Tuesday 3 January 2017

Foundations That Give Money to Help People in Need 2017

If you're experiencing hardship or financial despair then there are a lot of organizations which offer online financial assistance, they might not be able to give you money right away if you need cash now however they might be able to offer assistance to help you get over your hardship. 

In this article, I will share some of the top 100 charitable foundations in America. If you do have a genuine hardship then you can contact these non-profit organization and ask them for help.

A genuine hardship would include help with studies, help with medicine, help with prescription and treatments, disaster, financial despair, crisis, homelessness, and poverty. Please feel free to bookmark this guide so you can refer back to it, also feel free to forward it to people who might benefit from the information. 

If you are planning to contact these charitable foundations then please leave a comment so that others can learn from your experience. Finally, leave a comment asking for help below as these guides sometimes become viral landing on laps of people who really want to help.

Online Financial Assistance from American Foundations

The ten charitable foundations mentioned below have been compiled from the Foundation Center. This organization is one of best for finding foundations that give online financial assistance. The Foundation Center offers a database of over 10,000 foundations, grant makers, bursaries and 990's. If you're experiencing hardship or want to apply for a scholarship, fellowship, bursaries or grants then the Foundation Center can help find the right organization and then offer guidance on the application process and proposal.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee to getting online financial assistance, if you're experiencing extreme financial assistance then there's a good chance you might get help or even invaluable advice.

Top 100 American Foundations (51 to 60)

(1 to 10) (11 to 20) (21 to 30) (31 to 40) (41 to 50)

51. The Wallace Foundation 

52. Laura and John Arnold Foundation

53. The Starr Foundation

54. Daniels Fund

55. California Community Foundation

56. The Columbus Foundation and Affiliated Organizations

57. The Oregon Community Foundation 

58. Barr Foundation

59. Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

60. The Moody Foundation 

The best way to ask for online financial assistance is to go to these individual foundations to check what programs are available. Sometimes you can apply for the program online or print off an application form and send off. Other times you will have to write a hardship letter asking for help. Explain your present situation and hardship and then explain what help you need, finish the letter by describing what a difference this would make in your life.

If you're planning on asking these foundations for online financial assistance then please leave a comment below and feel free to share this with other people who might benefit from it. Also feel free to leave a comment asking for financial assistance as these guides are sometimes read by philanthropists who want to help. Good Luck.

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  1. If you're experiencing financial hardship please feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to include your name and contact details and details of your hardship.

    If you want to help please contact these people direct and offer them whatever you can.

    Thank You.

    1. I am looking for help to pay the CPA exam so I can get a job, I mailed a foundation and turned me down, I have proofs please reply to this message if you want to help me. Thank you.

    2. My hardship is debt. I need help. ( http://www.gofundme.com/3u617g)

  2. Hi, My name is Ed Camacho and I have been out of work for almost two years. My wife was the only one working. My wife is scheduled to be laidoff on July 19,2013. When recently moved from Irvington, NJ to Monroe Nj. in Oct 2009 to try and give our daughter a better life. When I became Unemployed it became very differcult and we began to downgrade our lives that already were not that great with both of us working. No going out unless it was inexpensive, no more cable, no more goodies just necessity. We had to cut back on bills our credit cards and personal loan we stop paying even then we were still struggling. We would rob Peter and pay Paul. We are behind in our electric bill. Car note and car insurance. We now go to the food pantry. We come from very humble and hardworking backgrounds. We are writing and
    trying to be pro-active. Our greatest concern is we will lose our first home, which is a modest 3br, 1 1/2 bath home. This is our dream home and we want to stay here. We are looking for ways to generate income. Small business opportunity with low start-up fee, or even a job
    I am writing with the hope of receiving some financial assistance. We intend to spend the money on our home upkeep, our daughter school and look for a job or preferably a business opportunity. We are looking for 100,000.


    Ed and Nicholas Camacho
    Ed Cell 848-667-4030
    Nikki Cell 732-703-1897
    Email: ed_son.of.God@Hotmail.com

    PS Thank you kindly for your time. God willing
    May we find favor in your heart. May the lord continue to bless you!!!!

  3. Hi my name is Royett iam a single parent of one child I been risin him myself for 8years due to four surgery last year I haven been able to work it would really be a honer in a blessin from the lord above if you could reach out in help me with my son all he need is school clothes n that's it I don't need anythg for myself am bless just to be living n able to see my son face everyday I don't have much am tryn it hard leavin n the project in every one around you is for there self all am tryn to do is serve god in ris my son rite thanks god bless you. Kinjetta34@gmai.com

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  5. Hi my name is Steph and am currently unemployed. I was laid off in 2012 and unemployment has run out. I was able to pay my bills through July. I am facing eviction. My landlord would not work with me. I was never late on my rent. I have tried the state with no luck. I am looking for work with not luck. My family is helping as much as they can. My other bills are due as well. I am just looking for $5000 to get by. Please help

