Tuesday 21 July 2015

I Need Money Right Now I Will Do Anything - Desperately Seeking Financial Assistance

The Millionaires Giving Money Blog loves to highlight Millionaires, Billionaires and Philanthropists who give money away however from time to time I get emails asking for ways to make money legally and quickly. After receiving a number of these emails I decided to write a series of posts sharing ideas on how to make a certain amount of money quickly. All the strategies mentioned below are legitimate ways to make money. I myself have used a number of these money making ideas to significantly increase my income and multiply my income stream.

If you are on a low income and need help with money and have claimed everything that you are entitled to from the Government you might as well give some of these ideas a go. Go through the posts and find an idea which you find interesting and see how much you can make. These ideas have been tried and tested and if you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and put 100% effort you could make a lot of money.

Section 1 Of 4 : How To Make $4,000 to $50,000 Dollars

The following posts offer ideas and strategies to make anything between $4,000 and $50,000 Dollars. If you're wanting to do something big with a substantial payday check out these money making ideas. I have used some of these money making ideas to create multiple income streams which can be scaled. Some of these ideas might seem ridiculous but they have worked which is why I have included these in my posts.

Section 2 Of 4: How To Make $1500 to $3000 Dollars

The following posts share ideas on how to make anything between $1500 and $3000 dollars. Most of these strategies and ideas can be implemented over the medium term to make money. Once you get a hang of how to implement the strategy effectively you can repeatedly use the tactics to make money. 

Section 3 Of 4: How to Make $700 to $1000 Dollars

If you need short term cash you could use some of these money making ideas to supplement your income. Most of these strategies are ways to make money immediately and requires stepping out of your comfort zone to reveal the salesman within.

Section 4 Of 4: How to Make $100 to $500 Dollars

I Need 100 Dollars Right NOW

I Need Money Right NOW

To make money you need to have the right frame of mind. If you're on a low income and support a large family you need to change your outlook and take charge of your financial future. There are so many ways to make money and all you need to do is find a way which you enjoy and then put all your effort into becoming the best when implementing the strategy. Develop a rich persons mentality where you can attract money rather than repel it. Your financial future is in your hand and you can get yourself out of poverty if you strive every day. I really hope this post helps people and please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

I Need 5000 Dollars Right Now - I Am Desperate & Will Try Anything

I need 5000 Dollars right now was a post I wrote on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog which become incredibly popular. I thought I would write a part 2 to complement the first post and share some more ideas on make $5000 Dollars quickly. In this post I will share 10 Bespoke strategies I have used to make 5000 dollars quickly. All these money making ideas are legal and legitimate and will work if you're prepared to put in the hard work. It has never been easier to supplement your income using the internet as more and more people are looking to outsource task. For more I Need Money Strategies check out the INCREDIBLY popular posts below. You can use these strategies to supplement your income significantly.

#1: Condense an E-Book 

One of the quickest ways to make 5000 dollars quickly is to condense an popular e-book and then sell it for less than half the price. I have done this several times and have made more than $5000 dollars for all the books. You start by finding books which are very popular on publishing sites such as Amazon. You then read the book thoroughly and rewrite the books by summarizing the important points in each chapter. Your aim is to remove 80% of the useless material and only leave 20% of the useful stuff using the Pareto principle. If you already have some favorite books try to rewrite them with your own twist and personality and see how much money you can make as a publisher 

#2: Think About Renting Everything 

I love renting things out and making money from assets. With the explosion of the peer to peer platform more people are willing to share their assets and they are being compensated handsomely. I started by renting out my 3 bedroom house and moved to a 1 bedroom flat with incredible storage and Murphy beds. With this single move I was able to make an additional $5000 dollars easily. I was also given a parking space which I did not need and I rented this space out to make an additional $1500 per year. I also rent out my vehicle on a peer to peer car sharing website and make anything between $2500 and $4000 per year. You can rent out anything from tools, space, clothes, technology and books and make a lot of money in the process. 

#3: Become a Translator 

Another great way to make 5000 dollars quickly is to become a competent translator. In the US more and more private firms and government departments are recruiting freelance translators. A translator depending on the language being translated can charge up to $150 per hour for their services. You can start a translation service and offer your expertise through specialist sites. If you can get a contract from a large company you could easily make 5000 dollars per year. I am fluent in an asian language and I've been employed on a freelance contract by the NHS and for every visit I get anything between 100 and 200 dollars.  

#4: Give Blood & Take Part in Clinical Trials  

Giving blood on a weekly basis is a great way to supplement your income. Depending on your blood type and health you could donate up to once a week or more by rotating blood clinic banks which accept plasma. You can also take part in clinical trials which payout anything between 1000 and 5000 dollars. If you can donate blood on a weekly basis and take part in 4 trails every year you could easily make 20,000 dollars to supplement your income. Look for approved clinical trial sites from the government. 

