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Cheap or Free Internet for Low Income Families - Where Can I Get Really Cheap Internet?

Where Can I Find Cheap or Free Internet for Low-Income Families?

Heather emailed me on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog and asked the following question...

Where Can I Find Cheap or Free Internet for Low Income-Families?

Heather is a long-time reader of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog and has worked with me to improve her personal finance.

Here is Heather's full email which she has agreed to share, cheers Heather!

Reader Email

Subject: Where Can I Find Cheap or Free Internet for Low-Income Families?

I am a single mother with 3 children. I am currently living with my parents who I care for. I have a full-time job and a part-time job both of which offer a low-income.

I have managed to pay off all my credit card debt and have established an emergency fund.

I am paying over $40 dollars for the internet at the moment because my children need it for their education. I also use it to make money on the internet and look for opportunities to further my career.

I was wondering if you know of any cheap or free internet services for low-income families.

Thanks in advance.

My Response

Hello, Heather and thanks for emailing.

I am happy to see you're making progress. Keep up the good work.

If you're paying $40 for the internet you are paying too much especially if you're on a very low-income. 

There are many internet providers which offer low-cost internet for low-income families.

Cheap or Free Internet for Low-Income Families

The best internet service provider for low-income families is AT&T's Access Service which offers a low-cost wireline home internet service to qualifying households.

To be eligible for the AT&T Low-Cost Wireline Home Internet Service you must meet the following requirements

One: At least one resident must be in the receipt of U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Two: You must have an address in AT&T's 21-State service area which offers Wireline Home Internet Service.

Three: You must not have debt on other AT&T fixed internet services.

Four: If you live in California and at least one resident is in receipt of SSI you may also qualify.

Benefits of AT&T Internet for Low-Income Families

One: No Commitment - You can cancel at any time, you are not tied into a contract

Two: No Deposit - You don't have to make any expensive upfront payments for equipment

Three: No Installation Fee - You don't have to pay for installation and maintenance

Four: You get access to WIFI gateway at AT&T Wifi Hotspots at no extra cost.

Price List for AT&T Internet for Low-Income Families

There are 5 tiers available and the cheapest tier is only $5 per month. 

Here is the full breakdown of the price list for AT&T Low-cost Internet

Tier 1: 10 Megabits Per Second - $10 per Month

Tier 2: 5 Megabits Per Second - $10 per Month

Tier 3: 3 Megabits Per Second - $5 per Month

Tier 4: 1.5 Megabits Per Second - $5 per Month

Tier 5: 768 Kilobits per Second - $5 per Month

All these tiers depend on your internet speed for your given location. 

The best Tier, in my opinion, is Tier 3 where you get 3 Megabits per second for $5 per month.

You will not be able to download full HD movies with this speed but it is sufficient for children doing their homework and for you find a better job.

How to Apply for AT&T Low-Cost Wireline Cheap Internet Service

Apply for the AT&T low-cost wireline cheap internet service is very simple and I have outlined the steps below.

Step 1: Check service availability - Enter your address and zip code to see if AT&T offer this service in your area.

Step 2: Call AT&T to make the full application on the following numbers
English     855.220.5211
Spanish    855.220.5225

Step 3: Arrange a time for the AT&T Low-Cost Wireline Internet Service to be installed free of charge.

Cheap or Free Internet for Low-Income Families

AT&T Low-Cost wireline internet service is one of the best for low-income families.

There are no upfront costs or installation costs.

You can cancel at any time and you are not tied down to a contract.

You can learn more about the AT&T Wireline Low-Cost Internet Service for Low-Income Families here.

Monday 8 May 2017

Where Can I Get a Free Bike for Kids for Low-Income Families? I Need Free Bike for My Children!

Where Can I Get a Free Bike for Kids for Low-Income Families?

Recently, Brenda emailed asking me - Where can I get a free bike for kids for low-income families?

I really wanted to help Brenda because she's on a very low-income and has been making great progress with her personal finance. 

Brenda has agreed to share her email with everyone, cheers Brenda!

Reader Email 

Subject: Where Can I Get a Free Bike for Kids for Low-Income Families?

Hello once again.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work, some of the information you provided has helped me a lot. Thank You.

As you know, I am on a low-income. I have been working very hard and have two jobs. I am also working hard to increase my pay or find another job.

I have paid a lot of my debt off and have established an emergency fund.

Recently, my kids have been asking me for a Bike.

I can afford this but my emergency fund and savings account would take a big hit.

