Wednesday 4 January 2017

I Need Money For Christmas Please Help Me 2017 - $1000 Dollars $500 Dollars $200 Dollars $100 Dollars

A while back I wrote several blog posts on how people experiencing difficulties could get their hands on cash very quickly. I called the series of blog posts - I Need Money Please Help Me and it included suggestions and helpful tips to get $1000 dollars, $500 dollars, $200 dollars and $100 dollars very quickly. These posts have become incredibly popular and more and more people are emailing to thank me for the suggestion. Consequently, I thought I would share these article again as it might be helpful for people who need money during Christmas.

The mindset needed before you read some of these suggestions is a can-do attitude, some of the suggestions will take you out of your comfort zone and others will require industry and learning. If you can approach finding cash with a can-do willing attitude you can raise the money you need very very quickly. 

If you've found some of these suggestions helpful please pop an email to me or leave a comment, it's always nice to know that you're making a difference to someone's life. I really hope these suggestions help and if you have any more please share them by posting on the the comments section.

1. I Need $500 in less than 24 Hours - I'm Desperate

2. I Need $500 TODAY - I Will Do Anything   

3. I Need $500 by Tomorrow - I Will do Anything 

4. I Need Help With Money Right Now - Desperate for Financial Assistance 

5. I Need Help With Money for School 

6. I Need Money Right Now Please Help Me 

Apologies if any of the suggestions are repeated and don't forget to share the posts if you found them useful.


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