  6. I NEVER EXPECT BACK....Im here to let the world know a little about me and hopefully you will one day you will help make a difference for somebody as I did...that someone was myself....I know how it feels to be at the bottom of the bottom....to literally take my shirt off and look a stranger in his eye and give him it.I know how it feels to feel empty....alone...to lose a father figure....to lose best friends by passing away from natural causes in the sleep.to cry alone to have anxiety and stress to the point where no more tears would come but only a deep sleep....to wake up confused,alone,poor,just empty asking myself...why...to know how it feels to get beat up and almost have my life taken from me... how it feels to give up..........I have 3 siblings...2 older brothers..1 beautiful younger sister by 2 years...I'm 25... My mother raised all of us until we were old enough to learn how to survive no matter what was necessary.. no matter what misery we did she never gave up.no matter how many times someone screamed they hated her she never gave up.and now that we are older she till this day still doesn't give up...I know she is stressed out beyond beyond being a single mother and everyday I see that angel smile get smaller and smaller but in her eyes I see its still brighter then the sun...it brings tears to my eyes....I wish I could make this angels worries go away by taking care of her one day.I grew up at a young age.I was a child with hate in my heart.... a child with hate towards the world...I later in life asked myself why and years later I still ask myself why but thank god everyday and night for making me grow up at a young age and also letting people forgive me.now that I'm older I believe it was the people I did so wrong that no matter what forgave me that made me into the man I am today.I never been to a prom...didn't have a choice...never been to highschool...never got be there for my sisters first child...couldn't be there for randy the man who was a father figure to me who passed away from cancer.never thanked him for much until I grew up and it was too late...life gets tough all the time...all the time....but I never give up and no matter how miserable I try to make it better.I have been a roofer for 5 years now but every year I get laid off because work gets slow around this time of year...but work is still legit....feels good to pay taxes.I'm 25 years of age currently looking for a job again and have better myself for 6 years now.I never give up.when someone Cries or feels they want to give up I'm there for them if I know them or not.I want to try to do something to make them happy or atleast try to cope....some people DONT realize how bad things are until you actually DONT have anymore...but no matter how rich or poor you are world please remember that there's always another day and if you can help someone out when u can even if its a glass of cold water please do it.and never expect in return because that defeats a lot of things....I lost my vehicle do to that fact of what time of year it is for work but will not give up ever and I will always smile...Help will be amazing for me and my family but I wouldn't count on it.I wish the world success and hope everyone's prayers are answered. xanderjclex@AOL.com

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  9. Hello, thank you for reading! My name is David Jayne; I live with my wife Carey and five of our six children in Senoia, Georgia. At 26 an Emory University neurologist diagnosed me with ALS commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease. In the same week as the diagnosis my dream of being a father had come true in nine months my first child would be born. The disease progressed as the neurologist forewarned. I cannot move, speak, breathe or eat without the assistance of technology. When I decided to prolong life by going on a ventilator that was a decision my first wife did not support and she divorced me. Several years ago the improbable happened and an extraordinary woman fell in love with me in this physical condition, Carey and I later married. The doctors said I would not live beyond my twenties. I will turn 53 in April. While I am tremendously grateful to be alive living with a severe disability 26 years has been financially devastating. That is purpose of this campaign to payoff tens of thousands in medical bills.
    Since my retirement and before the ventilator I spent the first eight years fighting to see the next sunrise. Waking up in the hospital on the ventilator feeling like a billion bucks I realized I had been given a second chance, an improbable mulligan in life. Since that day I have dedicated my life to helping ALS sufferers and other disabled individuals. My efforts have been written up in numerous articles and TV coverage, notables, AJC, Washington Post, People Magazine, CNN, PBS NEWS HOUR. I founded The National Coalition to Amend the Medicare Homebound Restriction, NCAHB. Bob Dole honorary chairman, which resulted in President George W Bush signing an executive order on national television that improved the quality of life for many disabled Americans.

    The fundraising goal is $100,000. This will eliminate all medical debt and enable us to prepare for our next challenge. Our youngest child battles cystic fibrosis and will need lungs. Why this is a different fundraiser: I have a $150,000 life insurance policy. The policy has a disability waiver of premiums, which means there are no premiums so the policy is guaranteed to pay the death benefit when I die. Contributions will be returned after my death plus a bonus, for example if you contribute $10,000 after my death you will receive $15,000. This will happen, because no contributions will be accepted beyond the fundraising goal. Something to consider is how long I will live. Pneumonia can end my life quickly and I am at high risk of dying from complications of quadriplegia, but I hope to live years longer.

    The specifics of how this will be administered are The Indiegogo Trust will be made the irrevocable beneficiary of my life insurance policy and contributors will own a percentage of the trust determined by contribution.

    With the goal reached our lives will be transformed, our credit will begin to improve so we will be considered for our son’s lung transplant. We are desperate!!!

    If you cannot contribute please help us spread the word with the Indiegogo share tools! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and consideration!!! Please help us!

    All the best,
    David Jayne

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  11. I am recently divorced & my ex-husband took my car. So I hav no way 2 get back & forth 2 my part time job that I work 11hrs a wk. I need money for a car, rent, food basically just 2 get back on my feet. Looking for 6,000.00, my ex-husband left me with shut off notices & I'm about 2 be evicted. Please help!!!


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