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I Need $2000 Dollars Right Now I Will Do Anything I am Desperate!

If you follow The Millionaires Giving Money Blog then you'll know that these posts are a series of guides. These guides provide financially destitute people with ideas for making money really fast, and more importantly legally. If you need $2000 dollars really fast and you're willing to do anything then there are ways you can achieve this. Be sure to check out how you can make $10,000, $5000 and $1000 really fast which are listed below. 

Now that you want to learn how to make $2000 quickly because you're desperate you need to know that there is an element of risk involved. You'll be thrown out of your comfort zone and you'll really have to test yourself mentally and physically. If you do pull through then this will be a great personal victory and it will teach you to dig really deep and make things happen so you can rise out of poverty.

I Need 2000 Dollars Right NOW List

1. Rent Your Home for $2000 

This is something I tried and it has worked. I rented my home out for a year for $2000 provided I was still allowed to live there. There were some rules like being paid upfront. Lots of people will be interested because they will save money if they pay in advance. To make everything above board you could draft property contracts and rental agreements where you agree to rent your house for a year for 2000 dollars.

Another way I made $2000 dollars per month was by living in a caravan I bought on eBay and then subletting my home out to tenants after rigorous vetting, Living in a caravan is extremely difficult however I was determined to do it to pay off my debt and it worked. After a year I was debt free and able to move back into my property if I choose to. If you need $2000 dollars right now and are desperate these are the sacrifices you must make.

2. Sell Shares in Assets You Have 

If you've got any assets that are of value or are generating income you could sell shares in this asset. It is a bit complicated but please bear with me. If you've got property rented out or have an online business then quickly work out how much money it's generating in a month and then put a value on it, you could then sell some shares in the asset and generate income for the buyer. If you've got an online business or property that is generating $1000 per month, you could sell 20% of this for $2000, the investor would recoup the money in 10 months and enjoy payments for the rest of their lives as long as the income keeps coming in. 

You could have a clause to repurchase the shares in your asset once you've used the money to do whatever you need to. Previously, I have sold shares to my family members in the properties that I rent out. They enjoyed 20% of the payments for $20,000 upfront and after a few years I was able to repurchase the shares back from them. Its important that you understand and forecast your cash flow properly otherwise there is a possibility you might miss payments. Have contingency plans in place.

3. Learn How to Do High Paying Jobs 

By quickly learning 'high paying trades' and then doing jobs at knock down prices is a great way to earn fast money. If you need $2000 very quickly you could learn how to install a boiler, how to laminate floors, how to decorate houses. What you are looking for is a job that pays you a lot of money very quickly. Decorators can decorate a house within a week and get paid a lot of money, plumbers usually charge $2000 to install a system which takes about a week. If you can align yourself with an expert and offer your help you could make a lot of money. 

I learnt how to replace boiler systems from a qualified plumber. I charged $500 dollars to replace these systems and the work took me 4 hours. I was able to replace two systems per day and I was able to make $800 per day just by keeping busy. Create an effective marketing systems and offer the service at a knock down price and you will make money I kid you not!

4. Penny Shares and Option Trading 

Penny shares can offer explosive growth. Sometimes these stocks can double or quadruple in value. If you can leverage the money and use strict stop losses you could make a lot of money if you choose the right stock. You could also buy cheap options on companies just before they report. A lot of investors make money by investing in cheap items like penny stocks and options and then control their risk and let the upside run up.  

Learn how to analyse stocks fundamentally and technically, Also learn money management strategies so if you make a wrong decision you wont be wiped out completely. Its recommended that you paper trade to begin with, this will give you invaluable experience/practice just until you get the hang of trading penny stocks. Avoid all tips and rumours because you will eventually lose money if base your decision on these things.

5. Deep Cleaning Homes 

My friend tried this and it worked. If you live in an area where rental turnaround is high you could visit all the estate agents in your area and offer a deep cleaning service. Normally agents pay anything between $500 to $1000 for a deep clean which you can do in a couple of days. If you can secure a few contracts like these then you'll be well on your way to making $2000. You have to get your hands dirty but it's worth it because you can make a lot of money.

