Thursday 27 November 2014

Buy Now Pay Later Shoes – Where Can I Get Free Shoes

I was inspired to write this post on buy now pay later shoes after a reader of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog emailed the following question:

‘I am experiencing hardship and am on a very low income. The banks won’t lend me any money and I want to avoid credit cards and pay day loans because the repayments are high. Is there any way I can borrow money at low costs because my children needs shoes. Are there any free places where I can get shoes for low income families? I need money fast, is there any way you can help?’

Jill – New York

Detailed Response to Question

I get a lot of emails from low income parents who are experiencing hardship and need help with clothes and shoes. If you need money now you do have a lot of options. Most parents make the mistake of buying these items using payday loans and credit cards and then get into trouble when they can’t make the payments. In this short guide I will be offering advice on how to make essential purchases for the family without breaking the bank.

Info: This strategy can also be used during Christmas and Thanksgiving and is commonly referred to as Christmas buy now pay later or Christmas bill me later catalogs.

Option 1 – Buy Now Pay Later Shoes

If you’re experiencing hardship and need new shoes you should consider buy now pay later sites that offer bill me later facilities. Most online catalogs allow customers to buy items on credit and the credit approval process is lenient compared to banks and credit cards that perform a credit check. Some online catalogs even offer instant credit approval for most customers and offer at least 50 to 100 dollars to spend on their account. This is a great strategy especially if you need money today and want to avoid using credit cards and payday loans.

Use Bill Me Later Shoes

Also most of these online catalogs offer bill me later facilities which means that you can defer your payment for a specific timeframe and them pay off the balance in small manageable installments. Some of these online credit accounts which offer instant credit also offer interest free periods. It is not uncommon to find 12 months interest free with nothing to pay for 12 months.

How to Use Buy Now Pay Later

You must be disciplined when you use buy now pay later facilities to fund emergency expenses. You must always complete a financial statement to work out your income and expenses and find out what your disposable income is. Remember this is not a financial assistance scheme and you will have to repay the money. Suppose you earn $1000 dollars and spend $800 you have $200 disposable monthly income. You could use this income to slowly pay off any purchases made using buy now pay later catalogs.

If you’re monthly installment payments exceed your monthly excess income you will get in trouble again so it’s very important to stay within your means and build up your credit. If you can pay off your purchases without missing any payments you can easily build your credit score and improve your credit file.

If you’re experiencing hardship and need new shoes for your family you should follow the process outlined below. This process will ensure that you get the best deal possible at the lowest possible cost. I have used this myself when money was tight and I had nowhere to turn to buy essential items for my household.

Buy Now Pay Later Shoes

1: Make a list of all buy now pay later shoe catalogs available which offer lenient credit. You can find a comprehensive list of BNPL catalogs which offer Bill Me Later. You can use this list to find essential items such as shoes.

2: Look for more buy now pay later catalogs which offer a long deferred period. This means that you do not have to pay anything for a fixed amount of months, it is like have free money for a period of time. Sometimes retailers will allow you to defer your payments for up to 12 months. I remember buying my kitchen appliances and couch on deferred credit for 12 months. This was great because I needed to replace them urgently and I did not have to pay them until the 12 month period was over.

3: Look for buy now pay later credit catalogs which offer interest free periods for your purchases. The way these credit catalogs make money is buy charging you interest on your purchases. The interest rate is usually slightly higher than credit cards but lower than payday loans. Nevertheless sometimes in an attempt to lure customers these credit catalogs offer interest free period and you should take full advantage of this.

4: Once you’ve decided on the credit catalog you can place the order and then make monthly payments to pay off the balance as quickly as possible.

Example of Buy Now Pay Later

Suppose you buy a pair of shoes for $100 and the Buy Now Pay Later credit catalog offers you 12 months interest free credit and nothing to pay for 6 months. This means that you don’t have to worry about the purchase for 6 months while you get your finances sorted and then use the next 6 months to pay off the balance at $17. After the 12 month period you are likely to be charged interest of anything between 20% and 100% so it’s important to pay off the balance before the 12 month period.