I was wondering if there are any places where I can get a free bike for kids for low-income families?

I would be grateful for any help you can offer. 

Thank You.

My Response

Hello, Brenda and thanks for emailing.

I'm glad you're making progress with your personal finance. 

Just keep at it and before you know it you'll be getting out of poverty.

You can get a free bike for kids if you're on a low-income.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization which helps children by providing them with bikes so they can live a happier healthier childhood.

The program currently runs in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, and Georgia.

Free Bike 4 Kids Giving Away Bikes to Low-Income Children

In 2008, Free Bikes 4 Kids gave away 250 bikes.

In the last 8 years, Free Bikes 4 Kids have given away 32,000 bikes.

Now Free Bikes 4 Kids give away 5 to 6000 free bicycles every year.

For more information head on over to the Free Bikes 4 kids website. You can also find out more information by contacting FB4K below.

Free Bikes For Kids Minnesota

Address: FB4K
PO Box 007
Long Lake, MN 55356

Telephone: 612.567.3245

Free Bikes For Kids Utah

Address: 74 North G Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Telephone: 651-341-5332

Free Bikes For Kids Georgia

Free Bikes For Kids Wisconsin

I really hope this information on free bikes for kids for low-income families helps you. If you have any more questions please, share them in the comments section below.

I with you all the best...

Where Can I Get Cheap Apple Certified Products for Low-Income? Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch

Where Can I Get Cheap Apple Certified Products for Low-Income

Recently, on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog, I received an email from Roy asking the following question - Where can I get cheap Apple Certified products such Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch?

Richard is on a low-income and has an emergency fund. He has been working on his personal finance for a few years now and has managed to pay off his debt and save for the future.

Richard has agreed to share his email with everyone, cheers Richard!

Reader Email

Subject: Where Can I Get Cheap Apple Certified Products for Low-Income

I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and I have taken on board many of your ideas. Thanks to you, I have now got a better paying job and have an emergency fund and savings. I have paid off my debt and I am now making progress with my personal finance.

I now wanted to reward myself and wanted to know where I can get cheap Apple certified products for low-income.

I do not want to spend too much money, I want to know where I could get refurbished Apple Certified Products because I need a tablet and laptop to make more money online.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for all the personal advice and emails!

My Reply

Hello, Richard.

I am delighted that you're making progress with your personal finances.

Getting a better-paid job, an emergency fund, savings account and paying off debt are great achievements, well done!

I'm glad some of my advice has been useful.

In this post, I will be sharing the best places to get Apple Certified Products which have been checked and refurbished. You can get these Apple Certified Products for low prices.

In my opinion, buying an Apple Refurbished Certified Product from Apple is the best way to go.

I don't really like going to other third-party places for Refurbished Apple Products because they have not been certified by Apple.

Where Can I Get Cheap Apple Certified Products?

You can find the best deals on Cheap Apple Certified Products on the Apple website. I will be posting the link below.

On the Apple website, you will find:

1. Cheap Certified Refurbished Apple Mac
2. Cheap Certified Refurbished Apple iPad
3. Cheap Certified Refurbished Apple iPhone
4. Cheap Certified Refurbished Apple Watches

Guaranteed Apple Quality

The reason why I buy most of my Apple Products from the Refurbished Certified Apple products department is because they offer a one-year warranty after the Apple Product has been tested rigorously.

Before the Apple Product is certified is undergoes a very thorough refurbishment process to make sure it is within Apple's very high standards. Other refurbishment companies cannot offer this quality.

As mentioned earlier, all the Apple Refurbished Certified Products come with a one year warranty and you also have the option of extending the warranty with AppleCare, this is something I always do and I recommend you do it. 

Recycle Your Old Computer and Get an Apple Gift Card

If you have an old computer you can recycle this with Apple. 

If your computer still has a value you will be offered a Gift Card from Apple which can be used to buy refurbished Apple Certified Products. 

Here are come of the latest refurbished Apple Certified Products...

Latest Refurbished Apple Certified Products from Apple

1. Refurbished iPod Touch only $169 Dollars

2. Refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 was $540, now $496

3. Refurbished Apple TV Was $140, now $129

4. Refurbished iPhone 6S 16GB was $520, now $449

5. Refurbished iPhone Mini, was $370, now $279

You can find all the latest deals on the Apple Certified Products Page here 

I really hope this information helps you find a cheap refurbished Certified Apple Product. 