6. Recycling Other People's Cell Phones 

Recycling cell phones or mobile phones is big business. You won’t make a fortune recycling your own phone but just imagine how much money you could make by recycling other people's phones. To get started create a marketing campaign asking for old phones. To get people to give their own phone you could give a proportion of the profits to charity. Most people just throw away their phones. However, if they think they can help someone then its more than likely they'll give it away for recycling. If you can go door to door for old phones you will be able to generate 2000 dollars very quickly. I know someone who used this strategy and now he has his own mobile phone recycling business! it works, you just have to put in the hard work…

7. Take Part in Clinical Trials for more than 2000 Dollars  

I love clinical trials because you're compensated for your time. You also get an overwhelming feeling of WELLBEING because you're helping humanity by creating new cutting-edge medicines. You can make anything between 2000 and 5000 dollars when you take part in clinical trials depending on your level of health. Healthy people as well as ill people can take part. You can find a whole list of clinical trials by going to the official government site. If you can take part in 4 clinical trials a year you could make up to 20,000 dollars. 

8. Sell Items from Alibaba  

China is the economic powerhouse of the world and you can get extremely cheap goods from wholesale sites such as Alibaba. To make 2000 dollars quickly do some research to find items on eBay which have excess demand. You then need to find a supplier in China who can sell you these items. You can then list the items on eBay and watch the revenue come in. The key to success here giving a great service, maintaining good relationship with suppliers as well as researching thoroughly on items which are likely to sell well. 

9. Create a YouTube Channel to Earn 2000 Dollars 

This idea is for creative people who love to present themselves and VLOG. To get started right now think of a subject you want to talk about. You can also pick a product or service area that you want to review. Make sure there is commercial value in these niches so you can be sure to make a profit. Create high quality HD videos and promote these videos using social media and monetize using an advertising agency. If your video goes viral you could potentially make 2000 dollars with just one well placed highly creative video. There are YouTube channels which make over 100,000 dollars per month, so it is possible to make 2000 dollars quickly.  

10. Become a Designer to Generate 2000 Dollars Quickly 

Designing is big business as more and more people are getting creative in this world. If you're creative then learn a popular software design platform and offer services on Fiverr, oDesk and eLance. You can charge anything between 50 and 500 dollars for a design. If you can do a few of these designs per week you can easily generate 2000 dollars quickly. It really is possible, but you have to graft at the beginning and build your technical skills. 

Bonus: Invest in Cryptocurrencies!

Cryptocurrencies are now very popular. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the the market leaders and have high volatility. Learning how to trade these high volatility instruments with robust risk reward strategies can easily make your 2000 dollars per month. You can also invest in new coins. Sometimes coins like Shiba and Dogecoin can 1000x. You have to do your homework and learn about these coins and invest early. Fortunately, the internet provides all the research material you need to find the next 1000X coin.

I Need 2000 Dollars Right Now! 

Making $2000 dollars fast can be done, let me say it again it can be done. If you're willing to work hard, use your brains and are prepared to move out of your comfort zone you can reach your target. If you're really determined you will reach your goal. When you do you will feel liberated because you know you've dug deep to do what you set out to do. Here are the suggestions again. 

1. Rent Your Home for $2000 
2. Sell Shares in Assets You Have 
3. Learn how to do high paying jobs 
4. Penny Shares and Options Trading 
5. Deep Cleaning Houses 

If you need urgent financial assistance then you could try getting financial help from the Government through the USA.Gov website. The Government have mortgage assistance programs, debt management & debt consolidation programs, financial help for self-employed and financial help for pensioners.

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Saturday 22 February 2020

I Cant Pay My Rent This Month What Can I Do? 10 Action Steps You Can Take When You Cant Make Rent This Month

I can't pay my rent this month what can I do? this is a question I get asked all the time. It's shocking how many emails I receive from people who cannot afford private rent anymore. The most important thing you can do is not worry and lose sleep over not paying the rent. When you have a genuine reason for not being able to pay the rent there is a way out and you must be patient and have a plan in place.

Recently a reader emailed me saying I cant pay the rent this month what can I do? I thought I would create a 10 point action plan to help the renter back on their feet. I though I would share this with everyone who's having trouble paying the rent this month.

I Cant Pay My Rent This Month What Can I DO?

Action 1: This might not be the first thing that springs into your mind but it's very important you do this. Create a budget and list down all your income and expenses to the penny, if you can list your income and expenses to the penny you can make some rough estimates. The point of this exercise is to see how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out. Your first point must be to find ways to slash your expenses and boost your income. You could cut out all non essential spending and find ways to supplement your income such as taking another job. If you can't afford private rent anymore you need to find ways to boost your disposable income and this is a great way to trim your finances and increase your efficiency.