Best Option for Buy Now Pay Later Shoes

Overall I think Bill Me Later is the best option. Not only is this service available at hundreds of stores you can also make minimum payments and pay off the balance in 6 months without interest being charged.

Suppose you were to buy your shoe using a credit card or use a payday loan you would probably paying twice the purchase cost in interest which would only put you into more hardship.

Bill Me Later Buy Now Pay Later Shoe Sites

  • Auditions Bill Me Later
  • Bamason Buy Now Pay Later Shoes
  • Bagsbuy.com Bill Me Later
  • Champs Sport
  • Comfortology
  • Diaper Bags.com
  • Eastbay
  • eBags
  • eBay (Offers Bill Me Later)
  • Finish Line
  • FootSmart
  • Guess by Mariano
  • JC Penney
  • Journeys
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Luggage Set Select
  • Maryland-Square
  • OnlineShoes
  • Onlyslippers
  • Outletbuy
  • Overleybuy
  • Shoebuy
  • Shoemall
  • Shoesgotsole
  • Walmart
  • Zappos 

Buy Now Pay Later Options in the UK

If you live in the UK you can also use Bill Me Later. You also have the option of using other buy now pay later catalogues such as
  • Very.co.uk
  • Littlewoods.co.uk
  • Gratten.co.uk
  • Woolworths.co.uk

Other Options to Get New Shoes

Buy now pay later and deferred billing is a great way to get access to new shoes if you’re experiencing hardship. If however you can’t get access to these facilities due to adverse credit you do have other options which I have outlined below. Remember never to give up because there is a way out of every problem and it just requires thinking at higher levels.  

Free Shoes Option 1: Rather than buying new shoes is there a way to repair and restore these shoes. Sometimes the cost of repairing shoes is much lower. You can use these services to repair and restore shoes so that they look new. Once you’ve repaired these shoes you could take better care of them so they last twice as long.

Free Shoes Option 2: Visit shoe shops and explain to the owner of the store that you’re experiencing hardship and if there is anything they can do to help. I have seen many families get assistance or hefty discounts when they ask for help. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you could save money and avoid going into debt.

Free Shoes Option 3: Visit charity shops which have shoes. These charity shops sell second hand shoes at 90% discounts. These shoes have been repaired and restored which means that you could save a lot of money. Do this on all your clothes and shoe purchase and you’ll overcome your financial hardship very quickly.

Free Shoes Option 4: Freecycle.com is a great way to get access to free items such as shoes. Create an account and then request all the items you need. There is a great community feel to this site and people are very willing to help other people.

I Need Free Shoes

To summarise the best way to get a pair of shoes is to use buy now pat later catalogs or the hundreds of retail stores which offer Bill Me Later facilities. Try to avoid credit cards and payday loans and always look for catalog sites which offer instant credit without any credit checks. You should also look for the longest interest free and deferred period possible as you will have a longer time to get over your financial hardship. If you’re credit is adverse don’t worry and try some of the four options outlined above to get a pair of free shoes.

Friday 21 November 2014

I Need 3000 Dollars Now - 10 Ideas to Make $3000

I need 3000 dollars now is a frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. After sharing some ideas on how to make 3000 dollars I have decided to write a special post sharing specific 10 ideas to make 3000 dollars quickly. Whenever you need 3000 you can refer to these ideas and make the money fast. Just imagine how good life can be if you become an expert at making money using some of the ideas I'll be sharing today.

Note: These ideas or strategies are completely legal and legitimate and you can make money. When you become proficient at making money whenever you want you can either work at your leisure or go flat out to make fortunes every time you want. 

Need 3000 Dollars Now Mindset

If you need 3000 dollars now you need to have the right mindset to go out there and get the money. The reason why most people fail to make money on their own is because they have little or no belief in themselves. They also fail because they run out of steam or give up at pivotal moments. To be able to make 3000 dollars right now you need belief in yourself, you need courage and you need to step out of your comfort zone. Once you start to believe you will notice more and more money coming your way. 

