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Where Can I Get 5000 Dollars Quickly - I Need Money Right Now I'm Desperate

Where Can I Get 5000 Dollars Quickly? 
Here at The Millionaires Giving Money Blog we enjoy answering unconventional questions other personal finance blogs refuse to answer. Recently a new reader Vincent asked a question which really got me thinking. 

Although this blog was originally about millionaires and billionaires who give money a large number of readers were more interested to find out how we could make money quickly. If you do want to contact millionaires, billionaires and rich people you can find a list here. The question Vincent asks is one that I gets asked a lot as follows: 
Reader Question: I really enjoy your posts on how to make money quickly. I have been in poverty for the last 10 years and I have decided its time to get out. I'm fed up of working two jobs and never making ends meet, something fundamental must be wrong. I want to know where I can get 5000 dollars quickly and legally so I can repeat the process and get out of poverty. Look forward to your ideas. PS. I'm really wanting to get out of poverty so will entertain any idea! 
Thanks for your question Vincent. I'm glad you enjoyed my other posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. You can get out of poverty quickly and knowing where to get 5000 dollars quickly can definitely speed up the process. I'm glad your fed up of living in poverty because this is the spark that will catapult you to prosperity. So without further ado here are 10 ways to get 5000 dollars quickly. 

Where Can I Get 5000 Dollars Quickly 
#1: Sort Out Your Finances for 5000 Dollars 
Before learning how to make 5000 dollars quickly its important to sort out your finances once and for all. You need to live by some rules. You need to aim for higher income and lover expenses. As soon as you let expenses run away you get deeper into poverty and the harder it becomes to get out. 

What you need to do is cut all your non essential spending and then develop clear daylight between your income and your expenses. All your excess disposable income should be saved and you should strive everyday to cut your expenses and swell your income. You should aim to increase your savings rate to 50% so you save half of your income for the future.  

#2: Stop Wasting Money and Earn 5000 Dollars
One of the first steps I took to get out of poverty was to stop wasting money. Any money that I earned I somehow found a way to spend and I could never really get out of poverty. Once I decided enough was enough I started to stop wasting money and I was surprised at how quickly I could save money. If you stop wasting money you could earn 5000 dollars very quickly. 

Some of the measures I took were extreme but desperate situations require desperate measures. I cut my cable subscription, sold my car, stopped using gas and electricity most days, ate canned food and even stopped going out. It was hard but worth it to finally get out of poverty. This is something everyone should try if you're desperate to get out of poverty. At first it is hard but after a while it gets easier and the reward of saving money will keep your motivated. 

#3: Take Part in Clinical Trials 
Participating in Clinical Trials is a sure fire way to make 5000 dollars quickly. Typically a 5000 dollar compensation clinical study requires 3 months of your time. If you can complete 4 studies a year then you could easily make 20,000 dollars a year which is a huge amount and big enough to take a large step towards prosperity. 

To get started visit ClinicalTrials.Gov and find a trial in your state which pays handsomely. Inquire and put your name down for as many trials as you can find and then wait for a response. Be careful and understand the risks before your sign on the dotted line. I have made large sums of money participating in Clinical Trials and it has helped me climb out of poverty - this is a great way to get 5000 dollars quickly. 

#4: Live in Your Car and Earn 5000 Dollars Quickly
This is an extreme measure but you will make 5000 dollars quickly. This is another step I took to get out of poverty. I owned a property with a mortgage on it. I decided to rent the property out and live in my vehicle. I saved all the rent money after making monthly mortgage payments. I did this for two years and I saved a bucket load of money which I used to pay off my debt. 

It took a year to pay off my debt and after that I invested what I saved. Renting your property out and living in a vehicle is a quick way to get out of poverty. I would suggest renting your property out for 6 months to see how it goes, if you can live comfortably in your car then extend it until you climb out of poverty. 

#5: Sell Plasma and Sperm Regularly 
Vincent you sound like a strapping young man so you should think about regularly donating plasma and sperm to make money quickly. The more regular you make your donations the quicker you can make 5000 dollars. On average you earn 50 dollars for your sperm and plasma donation. If you are fit healthy and highly desirable then you could make more. 

Suppose your blood type is in demand and you are highly desirable to the opposite sex you could earn up to 100 dollars per donation. Suppose you donate your plasma once a week and sperm 3 times a week and get 100 dollars on average you would generate 1600 dollars per month. 

By 4 months you could earn 5000 dollars quickly. To get started look for sperm banks and plasma blood banks and start to make inquiries. Take the plunge and start donating and see how much you can make. The key is being organized. 

#6: Become a Friend and Earn 5000 Dollars Quickly
The world is a lonely place and even though we're more hooked up than ever with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook there are many lonely people out there. Fortunately there are a lot of websites where you can offer your services for a free. If you're attractive and have an outgoing personality and are an expert in the art of conversation your could make money. 

To get started find some Friends Site which pay and then register. Make your profile as exciting as possible and charge a high premium for your service. What I have noticed is there are many lonely women looking for friends so they do pay quite well for companionship. If you can actively manage your time you could make 5000 dollars very quickly just by going out with someone and enjoying yourself. 

#7: Organize Events 
You can charge a lot of money organizing events. A wedding planner charges anything up to 10,000 dollars per wedding. If you enjoying planning large events and have excellent interpersonal skills you could easily make 5000 dollars by hosting a party and providing food whilst ensuring that the evening goes smoothly. 

To get started you must advertise your service in a very professional way. Start small and then build your reputation, it may take a little time however if you can hit the nail on the head with your service you can rise out of poverty very quickly. 
#8: Make a Viral Website 
Viral website are great if you want to make 5000 dollars quickly. The way a viral website works is by publishing gossip and interesting stories from the internet and then sharing the content on social media sites in an attempt to get views. 

The published articles have adverts on them and you make money when someone clicks on the ads. The more views you get the more money you can make. Sites like Viral Nova make over 10,000 dollars a month. If you can post diligently and grow your audience you could easily make 5000 dollars quickly. 
#9: Make a Viral YouTube Channel 
Making a Viral Video is the same as posting on a viral website. Some find making videos easier than posting interesting articles and gossip. Find a niche that has a lot of demand and keep posting videos on it. Suppose you choose to publish videos of pranks you could make a lot of money by choosing a specific niche such as pranking elderly people or pranking pregnant women. 

The clearer your niche the more money you make. If you can post a video a day and share on social media you could eventually make 5000 dollars. The videos would continue to earn so the more your post the more your income would rise. This is a great way to rise out of poverty. 
#10: Sell Something Valuable 
Become a salesperson and make 5000 dollars very quickly. A friend of mine who works in a prestigious jewelry shop earns 1% commission on anything he sells. Some months he makes more than 10,000 dollars. If you're a good salesperson and have the knack to convince people and close sales you could make a lot of money. 

To get started do some research to find sales jobs which are highly paid in terms of commission and then pursue a job in that field. Once you get the job work on your sales technique to make as many sales as possible. Think of every sale as a step out of poverty. 

Where Can I Get 5000 Dollars Quickly? 
It is entirely possible to make 5000 dollars quickly. The ideas mentioned above can make a real difference to your personal finances. All these ideas have been used by people to get out of poverty and into a better life. Take the time to think about these ideas and then pick them one at a time and try to build your income. 

If you can eventually incorporate all these ideas into your life you can make a lot of money and leave poverty behind. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share with other people and don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe. Thank You and Good Luck 


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