buy something cheap and then add value and sell it on at a higher price. Use other people's money to buy the item and then sell it on to make a profit. You could do this with electronics, cars, valuables and anything that people really want.

4. I Need 200 Dollar Loan ASAP

You should be able to get a 200 dollar loan by using your car as collateral, car title loans offer loans on the value of the car. If you've got a car get it valued and then get a loan against it. Remember not to borrow too much as these loans come with a very high APR. You should also consider using comparison sites to find the best payday loans which offer competitive interest rates. 

Try to pay the loan off as quickly as possible and never miss a payment otherwise you'll lose your car. You can get cash loans online from payday cash advance lenders, make sure you check the small print and any charges that are levied on late payment. If you can find a fax payday loan or a car title fax loan then these will be quicker but will charge more.

5. Clean Windows - Clean 10 Houses for $200 Dollars ASAP Today

If you can charge $20 for cleaning windows in a house you only need to clean ten houses and make $200. All you need is a ladder and a willing and upbeat personality. When you pitch your service let the community members know that you're in financial trouble and need 200 dollars quickly. If they refuse then just ask them for a small donation as every little helps. 

6. $200 Dollars ASAP Today Dares  

If you're good at dares then start wagering money with family members and friends, make sure you can do whatever it is you can do. I use to know a person who could drink a whole bottle of olive oil and made up to $300 per day on the weekends on bets. If you've got a party trick then it's time to use it to make some money.

7. Bonus: Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month on Amazon Affiliate

Recently in 2020, I decided to use Amazon to generate some passive income. I signed up for Dan Brock's free online course and it has been ridiculously successful. I am making a lot of money, it is hard work but it's definitely worth it. I am planning to continue working hard until I hit the 10,000 dollar mark. For more information check out how to make 10,000 dollars per month using Amazon.

Need Cash Now 

If you need 200 dollars ASAP right now and are willing to do anything then the chances of succeeding are pretty high. You need to have a can do attitude and take the bull by the horn. If you need the money for financial assistance then appeal to a person's better side. Share your problems and try to get a sympathetic response.

Here are all the suggestions to make $200 really quickly. If you need urgent financial assistance then ask for financial help from the Government, you could be eligible for mortgage assistance programs, financial assistance for pensioners and military financial assistance - Its worth a try.

1. Ask You Friends & Family for Money 
2. Ask for money on viral sites 
3. Make $200 dollar Deals 
4. Car Title Loans 
5. Clean Windows 
6. 200 Dollar Dares

More Popular Money Making Ideas

If you're looking to supplement your income here are some more ideas to make money legally and quickly. I have used most of these ideas to supplement my income and I know many people who use these strategies to create more passive income streams.

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