My Personal Experience

1000 days ago or 3 years ago I would never believe anyone who said they could make 3000 dollars whenever they wanted to, I would have branded them a clever con artist out to get my hard earned money. Now 1000 days later I can make 3000 dollars whenever I want to with relative ease. The fundamental difference is the mindset. I am now more confident, have more belief and know that if I strive and think I can make money on my own accord. These ideas which have been outlined below are strategies I personally use to make money. 

Some strategies will make more money than others. Find an idea that you find stimulating and then master the strategy. Making the first 3000 dollars will be the hardest but every subsequent time you make that amount it will get easier and easier until it becomes second nature and that is when life becomes interesting. So without Further ADO here are the 10 ideas.

I Need 3000 Dollars Now Ideas

#1: Sell Your Eggs (Women Only)

If you need 3000 dollars now and you’re a woman (sorry guys) then you could consider selling your eggs when they're ovulating. Infertile couples are prepared to pay handsomely for eggs which are then fertilised and placed into the recipient. You could earn anywhere between 3000 and 5000 dollars depending on how successful the process is. The process is quite invasive however your compensation level will be very lucrative and you’ll be helping a couple to start a family. Take action now and find a clinic which is looking for egg donors in your state.

#2: Buy & Sell Cars for 3000 Dollars

Buying and selling the right car can be ridiculously lucrative. Whenever I need 3000 dollars now I look for cars which are undervalued, I then purchase these cars and spend a small amount making them look better and then sell it off during peak seasons. One of my specialities is buying convertibles and then repairing them so they look amazing and then selling them on during the summer months when convert prices seem to go through the roof. If I can sell a few cars like this I can easily reach my target whenever I need 3000. Take Action Now and conduct some research on the used car market. Find vehicles which sell well and then find undervalued vehicles which you can repair and sell.

#3: Offer a Rental Management Service

The easiest way to make money is becoming an agent of rent. Think about it. Rental properties have a low and high rent threshold depending on how the home is rented out. I have friends and who rent out their properties to families for a fraction of the rent I receive by renting out on a per room basis. I usually convince my friends and family to hand their properties over to me to rent out. I then rent the properties on a per room basis and make twice as much in rent compared to what they were making. I inspect the properties and ensure they are kept clean and tidy and damage free. By subletting 6 properties you can make $3000 dollars quite easily.

#4: Create a Blog Following

Anyone can create a blog and monetize it using advertising services. You can make money by writing quality content which receives a high search engine ranking. You can also develop a blog following and then recommend products and services which you believe in. If you can really relate to your audience they will act on your recommendation and you will make a lot of money. I know many bloggers personally who are making anything between 3000 dollars and 80,000 dollars on a monthly basis so the potential is there to become extremely rich and popular.

#5: Create a YouTube Following

YouTube is a fantastic way to make money. Anyone can create a YouTube channel and then post monetised videos to make money. The better your content the more hits you will get which mean you will earn more money. One video which goes viral has the potential to make tens or thousands of dollars. A video where one toddler bites the hand of his older 5 year old brother went insanely viral and received over 500 million hits, the parents who posted the video made close to 500,000 dollars.

To get started try thinking about a channel you want to create, this might be comedy, advice, technical skills and then post quality videos. From time to time you can recommend products and services to earn money from affiliate sales.

#6: Become a Taxi Driver

This idea is for the UK readers of Millionaires Giving Money. Black Cab Taxi drivers can earn anything between £500 and £10,000 per month. The average amount you can earn is roughly 3000 per month. Learning the London Knowledge takes time however once you have the certificate under your belt you can earn ridiculous amounts of money and the tips are just insane. A close friend of mine makes £10,000 per month putting in 8 hours per day which is insane. Once you get tired of driving your taxi you could easily get into the taxi renting business which is even more lucrative.

#7: Improve an eBook when you Need 3000 Dollars

This is a personal favourite of mine and it works like a charm. What you need to do is find a book on Amazon Kindle that sells really well. You need to buy the book and become an expert in the content. You then need to rewrite the book and add more value and depth so that it’s much better than the book your purchased. You can then release this to the public. If the eBook really is better than the competition your sales will take off and you will easily make 3000 dollars on an ongoing basis.