Action 2: You must notify your LANDLORD and inform him of your circumstances. Don't hide from your Landlord, it's only a matter of time until the landlord legally evicts you. It's better to inform the landlord of your situation so you can come to some sort of agreement and then stay or leave on favourable terms. Tell the landlord everything you are doing to improve your situation and why you are in this position to start with. If you've lost your job then most landlords will provide you with more time to improve your circumstances.

Action 3: Boost Your Income. When you can't afford rent anymore you must look to ways to increase your income. If you've lost your job then your priority is to find another job ASAP. Dust off your CV and do the rounds, contact as many recruitment agencies as possible and put yourself out there! It takes 2 to 4 months to find another job so the quicker you start the quicker you'll have some regular income coming in. You can also supplement your income with online income, under the table jobs and jobs that pay cash near you. If you're a hustler you will make a lot of money this way. The key is not to give up, you'll get a lot of rejection and feel disappointed during this time but it's important to keep your chin up and put your best foot forward.

Action 4: Cut Your Expenses. I know I mentioned this earlier, but, this is important too. All non essential spending needs to be suspended when you can't afford rent anymore. Who wants to pay late rent payment charges when you just might be able to afford the rent by making small cutbacks? Rather than asking questions such as can I get help to pay off my rent arrears it's better to get yourself in a stronger position by cutting your non-essential expenses, by thinking this way you are laying the foundations for being able to pay the rent on time or even go on and save enough money to put a deposit down on a new house!

Action 5: Move To a Smaller Place: So many times I see people living way beyond their means when it comes to apartments. Ask yourself, do you really need this additional space, if there's no use for it you're just throwing money down the drain. Having too much space and not being able to pay the rent just doesn't make sense, if this is the case you need to downsize and move to a smaller apartment that meets your needs and is affordable.

Action 6: Get Help. After taking all the actions mentioned above and you still cant pay the rent this month you should consider asking your friends and family for help. They might be able to offer you a place to stay or lend you some money to pay off the rent arrears. 

Action 7: Social Housing: Everyone needs a place to stay, after taking proactive steps you might still find yourself with rent arrears and not being able to pay the rent again this month. If you simply can't afford private rent anymore you should consider social housing where you may get help towards the rent. 

Action 8: Help With Rent Arrears Charity: There are many charities who help renters who cant pay rent, have rent arrears, or cannot afford private homes. Make a list of the top 5 charities that help with rent arrears and then give them a call and see if you're eligible for help. They are experts and can guide you through the process of getting yourself an affordable place to stay.

Action 9: Get an Emergency Fund: To prevent yourself from getting into rent arrears you should get an emergency fund in place. You should try and save some money every month and build up a reserve. Having a $10,000 emergency fund in place provides you with excellent piece of mind. When you remove all the fear and anxiety from your finances you will be able to make better decisions when it comes to your money. 

Action 10: Get Informed: Find out everything there is to know about renting a property or apartment. The more information you have the better decisions you can make. The best situation would be to find affordable housing in a low-rental area where you are being supported by rental assistance. Any savings you make could go towards a deposit for a new home.

I Cant Pay My Rent This Month What Can I Do?

Not paying your rent this month can be an awful position to be in, being in rent arrears is worse. The most important thing to do is to keep your chin up and put your best foot forward. Go through all the I Cant Pay My Rent This Month What Can I Do checklist of actions and get yourself in a better position. I assure you, if you can put the above 10 points into practice within months your circumstances will improve. 

I Need to Borrow Money Right Now - 10 Ways to Borrow Money Quickly

If you're in a tight spot and need to borrow money now then there are ways you could raise money fairly quickly without having a immaculate credit score. In this post titled I need to borrow money right now there are 10 quick ideas to borrow money for your essential needs. 

According to the 2020 American Household Credit Card Debt Study the total owed by an average US household was as follows: Credit Cards $25,355; Mortgages $265,892; Auto Loans $36,530; and student loans $97,712. With all this staggering debt making ends meet becomes and impossible task!

Borrowing money can be useful but you must be careful because you can get yourself into financial hardship if you borrow too much. It's always a good idea to establish an emergency fund so that you don't need to borrow money and you must complete a income and expenditure form to see how much you can afford.  

