Monday 25 February 2013

Ellen DeGeneres Helping People in Need

One of my favorite philanthropists/celebrities is Ellen DeGeneres, not only is she beautiful on the outside, shes also beautiful on the inside. Over the years watching Ellen's career has blossomed into stardom, the celebrity hasn't let the money get to her head in fact she's done the opposite. I've included some great pics of Ellen in this article.

Her chat show Ellen which has a great following not only has interesting and informative content it also gives her an opportunity to show off her philanthropic side. Ellen is a great giver and to date has donated millions of dollars to help people around the world. One thing I really like is how Ellen supports her fans, the chat show host regularly gives out financial assistance and donations to help here fans in need, she's given away cars, houses and even put individuals and families through college.

Ellen DeGeneres Helping People in Need

Recently Ellen has started helping people who have family in the military where the soldiers are abroad or have returned wounded. The Game hosts military families that could use her help and she enlists the help of other celebrities to help surprise these families financially.

If you're experiencing financial hardship and need help with money then you could contact Ellen for help, if you're willing to go on air and share whatever hardship is preventing you from living a full and wholesome life you could share your problems with Ellen and be financially rewarded for bringing awareness to your hardship.

A genuine hardship would include help with education, help with financial despair, help with homelessness and poverty. If you really think that you have a hardship you can contact Ellen through her contact form on here website. I have included some videos below to show how generous Ellen really is.

If you need urgent financial assistance you should check all the financial help that's available from the Government. Visit the USA.Gov site for mortgage assistance programs, debt consolidation advice, financial assistance for pensioners and much more.


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Monday 11 February 2013

How to Get Money From Really Rich People

If you're struggling with money and need help with your finances then knowing how to get money from really rich people can make a real difference to your life. If you have a genuine need which might be help with medical bills, help with education, help with financial despair, homelessness and poverty then you can check to see if you're eligible for help from rich people. There is no certainty that you'll get a response however if your need is urgent and you're in a crisis there is a good chance that you'll get money.

How to Get Money From Really Rich People

The first step is to compile a list of billionaires and millionaires who help people in need, the best places to find billionaires include Forbes 400 Philanthropy List, Business Week Top 50 Givers and The GivingPledge.Org. You will be able to get the names of at least 100 billionaires and millionaires who give money away. Once you've got your list you could make a note of them on your spreadsheet, you can also do some research to find the Foundation that they are aligned to so that you can get your contact details together.

Prioritize Your List

One you have your list prioritize the billionaire according to your need, if you're need is securing a scholarship then billionaires like Bill & Melinda Gates should be on the top of your list. If you're problem is financial despair then The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation may be able to help.

Hardship Letter

Once you've got your prioritized list you need to compile a hardship letter in which you need to explain what your hardship is, how much you need and how you plan to use the money to get yourself out of the problem your in. Make the letter tear jerking, compelling and inspiring. Redraft the hardship letter as many times as you need until you have the perfect letter that represents you well. You now need to send the letters off and wait for a response, usually these letters take about eight weeks to process so you need to be patient.


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