#8: House Sitting When I Need 3000 Dollars

House sitting is becoming more and more popular. Not only do you make money for looking after someone else’s house you also make money for renting out your own property which otherwise remains empty. You can receive between 1000 and 3000 dollars quickly depending on the type of home you’re house sitting. You could also easily make another 1000 dollars or more by renting out your personal property.

To get started register with house sitting sites and then wait patiently for an opportunity. Once an opportunity arises embrace it so you can get invaluable experience in house sitting. As time goes on and you get more house sitting opportunities you will be able to synchronise your own house renting to make even more money.

#9: Run a Bed & Breakfast

If you live in a tourist destination you could easily offer a bed and breakfast service to holiday makers in your own home. If I need 3000 dollars now or in a relatively short amount of time I would consider running a bed and breakfast. If you have spare bedrooms try advertising this online as a convenient cost effective room which offers a bed and breakfast. All you then have to do is offer your room and a breakfast service in the morning and you could charge $100 per night or even more depending on where you are located. If you have more spare rooms you can make even more money.

#10: Need 3000? Maximise the Rent on Your Home

This might seem like an extreme idea but renting out the home where you live and maximising your rents could earn you 3000 dollars per month. I have personally tried this strategy and have made a lot of money. Get started by building another smaller property in your garden or consider moving into a mobile home. You should then add as many rooms as you can to your property through extended the home or adding space in the attic. You can then rent the rooms out on a per room basis to make ever more money. Using this strategy I was able to pull in more than 3000 dollars per month for a significant amount of time.  

I Need 3000 Dollars Now

It is possible to make 3000 dollars in a short space of time and like I said before it requires a certain mindset. You need belief, courage, & strategy and have the energy to follow through on your commitments. Start with one of the ideas briefly outlined above and see how it goes, don’t give up and keep striving until you hit your target. Once you make 3000 dollars the next time you do it becomes easier until it becomes second nature. Just imagine how good life could be if you became an expert at making money. If you have any questions at all about these ideas please feel free to contact me today. 

I Need More Money Posts

If you enjoyed reading some of the ideas on this special Millionaires Giving Money Blog Post then check out some of my other money making ideas post. Just remember to find a strategy you enjoy and then become an expert at making money. Take Action today and never give up.

I Need 800 Dollars Right Now :: Check out this post which outlines 8 ideas to make 800 dollars quickly. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and you can make money.

I Need 5000 Dollars Right Now - Another popular post which outlines some simple but effective ideas on making money legally. Definitely worth reading and sharing.


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Monday 17 November 2014

I Need 800 Dollars Now – 10 Ways to Make $800 Now

I need 800 dollars now is another frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. After answering a handful of these questions I decided to write a special post sharing 10 ideas to make 800 dollars quickly. All these ideas and strategies are completely legal and legitimate and if you embrace these ways to make money you could make an absolute fortune. If you’re experiencing hardship or just want to top your income you should master some of these strategies and start earning more money. Whenever I need 800 dollars fast I always use some of these strategies to make money quickly.

Need 800 Dollar Now Mentality

In order to make 800 dollars quickly you need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to have an open mind receptive to fresh money making ideas. You must be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and get your hands dirty. You don’t have to be a rocket science or genius to make 800 quickly, all you need to do is open your eyes and train your brain to look for money making opportunities. You also need to hustle and be prepared to do whatever it takes to make the money (as long as it is legal). Whenever I need a 800 dollars loan I always think of ways to make the money rather than borrow it.

Making 800 Dollars at First

The hardest step is the first step, this means that making the first 800 dollars will be the hardest however once you get into the swing of things making successive 800 dollars will get easier and easier until it becomes second nature. Personally for me making 800 dollars was an impossible goal a couple of years ago and now I can make it in a week which just goes to show if you stick at it you will become a success. So now that you believe in yourself and have the right frame of mind here are the 10 ideas if you need to make money now.

