Monday 17 February 2020

I Need 7000 Dollars Now - 7 Ways to Make 7000 Dollars Today

I Need 7000 Dollars Now is a frequently asked question on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog. I don't know why, but 7000 dollars is a very popular number and I get a fair number of emails monthly asking for ideas to make 7000 dollars fast. It is possible to make seven thousand dollars by being proactive and being able to think fast on your feet like a hustler. As I've received many emails asking me this question I've been inspired to write this post - 7 Ways to Make 7000 Dollars Today. If you have more ideas or have tried these methods please leave a comment below, it would be nice to hear from you.

I Need 7000 Dollars Now

Strategy 1: If I need 7000 dollars now the first action I would take is to check my checking accounts, savings account and investment account. I would also check to see if I have any money in my emergency fund. Suppose you do have some extra cash lying around in these accounts you can use them to make up the 7000 dollars that you need.

Strategy 2: If I need 7000 Dollar loan with bad credit I would first try my luck with my friends and family. With bad credit it's unlikely that any banks or credit cards would offer money with bad credit. When asking your friends and family give them full assurance that you will pay the money back. Put the loan agreement in writing and sign the document with a security if possible. When you minimise the risk for the lender you are more likely to get a loan. If you can get a 1000 dollars each from your parents and two siblings you can make 5000 dollars quite quickly and this will contribute to your need of 7000 dollars now.

Strategy 3: If I need 7000 dollars fast I would see if I have any checking accounts with overdrafts or credit cards where I can request a cash advance. Many checking accounts have overdraft facilities and many credit cards offer cash advances. Be warned that these credit facilities are very very expensive, however, if you're desperate and have no options you must use these credit facilities. If you do decide to withdraw money as credit card cash advance or through a checking account overdraft make sure you pay this off very quickly as the interest rates are very high.

Strategy 4: If I need to make 7000 dollars fast I would see if I have any items that I can pawn. Pawning valuables will help you raise money very quickly. If you have items such as Gold/Silver jewellery, designer watches, designer bags you can pawn these items for money. You will be given a specific amount of time to pay off the money to get your item returned. Make sure you have a plan to raise this money otherwise the Pawn Shop will keep the item and sell it at a premium to you or another customer. 

Strategy 5: If I need 7000 dollars now and I've had no options with the other strategies listed on this post I would have to consider taking out a high interest loan. There are two scenarios, if you have excellent credit you can apply for a loan and the chances are you will be approved for 7000 dollars, problem over. If you have bad credit things get a little more complicated, you'll have to apply for a high interest loan or try payday loans. With payday loans it's unlikely you'll get the full 7000 dollars, however, every little helps. If you are willing to wait, a better strategy would be to repair your credit and then apply for a 7000 dollar loan where you have a greater chance of being approved.

Strategy 6: You could try asking your employer for help. Suppose I need 7000 dollars now I would explain my circumstances to my employer. You could ask for the full 7000 dollars to be paid to you in lieu of the days extra you will work. You could also ask for an advance on your salary. It's unlikely that you will get the full 7000 dollars, however, even if you get an advance on your monthly pay you can add this to your 7000 dollar target.

Strategy 7: Do you really need the money? Ask yourself whether you really need the money? Sometimes we get fixated on a purchase or an investment opportunity and lose all objectivity. A better strategy would be to think long term, this means working on ways to increase your income and reduce your expenditure so you can have more disposable income which can be saved in an emergency fund or invested in the future. Think like this and you'll never ask questions like I need 7000 dollars now. It's better to think long term.

I Need 7000 Dollars Fast

I really hope this post has helped you. If I need 7000 dollars right now I would try the 7 strategies mentioned above and see how far it takes me. I'm sure that through determination you'll succeed and make your seven thousand dollars fast. Leave a comment or a question below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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