#5: Recycle Scrap Metal 

A great way to make 5000 dollars quickly is to recycle scrap metals and electrical items. One strategy that worked really well for me was to involve my local community in recycling. I created a leaflet explaining that I was in hardship and would be willing to take any items such as electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, shoes and mobile phones. I leafleted about 500 homes in my area asking for their help and I was able to find very valuable items I could sell on. I was able to make 5000 dollars in a relatively short space of time. Most of the money came from scrap metal and mobile phone recycling. I was able to sell furniture on by advertising on sites like Gumtree and I was willing to pick up the furniture and deliver it to whomever wanted it. Recycling scrap metal and other household items is hard work so be prepared to sweat for a relatively large payday. 

#6: Create a Cargo Company 

If you have strong ties to another country then why not consider setting up a cargo company. There is a strong demand to send goods and items to underdeveloped countries you might have strong ties to. I was able to set up a delivery route to a country in Asia where goods were stored in a warehouse after it had passed customs. I charged $10 per KG and advertised my services online and promoted my new company to the community. I was able to make 5000 dollars relatively quickly using this method because there was overwhelming demand to send goods to Asian countries. 

#7: Start a Consultancy Business 

Another relatively easy way to make 5000 dollars quickly is to offer consultations in your field of expertise. Experts are in demand and with sites like eLance.com and oDesk.com you can offer your service for an hourly rate. I have seen some consultants charge 300 dollars to 500 dollars per hour. If you are an expert then offer your service and provide an amazing service so get rave reviews. If offer a SEO consultancy service and charge clients a reasonable hourly rate and I can easily make 5000 dollars per year. The more expertise you possess the more you can charge. 

#8: Internet Marketing 

Another way to make 5000 dollars quickly is to start a internet marketing business. You could sell anything you want as long as there is demand for that product or service. Many internet marketers who have successfully carved out a profitable niche earn 5 figures per month by doing minimum work. These bloggers or marketers promote quality and have developed a band of loyal followers. If you're passionate about a product or opinionated and want to start a community then turn all your attention to blogging or internet marketing and see how far you can go. Top internet marketers such as Pat Flynn earn over $100,000 dollars per month while other Bloggers such as Victor Pride of the Bold and Determined blog warn between 10,000 and 20,000. If you put your mind to internet marketing you can make 5000 dollars very quickly. 

#9: Peer to Peer Vehicles Hire 

Another great way to make $5000 dollars quickly is to join a peer to peer vehicle hire site. If you have a decent vehicle and use if sparingly it makes sense to hire it out to other people so you can offset your own costs and even make money every month. You could easily make $5000 a year and if you treat this like a business by buying and then hiring vehicles you could make even more money. The key is to do your research and find the most popular vehicle people like to hire and then find the location where there is significant demand. Once you done your research you could eventually scale the business to create a monumental stream of residual income. 

#10: Set Up Websites for Other People 

More and more individuals are looking to the internet to launch their business. As a consequence there's been a shortage of skilled IT practitioners who can set up bespoke sites for budding entrepreneurs. If you can learn how to create quality websites you could easily make 5000 dollars quickly. Once you know your stuff you will get referred by happy clients and your skills could become very profitable. 

I Need 5000 Dollars Right Now 

Making 5000 dollars quickly does require effort, skill and persistence but it is possible. I have used most of the strategies above to supplement my income. Eventually I found a few strategies that I was really suited to and just concentrated on those money making ideas to make even more money. It is possible to make 5000 dollars quickly - try out some of the strategies about and see how you get on. If you need more information on the strategies above feel free to leave a comment below!

More Ways to Make Money

Monday 6 July 2015

I Need Help With Rent Money - Rental Assistance Programs for Low Income Households

Rental assistance is available from the Government if you need help paying rent. If you’re struggling to make ends meet because you’re on a very low income or have a large household to support then there are several rental assistance programs available from the Government. 

Start by creating a budget to see if you can save any money by cutting back on non essential spending. See if you can generate extra money which can go towards your rent. Your aim is to streamline your finances in an attempt to make ends meet. If you’re still struggling then all the options are listed below. Whenever I needed help paying my rent in the past I always looked for Government programs which could help me.

Feel free to share this information with other people who might find it beneficial. Also leave a comment at the bottom as it’s always nice to hear from readers. Be sure to check out the following posts which share ideas and strategies to make money quickly and legally. You can supplement your income significantly by implementing some of these quick money making ideas.