These Certified Apple Products may be slightly expensive compared to other cheaper refurbished products offered by third-parties, however, you must remember that Apple offers a quality guarantee and you will also have a 1 year warranty which you can extend. 

You also get a Apple Gift Card for the value of your old computer if you decide to recycle it with Apple.

I wish you all the best and hope this information is useful to you..

Wednesday 3 May 2017

I Need Money Today - 30 Ways to Supplement Your Income Quickly

I Need Money Today 

30 Ways to Supplement Your Income Quickly

Yesterday, Dmitri, a long time reader of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog sent an email to me. The subject of the email was...

I need cash today need some ideas!

It is possible to make money on the internet. 

Depending on how much time and effort you put in you could make anything between 500 and 10,000 dollars per month. This amount of money can be a game-changer.

Here is Dmitri's full email, he has given us his permission to share this with everyone! Cheers Dmitri!

Reader Email

Subject: I Need Cash Today Need Some Ideas

I need cash today and need some ideas. I know it's probably not possible to make cash in 24 hours via the internet but if there are please can you share them with me?

I want to make money on the internet quickly and would like to see money coming in within a few days if it is possible.

I am on a very low-income and support a large household. I live paycheck to paycheck and wanted to get out of this habit so I can have greater security and leave something for my children.

I was planning on saving the money I make online. 

Please, can you help me? I need help with money!

Please can you give me some quick ideas and guidance.

Thank You.

My Response

Hello, Dmitri and welcome to The Millionaires Giving Money Blog.

Thanks for your email.

I like your attitude, if you keep thinking like this you financial circumstances will definitely improve.

In this post, I will be sharing 30 ways for you to supplement your income.

I will also be offering 10 tips for personal finance and how you can get out of the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

So without further ado, here are 30 I need money today ideas to get your started.

I Need Money Today - 30 Ways to Supplement Your Income

Idea 1: Vindale Research - Get paid for completing surveys - high payout

Idea 2: Pinecone Research - Get paid for your opinions and surveys - high payout

Idea 3: Swagbucks - Get paid for completing surveys, surfing online etc...

Idea 4: TreasureTrooper - Get paid for taking surveys, playing games, shopping online

Idea 5: Babysitting - Get paid $15 per hour to babysit

Idea 6: Upwork - Freelance your skills online and get paid 

Idea 7: Guru - Another site where you can freelance your skills and get paid

Idea 8: PeoplePerHour - Get paid hourly for any freelance work that you do

Idea 9: OneSpace - Freelance specialist skills and get paid for your service

Idea 10: Fiverr - Offer a specialist skills for $5 and then up-sell for more money

Idea 11: Street Performer - Get paid for playing an instrument in a busy metro area

Idea 12: Credit Card Cash Advance - Get money from your credit card company

Idea 13: Cash In Your Pension - Get cash from your IRA, only in dire emergencies

Idea 14: Drive for Uber: Make money by providing a taxi service 

Idea 15: IBotta - Get paid for browsing the internet and shopping online

Idea 16: Mobisave - Get paid for using specific online shops and using Mobisave to pay

Idea 17: QMee - Get cashback on purchases made through Qmee online 

Idea 18: Sell Plasma - Get paid for giving blood

Idea 19: Sell Sperms - If you're strapping with a high IQ you could make a lot of money

Idea 20: Sell Eggs - Sell your eggs to women who are having difficulties conceiving

Idea 21: Amazon Mechanical Turk - Get paid for completing menial repetitive tasks 

Idea 22: Microworkers - Get paid for doing mundane tasks

Idea 23: ShortTasks - Get paid for completing short tasks which require little brain power

Idea 24: ShutterStock - Get paid for taking photos and offering them for download online

Idea 25: Sell Designer Clothes - Sell your designer stuff on eBay

Idea 26: Sell Your Watches - Sell your designer watches online - high demand

Idea 27: BuyAndSellHair - Sell your locks and get paid good money

Idea 28: Scribe - Transcribe videos and add subtitles, get $15 per hour

Idea 29: Rent Parking Space - If you like the city you could rent out your car park space

Idea 30: Rent a Room - If you have a spare room rent it out.

Do not get overwhelmed with all these ideas to make money today.

When I need help with money I just use a few of these ideas to supplement my income.

Pick a few ideas at a time and then put as much effort as you can, after a while it does get easier.

Over time, use all the ideas to make money. If you can maximize all these ideas you could easily make 1000 dollars per month in additional income.

Tips to Improve Personal Finance

Also, here are ten tips to improve your personal finance.

