Friday 21 February 2020

I Need 900 Dollars Now - 9 Ways to Make 900 Dollars Fast

I need 900 dollars right now is a frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Every month, I get emails from readers asking how to make 900 dollars fast. I'm not sure what it is about 900 dollars but it seems a very popular number just shy of one thousand dollars. If you do need money quickly there are ways to generate nine hundred dollars quickly, you have to be confident, proactive and have a hustling mentality. Never give up as they say. The emails that I receive have inspired me to share 9 ways to make 900 dollars fast. I really hope you enjoy the content. Remember, where there's a will there's a way. 

I Need 900 Dollars Now

9 Ways to Make 900 Dollars Fast

Strategy 1: Ask Employer for an Advance on your Salary: If I need 900 dollars fast I would ask my employer for a cash advance on my salary. Explain your circumstances to your employer and don't leave any details out, however embarrassing it may be. Explain that you need a advance on your salary because of extenuating circumstances and request help. Your employer is not obliged to help, however, if you are on good terms they may be able to come to some sort of an agreement. 

Strategy 2: Ask Friends & Family for a Loan: If I need 900 dollars fast I would ask my friends and family for a loan. The loan would be professionally created, this means that there would be a loan contract in place and a security to back the loan if I failed to pay the money back for whatever reason. Always make sure you can pay the loan otherwise you may put a strain on your relationship with your friend and family. On the loan agreement you must put the amount of the loan which is 900 dollars. You must put your names and the security that you have agreed as collateral. Sign the agreement and keep a copy each for your records. Your family and friends will be more willing to give you a 900 dollar loan if you make a professional loan contract. Even set up a standing order to show you will make monthly payments on a specific date.

Strategy 3: Check Your Savings & Investment Account: If I need 900 dollars fast I would see if I have any money lurking around in my checking, savings and investment accounts. A lot of people have money in accounts that they've forgotten about. I am sure if you look at all of your accounts you can find a fraction of the 900 dollars you need. Make this a priority to check every account you have to see if there is any money there at all.

Strategy 4: Pawn Valuable Items: If I need 900 dollars fast I would try to pawn valuables, but I would make sure I have enough income coming in to get my valuables returned. When you pawn your valuables you can get a fraction of the true value, the pawn shop will give you time to redeem your item by repaying the loan, however, if you go over this deadline you will have to pay a premium for the item or it will be sold to the highest bidder. If you no longer have any use for the valuable just sell it and you can make more money that way.

Strategy 5: Get an Under The Table Jobs: If I need 900 dollars fast I would get an under the table job that pays cash near me. There are so many jobs that you can offer from industrial cleaning to rubbish collection. Most under the table jobs pay an average of 200 dollars, suppose you can find 5 jobs you can make 900 dollars easily. Put your services about in your local neighbourhood and see the response you get. The more you network with your under the table jobs the more you can make. This will supplement your income very nicely.

Strategy 6: Sell Your Clutter: If I need 900 dollars fast I would sell all my superfluous clutter. One persons junk is another persons treasure. I sold a LED Electronic Computer Game once and I was surprised to make 100 dollars from it. Try it. Make an inventory of all the products you have and then put them up for sale on sites like eBay when they offer free listings. On average you can make 900 dollars by selling unwanted items in your home when you really put your mind to it.

Strategy 7: Take Out a Loan: If I need 900 dollars fast I would get a loan. When you have excellent credit you can apply for a loan and be approved very quickly. You will get a competitive interest rate and you will be able to pay the money off slowly. The problem is most people don't have excellent credit and will have to pay more in interest. Take some time to clean up your credit and see where you stand. If you still have bad credit you should apply for a bad credit loan where you will have to pay more in interest. You should analyse your income to make sure you can cover the payments and pay off the loan quickly.

Strategy 8: Ask Online for Help: If I need 900 dollars fast and I've exhausted all avenues I would ask for money online. There are many fundraising sites where you can ask for money. As long as you have a genuine reason for help there is a good chance you will raise 900 dollars fast. Just go an check these fundraising sites and see how people are making money relatively easily. Some people have raised over 100,000 dollars so 900 dollars will be relatively straightforward.

Strategy 9: Increase Your Financial IQ: You should ask yourself do I really need 900 dollars fast. Why am I desperate for money. Maybe I should exercise some restraint and be patient. Rather than being in a desperate state of mind I should read more personal finance books and increase my Financial IQ. Maybe I should learn about about supplementing my income and reducing my expenditure and thinking twice before I make a needless purchase so I can be in a better financial position in the future. Asking these questions will help you get a handle on your money, it might be the best thing you ever do!

I Need 900 Dollars Now

There are many ways you can make 900 dollars now, to recap you can (1) Get a cash advance on your salary, (2) ask friends and family for a 900 dollar loan, (3) check for forgotten money in your dormant bank accounts, (4) pawn valuables, (5) get under the table jobs, (6) sell your clutter, (7) take out a 900 dollar loan, (8) ask for money online. As long as your determined I am sure you can reach your goal. If you have any questions of comments please leave them below. I wish you all the best.  

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