Need Help Paying My Rent

Privately Owned Subsidized Housing

The US Housing & Urban Development Department helps owners of apartments offer reduced rents to tenants. This is a great program if you need help with rent. If you’re living in an apartment and paying full rent you should ask your landlord if they are willing to accept subsidies from the Government. If the landlord refuses you can search for a for a subsidized apartment below. Search for a Subsidized Apartment

The Government also offers public housing and affordable apartments for large low income household and to people with disabilities. The public housing schemes are managed by the Government so you can count on the rent being really low. If you need help paying the rent this month all you have to do is check to see if you’re eligible and then contact the Public Housing Agency below. Public Housing Agency

I Need Help Paying My Rent

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

You can also find your own place if you want. You can then use the Housing Choice Voucher Program usually referred to as Section 8 which can be used to pay all or half of the rent. You can apply for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program on the following link Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

TIP: The Section 8 Housing Voucher Program offers flexibility when you need help paying rent. You can choose the location and apartment and then use the voucher for subsidizing the rent. One mistake renters make on this program is to rent an apartment which they cannot afford even with the vouchers. It's important to fill out an income and expenses statement and work out how much you can allocate towards your rent. You can then add the voucher to that figure to find out what your rental budget is for the month and then pick an apartment accordingly. 

Need Help Paying My Rent

Find Rental Help in Your State

If you’re not looking for rental assistance and want to find affordable rentals for low income households or people with disabilities then there are state based programs. On the bookmark below you’ll be able to affordable rentals where you can get help towards your utility bills and other expenses.State by State Rental Assistance  

Need Help Dealing With Landlord

If you’re having problems with your land lord you should call the Housing Counselling agency which is bookmarked below. This agency will guide you on how to deal with unscrupulous landlords who want to take advantage by offering substandard housing and extortionate rents. You should also be aware of your rights as a tenant and all the protection offered in your state.
Fair Housing Rights and Regulations
Laws Regulations and Tenants Rights
Rental Assistance Demonstrations 

I Need Help With Rent Money

If you need help with rent money then you should consider all the rental programs available from the Government to help make the rental payments. You should also check out the resources to help pay bills by visiting the USA.Gov website. You should also inquire about programs such as Food Stamps offered by SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and Energy Assistance Programs from LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). You should also find local charities to help with rent along with churches that help with rent problems. If you need help with rent money there is a program which can help you.

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Wednesday 1 July 2015

Contact Details of Millionaires Giving Money Away

Contact Details of Millionaires Giving Money Away

I'm always receiving emails from The Millionaires Giving Money Blog readers asking for contact details for Millionaires who give money away. I thought I would build a comprehensive contacts database of philanthropists who help people in need. Millionaires, Billionaires and Philanthropists are all around us and they are willing to help people through their charitable foundations. If you are experiencing hardship and need help with money you can contact these rich people direct or go through their charitable foundation to find charities which they support.

If you're looking for ways to supplement your income then check out the following posts on making money. All these strategies are legal ways to make money quickly.

I Need Money Right Now

Contact Details of Millionaires Giving Money 

Laura and John Arnold
Edgar M.
Sue Ann
Joyce & Bill
Ray and Barbara
John Paul
Ann and John
Glenn and Eva
Charles F.
Andrew and Nicola
Phillip and Patricia
Bill and Karen
Dan and Jennifer
Ann Gloag OBE
Dave Goldberg

Sheryl Sandberg
David and Barbara
Jeff & Mei Sze-Greene
Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman
Gordon and Llura
Reed Hastings and
Patty Quillin
Elie and Susy
Jon and Karen
Dr Mo
Joan and Irwin
John W. Jordan II "Jay"
George B.
Brad and Kim
Vinod and Neeru
Rich and Nancy
Beth and Seth
Elaine and Ken
Liz and Eric
Gerry and Marguerite
Peter B.
(d. 2013)
Lorry I.
George Lucas and Mellody Hobson
Duncan and Nancy
Alfred E.
Joe and Rika
Bernie and Billi
Richard Edwin and Nancy Peery Marriott
Strive and Tsitsi
Craig and Susan
Red and Charline
Michael and Lori
George P.
(d. 2013)
Thomas S.
Gordon and Betty
Tashia and John
Michael Moritz and
Harriet Heyman
Dustin Moskovitz and
Cari Tuna
Patrice and Precious
Jonathan M.
Pierre and Pam
Natalie and Paul
Bernard and Barbro
Bob and Renee
Ronald O.
Jorge M. and
Darlene Perez
Peter G.
T. Boone
Vladimir Potanin
Julian H.
Robertson, Jr.
Edward W. and
Deedie Potter Rose
Stephen M.
David M.
John and Ginger
Henry and Susan
Herb and Marion
Vicki and Roger
Ruth and Bill
Scott, Jr.
Tom and Cindy
Craig Silverstein and Mary Obelnicki
Annette and
Jim and Marilyn
Paul E.
John A. and Susan Sobrato, John Michael Sobrato
Michele and Patrick
Ted and Vada
Mark and Mary
Tom Steyer and
Kat Taylor
Jim and Virginia Stowers
Dato' Sri DR Tahir
Vincent Tan Chee Yioun
Claire and
Leonard Tow
Albert Lee
Sunny and Sherly
Dr. Romesh and
Kathleen Wadhwani
Sanford and Joan
Sir Ian
Hansjörg Wyss
Charles Zegar and Merryl Snow Zegar
Lord Ashcroft


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