Years back I was in a very similar situation that you have found yourself in.

To get out of this vicious cycle of poverty I invested hundreds of dollars in personal finance books.

What I found was 10 recurring tips to improve your personal finances which I want to share with you today...

Tip 1: Pay Yourself First - As soon as you get your paycheck deduct 10% to your savings

Tip 2: Reduce your expense by 20% 

Tip 3: Live in a cheaper place and reduce rent by at least 20%

Tip 4: Ask employer what you have to do to increase salary by 20%

Tip 5: Look for another job which pays 30% more than your existing job

Tip 6: Do not take out anymore credit cards or loans

Tip 7: Establish a emergency fund and save 5000 dollars in it

Tip 8: Cook in batches and use for lunch and dinner

Tip 9: Invest money in a low-cost index fund after you've established an emergency fund

Tip 10: Avoid exuberant spending and buy high quality used stuff instead

I Need Money Today - Supplement Your Income Quickly

I hope these 30 ideas to supplement your income quickly helps.

As I said earlier, do not get overwhelmed by all these ideas, every few days pick an idea and put 100% effort to make money quickly.

Over time, use all the ideas so you can build a substantial income stream.

You should also put into practice all the tips to improve your personal income.

If you can complete all the tips mentioned above your personal finances will improve significantly.

The quicker you can put all these ideas into practice the better your circumstances will be. I wish someone told me about these insights when I needed help with money years back.

I wish you all the best Dmitri and feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: I need money now but I'm unemployed, what can I do?

If you're unemployed you should claim unemployment benefits immediately if you lost your job through no fault of your own.

You can also try selling plasma, sperms, items you no longer need.

You can also try getting a car title loan or a pawn shop loan as these loans do not require an income.

FAQ 2: I need money desperately what can I do?

You must try and get a job. You should also consider selling items you no longer need.

You should also see if there are any welfare benefits you can apply for. 

You should also look at the 30 ideas above to see if you can supplement your income.

FAQ 3: I need money today but I'm unemployed, what can I do?

You can sell plasma or sperms. You can also take out a pawn shop loan or a car title loan.

FAQ 4: I need money now free and fast, what can I do?

Check the 30 ideas above and pick a few that you like. 

Put 100% effort into generating income and see how much you can make.

FAQ 5: I need money now that I don't have to pay back, any ideas?

You can try applying for government benefits and grants, you do not have to pay these back.

FAQ 6: Can I get money now with no bank account?

You will always need a bank account unless the job you do offers cash in hand.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

I Need 1000 to 5000 Pounds Right Now - I Am Desperate Please Help ME!

I Need 1000 to 5000 Pounds Right Now 

 I Am Desperate Please Help ME!

Recently, on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog, I received an email from a British Reader asking the following questions...

I Need 1000 Pounds Right Now - I Am Desperate Please Help ME.

The email was from a 26-year-old named Richard who works as a retail assistant. Richard has given me his permission to share his email with the readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog.

Reader Question

I need 1000 pounds right now, please help me I am desperate. 

Recently, my car broke down and I need to make repairs quickly. I heavily rely on my vehicle to get to and from work so I need it desperately. 

I live paycheck to paycheck and do not have an emergency fund to help me. I don't know where to start and I have really bad credit which means I will probably be rejected by the big banks like Barclays, Lloyds, Santander and other High St. lenders.

Please, can you give me some quick suggestions to get a 1000 pound loan quickly? I need the money desperately to make repairs to my vehicle.

My Reply To Richard

Hello, Richard and thanks for email The Millionaires Giving Money Blog. 

I am sorry to hear about your circumstances.

In this post, I will share 10 ideas to help you raise 1000 pounds quickly. I will also give you 10 personal finance tips to help you avoid these kinds of situation. 

I believe that anyone can turn their finances around. If you follow these ideas you will make financial progress. 

I was in a very similar position a few years back so I know how hard it is to break free from the cycle of poverty. Rest assured that it is possible. 

So without further Ado here are 10 ways to get 1000 pounds right now!

I Need 1000 Pounds Right Now

Here are 10 ideas if you need 1000 pounds right now. Some of the ideas are obvious, others are more complicated. All these ideas are legal ways to get money quickly.