I Need 800 Dollars Fast

#1: Online Surveys

You can make a lot of money taking part in online surveys. What most people do not realize is that once you build up your reputation as reliable survey filler more lucrative surveys are passed in your direction. When I first took part in surveys I was earning 50 cents for filling out surveys however once I started to get a number of surveys under my belt I was frequently receiving surveys which were paying between $5 and $10. If you build up your reputation as a survey filler you could easily earn $5 for every survey you fill in which means that you need to fill out 160 surveys per month to generate 800 dollars. Whenever I need 800 dollars now filling out survey remains a part of my strategy to make the money quickly.

160 may feel like a lot but if you divide this over 30 days all you have to do is fill out 5 surveys per day which is more than doable. To get started become a member in all of the best survey sites that pay money and then fill every survey to the best of your ability and then build your reputation. Once you have a certain number of surveys under your belt you will be given more lucrative surveys to fill out.

#2: Mobile Phone Recycling

If I need 800 dollars today I consider recycling. Everyone has old mobile phones lying around and they are more than willing to give these phones away for free. The good news is that there is lots of value in these old phones which can often be refurbished and sold on. You can make 800 dollars quickly by scaling this idea.

To get started go knocking on doors in your local community asking for any old mobile phones that they don’t use. Explain that you’re in the recycling business and want to help the environment and make some money at the same time. I followed the exact same strategy and knocked on 200 doors in my local community and picked up 57 cell phones which I later recycled for more than 800 dollars. This is a great money making idea and if you need funds urgently you can start knocking on doors today. Just make sure you’re well presented and polite and leave your contact details with people just in case they decide to recycle their old phone.

#3: Buy & Sell Domain Names

You can easily make 800 dollars buying and selling domain names. Domain names can cost anything between $2 and $20 and can be sold on for fortunes in an online auction. You need to train your eyes so that they can identify a good domain name and there are tonnes of training programs and eBooks for free on the internet to help you distinguish between a commercial domain and non commercial domain name.

To get started read all the training material on domain name purchasing and then take the plunge and buy a few domain names and advertise them on sites like Flippa. If you do your homework these domain names will sell for more than double sometimes triple the price. Recently a domain name called Halifax.com was bought for a few hundred dollars and is now in a Flippa auction with 6 bids going up to $150,000 dollars. Sell a few domains like that and you could make a fortune.  

#4: Sell Old CD’s, Games, DVD’s and Videos

This is another strategy I put into action when I need 800 dollars now. If you like buying DVD’s, CD, Games and Videos which then gather dust and waste space you need to sell these items on specialist sites Amazon Trade In or the good old fashioned eBay. To scale this idea you need to go door to door in your local community and ask them if they have any old DVD’s, Games, Videos and CD’s that they wish to recycle. Make sure you are well presented and be extremely polite. If you are well known in your community you could end up with a lot of free merchandise which you could easily sell for 800 dollars or more.

#5: Work for a Charity

Do you want to make money and feel good at the same time because you’re helping unfortunate and destitute people out? If so then working to raise money for a charity could be the answer. Charity workers who collect money for worthy causes are paid a commission on the amount that they raise. This commission amount varies from charity to charity however sometimes it could be as much as 20%. Suppose you raise $500 every day in a busy neighbourhood by working your nuts off you could earn $100 per day. Work for 20 days per month and you could earn 800 dollars pretty quickly.

More Complicated Ideas to Make 800 Dollars

I also wanted to share some more technical and complicated ideas to make 800 dollars quickly. These ideas or strategies may take time to master however if you take the time to become an expert in implementing these strategies you could make a lot of money. Imagine how convenient life would become if you were able to make 800 dollars whenever you wanted to. You could work whenever you like or you could max out your time making fortunes every month.

#6: Rent Out Properties for 800 Dollars

Renting assets is a great way to make money with minimum fuss. This is one strategy I have used to make 800 dollars quickly. You do not need a lot of money to get started and your success lies in managing people and resources effectively. Your aim is to rent out large homes and then sublet each room out so you can double your money. In the past I have rented a 3 bedroom home for $2000 and rented out all the rooms to make a cool $4000. 

