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Celebrities That Give Money to People

Celebrities that give money to people are all around us. They are similar to millionaires that give money to people. These celebrities love the publicity which is why they give money away. There's nothing stopping you from contacting famous people who donate money. Some of the most popular celebrities are people giving money away. While there's no guarantee that you'll get a donation it's always worth a try. If you're in financial despair and just need help with money or need to raise money for a good cause then there are celebrities who give money to charity. I've included some great shots below of celebrities that help people.

Celebrities That Give Money

Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Donald Trump and all famous people who donate money. These people are sometimes known as the Rich People Giving Money Away.You'll be glad to know that celebrities such as Oprah have donated over $50 million to good causes around the world and in America, most of her money goes towards furthering education and training, she has helped many African-American people by offering them an education to get out of poverty.

Ellen DeGeneres frequently gives away free homes and cars to her fans who are struggling with money. Angelina Jolie is a UN ambassador to Africa helping people in need. Donald Trump paid off a gentleman's mortgage after he helped him with a Tyre puncture! Philanthropists that help individuals are all around us and they will help you if you have a genuine need.

How to Make People Donate Money

If you are thinking of asking millionaires and celebrities for money then you can find a list of these millionaire celebrities on the Forbes 400 Philanthropy list. Make sure you research each of these celebrities to find details of their foundations so you can contact them direct. If you can write a convincing & compelling letter then there is a good chance you'll get a donation. Celebrities that give money to people are always willing to help if you have a genuine need. Urgent financial assistance is available even if you need help with debt consolidation, mortgage assistance, or military financial assistance so it's worth a shot contacting these celebrities for help.

Help Need Money Now

Some of the other millionaires giving money that you should definitely contact include Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Jon Bon Jovi, and Carl Icahn. You can actually guess these rich peoples email and then send them speculative emails asking for help. You could also write to these millionaires giving money, most of the rich people mentioned above have contact addresses which you can send a letter to. You should also check out the charitable organisations and foundations that these celebrities and millionaires giving money are aligned to. There are many programs on offer from these organisation that help people in need. Celebrities and millionaires giving money are all around us! you just need to find them and shout help need money now.

Contact Details of Celebrities Giving Money Away

If you do have a genuine reason to reach out for help I have included contact details of celebrities giving money away. You can contact these celebrities by writing or emailing to them. Most of these celebrities have their own charitable foundation and the people giving away money prefer to be contacted through the charitable foundation. 

Remember you must have a genuine need before you contact celebrity millionaires who give money. A genuine need would include financial despair, help with money, help with education, help with medicine, as well as improving prospects for low income families and individuals. People who help people with money are all around us and can be found by researching internet. You need to ask questions such as can anyone help me with money and you'll be able to find a list of foundations that are willing to help you. Once again you must remember that these celebrities only help people who have a genuine need. 

Montel Williams Foundation

331 West 57th Street
PMB 420
New York, NY 10019
Tel: (888) 324-2773
Email: info@montelms.org

Richard Branson: Virgin Unite Foundation
The Battleship Building
179 Harrow Road
London, W2 6NB

Examples of Celebrities Giving Money Away

If you're still sceptical about celebrities that give money here are some specific examples of where celebrities helped people in need.

Case Study: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one generous celebrity. Oprah has helped build a school in Africa to help further education. Oprah has also helped many American and African American men and women through college by offering scholarship programs. Oprah has also given away cash, houses and free vehicles to her loyal audience just to say thank you.

Case Study: Donald Trump

Donald Trump helps deserved people in New York and is aligned with specific charities to help people in need. Donald Trump revealed the true extent of his generosity when he paid off an individuals mortgage because he had helped the billionaire replace his flat tire!

Case Study: Ellen DeGeneres

Another great celebrity who gives money is Ellen DeGeneres. On a number of occasions Ellen has given away free cars, homes and education scholarships to people who appeared on her Show. Not only does giving improve the Ellen DeGeneres Show ratings it also helps people who need help with money.   

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