Idea 1: Ask Employer for a 1000 Pound Loan

Idea 2: Ask Friends and Family for a 1000 Pound Loan

Idea 3: Call credit card for a 1000 pound cash advance

Idea 4: Check if credit card offer direct deposits to bank account

Idea 5: Ask your friends and family for a loan

Idea 6: Apply to a credit union for a loan

Idea 7: Apply for a Bad credit loan through the Post Office

Idea 8: Sell all excess stuff through eBay

Idea 9: Pawn valuables like designer watches and laptops

Idea 10: Work Overtime to Earn More Money

Tips to Improve Personal Finance

Here are 10 tips to improve your personal finance.

I have read nearly all there is to read about personal finance when I was on a quest to improve my finances. There were 10 tips or ideas which kept repeating themselves and I want to share them with you.

Take Action and put practice all these tips and see how much you can progress. 

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Personal Finance

Personal finance is really simple.

You have income and expenses. 

All you have to do is be aware of your income and expenses and find ways to increase your income and slash your expenses.

When you get a surplus your financial circumstances will improve every month.

Avoid being in a deficit by using credit to get by, this is a recipe for trouble.

Tip 1: Pay yourself first, as soon as you get paid put 10% in savings account

Tip 2: List all your income and expenses - find ways to reduce outgoings by 20%

Tip 3: Find a cheaper place to stay and save 20% on rent

Tip 4: Ask employer what you have to do for a 10% pay rise

Tip 5: Look for a job which pays you 20% more that your existing salary

Tip 6: Take courses in your present employment to become highly qualified 

Tip 7: Don't take out any more loans or credit cards

Tip 8: Do not make any exuberant purchases until you have a 5000 pound in savings

Tip 9: Take on a second job or make money on the internet and save all the money earned

Tip 10: Once you have 5000 Pounds invest the excess money and watch money grow

In the future, I will be writing more posts about getting money quickly. You can find them on the following pages which will be published soon.

Resource 1: I Need 2000 Pounds Right Now

Resource 2: I Need 3000 Pounds Right Now

Resource 3: I Need 4000 Pounds Right Now

Resource 4: I Need 5000 Pounds Right Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that others readers have asked in the past. I thought adding them might be useful.

FAQ 1: How to make 1000 pounds fast?

The quickest way to make 1000 fast is to take out a loan. You can do this if you have a good credit score. 

You can still take out a 1000 pound loan if you have bad credit but you will have to pay more because your credit is poor.

FAQ 2: How can I make 3000 pounds quickly?

Again, the quickest way to make 3000 pounds is to take out a loan. You can make money on the internet but you will not be able to make 3000 quickly, this is something you must build over time.

FAQ 3: Where can I get 1000 Pound loan over 12 months?

If you have a good credit score you can borrow from High Street banks like Barclays, Lloyds, Santander, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

If you have bad credit you will have to resort to payday loans like Quick Quid or Pawn shops such as Cash Converters.

FAQ 4: I need £1000 urgently where can I get it?

This is a very popular question! You can take out a1000 pound loan from High Street Banks if you have good credit or Payday loans company if you have bad credit. You can try lenders such as Quick Quid, Wonga, and Sunny.

FAQ 5: I Need 2000 pounds today where can I get this?

Again, if you have good credit you can borrow this from High Street Banks such as Lloyds, Barclays. Royal Bank of Scotland, and Santander. You will get a competitive rate of interest and get at least 12 months to pay it back.

if you have bad credit or poor credit you will have to try lenders such as Sunny, Wonga, and Quick Quid but they will charge more. 

If you can wait you should try to improve and fix your credit score so you pay less in the future.

FAQ 6: How to make 1000 pounds a month?

You can make an extra 1000 pounds a month on the internet by blogging, affiliate marketing, making YouTube videos etc, the list is endless.

It will take time to build. It takes about a 12 months of effort to build 1000 pounds per month passively. You must stick to it.

FAQ 7: How to make 2000 pounds fast

You can make 2000 pounds fast by taking out a loan. As mentioned earlier, the better your credit the cheaper the loan will be.

I Need 1000 to 5000 Pounds Right Now

The quickest way to get 1000 pounds is to take out a loan.

To get a cheap loan you will need good credit.

If you have bad credit you will pay more for 1000 pounds.

Going forward work on your personal finance and practice the 10 tips on personal finances listed above. If you put these tips into action your finances will improve every month.

Work on improving your credit so you can borrow money cheaper in the future.

Build a substantial emergency fund so you don't have to borrow money if your car breaks down and consider comprehensive insurance for your car so the repairs will be covered.

Always look for ways to slash expenses and boost income, that way your personal finance will improve quickly.

I wish you all the best.


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