I made sure the tenants were happy and I provided a laundry, cleaning, internet and TV. All these perks attracted good paying professional tenants who were prepared to pay extra for the service. At this moment in time I have several properties like this where I max out on the rent and make in excess of 800 dollars.

#7: Rent Out Your Vehicle

There are so many peer to peer rental sites available on the internet where you can rent your car out. You can do this with or without a vehicle. If you have a vehicle try to advertise on the P2P vehicle rental site and see what kind of a response you get. Suppose you can rent out your vehicle for $50 per day all you need to do is rent it out for 16 days and you could end up making 800 dollars. 

If you don’t have a vehicle do some research on the P2P vehicle rental website and see which cars are in demand. If you can find a popular car which is always rented you can choose to buy this car and then rent it out on other sites to maximise the rent you receive on the vehicle. A popular car could fetch $2000 per month if you can rent it out successfully.

#8: Take Part in Clinical Trials for 800 Dollars or More

I love sharing number 8 and that’s taking part in clinical trials for money. Before a pharmaceutical company can introduce a drug to the public it needs to get FDA approved. One of the requirements for FDA approval is to test the drug on healthy and unhealthy subjects to check for side effects and effectiveness. A study which lasts a few months where you go in and out of clinics could pay up to $6000 dollars. A study which lasts a few days could compensate you with 800 dollars. You can find a list of approved clinical trials on the clinical trials government website.

To get started make a list of all clinical trials you’re eligible for. Contact the administrators one by one and ask about the compensation levels. Choose a study which pays $800 dollars and then build yourself up so you can take part in lengthy in depth clinical trials which offer massive compensation. Taking part in a major clinical trial every quarter could make you $24,000 at the end of the year and this is in addition to your day job.

#9: Invest Your Money in IPOS

When a private company floats onto the stock market it is known as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) some of these IPOS increase in the region of 10 to 30% after it is released to the company. If you can register interest you can purchase the shares at the predetermined IPO price before the price goes up. Many investors have made fortunes just investing in IPOS before they are offered on the stock exchange. 

I have made small fortunes on Ali Baba, Twitter and Facebook. You need to do your due diligence on the company and really believe in it before you invest. Some IPOS like King Entertainment the maker of Candy Crush saga dropped 20% on its debut so its important to know what you are doing. You could easily make 800 dollars every month by doing some research and putting your money on the right IPO.

#10: Ask Millionaire for Money

I get a lot of sceptical emails from some of the readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Let me say this again - You can get money from millionaires however you need a genuine NEED otherwise you will be turned down. If you’re still not convinced you should look up Craig Rowin who made a cool million just by asking billionaires, millionaires and philanthropists for help on YouTube. It is definitely possible to get money from millionaires and all you have to do is ask and wait. These millionaires won’t give you 800 dollar loans they will give you more and you can keep it forever.

I Need 800 Dollars Now

Whenever I need 800 dollars now I use some of these 10 ideas mentioned above. This ideas will make you money and at first you will have some growing pains but once you master each strategy you will be able to make money whenever you need to. You could either make 800 dollars on a need to basis or you could go flat out making 800 dollars around the clock so your end up with a small fortune. It is entirely possible and it is in your hands.

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Wednesday 5 November 2014

I Need Money Now (Part 2 of 4)

I Need Money Now

One of the most frequently asked questions on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog is I Need Money Now what can I do? With Christmas fast approaching I was inspired to write some special posts sharing ideas on how to earn more money whenever you need to supplement your income. In Part One some of the ideas and strategies included filling out surveys, using cashback sites, selling clutter on eBay, buying and selling domains as well as investing in peer to peer lending sites to get a better return on your money. All the ideas mentioned here are completely Genuine and Legal and there are people making plenty of money using these strategies.