I Need 10,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 5,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 2,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

'Always spend borrowed money on essential items and try to establish an emergency fund'  

'Always find out how much you can afford by completing a income and expenditure questionnaire'  

I Need to Borrow Money Right Now  

1: Borrow From the Bank of Mum and Dad to Borrow Money  

If you're desperate for money and have a terrible credit score the best option might be to go to the bank of Mum and Dad for a loan. I know it's embarrassing to ask parents for money but sometimes it’s the only option. Parents are always willing to help their children and if you're in a tight spot and need emergency cash most parents are more than willing to help out. To make the transaction seem more appealing to your parents create a loan agreement with a payment schedule so they know exactly when you will return the money.  
Resources: The Art of Asking Your Parents for Money

2: Ask Friends for Money  

Close friends are also willing to help out and it's certainly worth asking if you need some emergency cash. Find a friend who trusts you and have every intention to pay the money back. You could even go as far as offering something valuable as a collateral. I've lend a lot of money to friends and one thing that clinched the deal was when a security offered. Why not offer your laptop or phone as a security so they know you'll pay the money back. Again create a loan agreement with a schedule and a security so they are more willing to lend you money. You could even offer interest or a thank you bonus to help sweeten the deal.  
Resources: Get Your Friends & Family to Lend to You No Matter What

3: Ask Your Employer to Borrow Money  

If you need emergency cash you could go to your employers and ask them for an advance or to lend some money. Most employers have some money put aside to cope with emergencies so you could ask them for a cash advance. You could even ask them to deduct the money from your salary before it is paid so there is a guarantee you'll repay the money. If you have a genuine need for the money then employers are more than willing to help out.  
Resources: How to Ask Your Boss for a CASH Advance

4: Ask Neighbors for Money  

This might seem odd asking a neighbor for help however from experience I've seen that neighbors are more than willing to help out. It's important to establish a good rapport with your neighbor from the beginning and to build trust so they will be willing to lend you money. Try to explain your situation to your neighbor and have the loan contract and security to hand to show that you're serious about paying the money back. As long as the transaction is backed with a contract most neighbors who trust you will be more than happy to help.  

5: Ask Local Businesses for a Loan  

Local businesses love doing their bit for the community and pride themselves on helping individuals who need a helping hand. To ask a local business for a loan you need to make an appointment with these companies and explain why you need the money. Again it's important to have a loan contract to hand and a security to help broker the deal. Most local businesses love publicity so explain to them that you're more than happy to express your gratefulness to a local newspaper about the businesses generosity. Businesses are more than likely to lend money if you have a genuine need, sometimes they might even give the money for free.  
Resources: How To Ask Businesses For Donations

6: Ask Religious Organizations to Borrow Money  

Religious organizations such as Church, Masjid, and Synagogues all have donors who contribute to their discretionary fund. This money goes towards running the organization and to help the community with worthwhile causes. When you have a genuine need these organizations will be more than willing to help out. There is a strong possibility that you might get the money for free. If you are not offered free money you could always ask for a loan backed with a security which might just convince the religious ministers.  

7: Use a Zero Percent Credit Card   

If you have a satisfactory credit score you could always try applying for a zero percent credit card to borrow from. Apply for a credit card which offers money transfers to bank account otherwise you won't be able to withdraw the cash. The longer the zero percent period the better it is for you as you'll have more time to pay off the loan. Also be wary of initial charges which range between 0 and 5% of borrowing. It's important to list your income and expenses so you know exactly how much you can afford to repay.  
Resources: Zero Percent Credit Cards

8: Find the Least Expensive Payday Loan   

Payday loans have a high interest rate so it's best to avoid them. If however you have exhausted all other options you should apply for the best payday loan. Your aim should be to find low interest, low charge loans which do not penalize you excessively for a missed payment. Payday loans are changing and more companies are placing an emphasis on helping customers rather than maximizing profits.  

9: Apply for a Guarantor Loan  

If you have a poor credit score and know someone with a good credit score whose willing to help you out you could apply for a guarantor loan. A guarantor loan is backed by your friend so if you fail to make a payment your friend will be asked to repay the loan. These types of loans are becoming more popular as friends are very willing to help close friends out without lending their own money.  

10: Find Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs  

If you need the money to replace items in your household like appliances you could apply for a buy now pay later loan from catalog companies. These companies have relaxed credit requirements where you can spread the payment over 12 months to help you purchase items. You can buy items from clothes and shoes to household appliances and furniture. Your credit limit will be increased if you can prove you can pay off the loan on time. 
Resources: Buy Now Pay Later Websites

I Need to Borrow Money Right Now 

The above 10 ideas are robust ways to borrow money when you need emergency cash. As always it's important to spend the money wisely and complete a income and expenses form to see how much you can afford. Also always keep a loan contract with a schedule of payment and security to make the transaction real.  

I Need 10,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 5,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW

I Need 2,000 Dollars RIGHT NOW


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