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I Need 4000 Dollars Now - I Will Do Anything I'm Desperate Please Help

Reader Question: I need 4000 dollars right now, I do not want to get into the reasons of why I need the money but I just want to know if it is really possible. I’m desperate to raise the money as fast as possible and am prepared to do absolutely anything which is within the law and legitimate. I need 4000 dollars right now so the faster I can get the money the better.

I receive emails like this on a regular basis and always try my best to offer legitimate ideas to help people make money. Making 4000 dollars quickly requires a lot of energy and you will be thrown out of your comfort zone. The good news is it can be done and there are many strategies that smart people use to raise money fast. With patience and perseverance you can raise 4000 dollars now. I have some other popular posts that you might want to check out if you need money quickly. Remember it is possible!

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Need 4000 Dollars Now

If I needed 4000 dollars right now I would ask rich people for help. Many readers of Millionaires Giving Money regularly ask rich people for help and get something in return. If you have a legitimate hardship or financial need you should be contacting millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and philanthropists for help.

1: Ask Millionaires for Help

You can turn to local millionaires for help. Find out all the prominent millionaires in your area and then contact them to see if they have any money which they want to donate to a worthy cause. When you have a legitimate hardship or need these wealthy people are willing to help. Make sure you explain that you want a donation and not credit or loans. Do not mislead these rich people and keep everything legitimate.

2: Ask Celebrities for Help

Celebrities such as Ellen and Oprah are always helping people in need. They have a specific section of their show devoted to helping people in need. You can contact Oprah and Ellen through their sites contact form. Oprah and Ellen regularly invite individuals and families who are experiencing hardship and then help them with financial assistance. Go to the Oprah and Ellen website now and check for any opportunities to get on the show. Many people ask celebrities for help and do receive some sort of assistance. Oprah and Ellen have given away homes, vehicles, and education scholarships to help people in need.

3: Ask Philanthropists for Help

You can find a list of philanthropists in the GivingPledge.org site. This site lists more than 100 philanthropists who are prepared to give away half of their wealth to charity. Some of the philanthropists include Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates has pledged to give away half of his wealth which is an astonishing $30 billion to help people in need. Warren Buffett has also pledged to give away 97% of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which amounts to $69 billion. You can get access to this money by finding all the programs and grant opportunities available for people in the USA.

I Need 4000 Dollars – Donate Body to Medical Science

After thinking hard about what else I would do if I need 4000 dollars now I started to think about clinical trials. I remembered reading an article on the web where a blogger managed to create a substantial passive income stream just by donating plasma, eggs and taking part in clinical trials. It is possible to apply for clinical trials and take part and receive anything between $500 and $10,000 as compensation.

4: Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is one of the easiest ways to generate income. Get your body is a healthy state and then find all the blood banks in your area that offer compensation for your effort. You can expect anything between $30 and $100 for your blood depending on the type. If you have a rare blood type like AB then the chances are you could be compensated handsomely. Find a few clinics and then donate on a regular basis. While you might now be able to make $4000 quickly by donating plasma it will make a contribution towards your grand total.

5: Donate Eggs

Donating eggs is one sure way of raising money fast. Egg donations do require time however some clinics are prepared to offer an advance so long as you are healthy and have no issues with regards to your menstrual cycle. If you do have a healthy body then you could receive cash of up to $4000 to start with and then once the process is completed could get another $6000. Egg donation is in demand and it certainly worth considering if you’re after a big pay day.

6: Clinical Trials

Taking part in legitimate clinical trials can generate income on a regular basis. You can find all these clinical trials on clinicaltrials.Gov. If I needed 4000 dollars quickly I would find all the trails I am eligible for which have a high payout. High payout clinical trials take a number of months to complete however some hospitals and medical research clinics are prepared to offer cash advances if your services are desperately required.

Where Can I Borrow 4000 Dollars?

Borrowing money is never on the top of my lists however if you’re desperate for money it might be the quickest option. You should consider taking out interest free loans, then low interest loans and only consider payday loans and installment loans as a last resort. Knowing how to get $4000 dollars by borrowing interest free makes sense because you will repay only what you borrow.

7: Interest Free Loans

Credit cards offer cash advances with interest free periods. If you need $4000 right now consider checking what offers are available. At the time of writing this post you could borrow $4000 interest free for more than 18 months from Capital One. If you have a decent credit history and credit score you could apply for these cards and take advantage of the interest free period. You can also ask friends and families for interest free loans. Offer a security if you fail to make the repayments and make the proposal professional by offering contracts binding the loan agreement.

8: Payday Loans

You will need to get several payday loans to borrow money. If I need 4000 dollars now I would have to take out several payday loans because these financial instruments are designed for short term low amount borrowing. The maximum you can get is $1000 which would make a contribution towards the grand total. The APR on payday loans are extortionate so be careful and only borrow after you know how much you need to repay. If the amount is affordable you can borrow the money.

How to Get 4000 Dollars

Knowing how to get 4000 dollars is not easy. There are a number of high risk strategies that you could use however the chances of success are low. Quick money always involves risks and it’s rare to make money online now for free. Some of the ways to make to make money on the internet fast and legally include writing for revenue sharing websites, blogging and affiliate selling.

9: Revenue Sharing Websites

If I needed 4000 dollars right now my spare time would be allocated towards writing high quality articles for revenue sharing sites such as Squidoo.com, Infobarrel.com and Seekyt.com. These sites share anything between 50% and 99% of the revenue generated depending upon your activity. There are many prominent writers and reviewers who are making over $4000 per month just writing online

10: Blogging for Money

If you’ve got a passion and have a voice then let your opinions be known. Blogging is a great way to make money. Once you’ve built a readership you can start to recommend products and services which you really believe in. Top bloggers such as Pat Flynn dreamed to make $4000 at the beginning; they are now making more than $80,000 per month blogging about something they are passionate about.

Where Can I Get 4000 Dollars?

There are plenty of ways to get 4000 dollars and depends on your appetite, tolerance to risk and ability to step out of your comfort zone and step into unfamiliar territory. Most of the ideas listed allow you to make the money from home. Some of the ideas will allow you to generate money fast online for free. All these unusual money making ideas are generally fast and legal. Take action today and try out some of these ideas and see how far you can go. Feel free to leave a comment below and feel free to share the content with anyone who will find it useful. Good Luck

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