I Need to Make Money Now Attitude

If you want to be successful at making money you need to have what I call a I need to make money now attitude’. This means that you must willing to step out of your comfort zone and do whatever is necessary (as long as it’s legal) to get the job done. You must be positive, disciplined and motivated because at the start making money will seem hard but as you become more skillful it becomes second nature. Just imagine what you could do with some extra cash to help improve your financial situation. So now without further ado here are five more I need money now ideas. I've also included some more ideas on how to make money quickly. You can visit these posts after looking at these ideas if you wish.



I Need to Make Money Now Ideas

#6: Make Money by Blogging

If you’re opinionated or have something to say then starting a blog could be very profitable as long as it has commercial appeal. To get started you must pick a subject your obsessed about which has monetary value such as photography. You then need to write breathtaking content which offers your audience tremendous value and insights. Once you’ve established your blog you can monetize using advertising programs or sell your own product line. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money on the internet and you could make anything between $100 and $100,000 per month depending on how popular your blog is.

Starting a blog is simple, you just need a domain and hosting plan which you can buy from Go Daddy and then you need a WordPress Theme which you can purchase anywhere. Once you have domain, host and theme you can start blogging and making money immediately. At the start the income earned will be low however as time goes on you will watch you income rise slowly but surely as long as you follow Webmaster Guidelines and offer genuinely amazing content.

#7 Renting Out Space to Earn More Money

Another great way to generate income is to rent out your space. If you’ve got a spare room you need to find a lodger. To take things to the next level you could always make space by moving into a trailer to rent the entire property out. This might seem like an extreme move but if you need the money then you have to do what makes sense financially. To get started place an ad on the multiple home rental sites available on the internet and price your space accordingly. Try to maximize your rent by making the space attractive so you can charge higher rental rates. 

Renting out space when you need more money is a great way to improve your cash flow.
You don’t have to stop there! You could rent out your space for storage if you don’t like the idea of taking on a tenant. You could even rent out your stuff out online, there is great demand for vehicle rental, digital cameras, high end electrical items and even appliances. Once you start thinking about items and space in terms of rent you will notice that your wealth and cash flow will improve enormously.     

#8: Sell Items on E-Commerce Websites

It’s unbelievably easy to start selling items online. In the past starting a e-commerce site required hundreds of hours of programming, now all you have to do is pick a theme, a e-commerce provider such as Shopify.com and then start adding products and descriptions to the store. If you really believe in a product or are passionate about becoming a businessperson on the internet this is a great way to generate some serious income. 

To get started you need to pick a product which you either source or make yourself. You then need to buy the domain and hosting plan from Shopify.com and then add the products and promote the items by blogging about them to drive traffic to your site. Depending on your marketing plan these businesses take time to take off but when they do the profit that comes in could be substantial.

#9: Make More Money by Becoming a Virtual Assistant

If you’re incredibly organized and have transferrable skills you could try your hand at becoming a virtual assistant or offer services online. If you’re skilful you could advertise your services on sites such as oDesk.com and eLance.com. If you’ve got a popular service in mind you could advertise on sites such as Fiverr.com. Accountants, Search Engine Optimizers and even coders earn substantial amounts of money on these sites and if you’re serious you could earn anything between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. There are highly skilled people on these sites making a killing. If you need to make money now consider this seriously.

#10: Sell Arts and Crafts Online

You don’t need money to make money. If you’re genuinely artistic you could make a lot of money designing arts and crafts. It is so easy to sell these items online and there is an incredible demand for these bespoke handmade products. To get started open an account with arts and crafts sites such as etsy.com and then decide on the product or line of products you want to sell. Make these products by hand and then take high quality digital photos with accurate descriptions and upload them on your site. You then need to promote your items to drive traffic and sales. If you’re passionate about arts and crafts you will be able to make money in this industry as there’s growing demand for the items.

I Need Money Now

Anyone who needs money can make it if they really put their mind to it. It won’t be easy but it will be incredibly rewarding once you find a way that suits you. When I need money now I use many of the strategies and ideas listed here to earn some extra money and it gets surprisingly easy as time goes on. If you’re experiencing hardship or want to improve your quality of life you should seriously consider supplementing your income using some of these legal, genuine legitimate ideas to make more money.

If you’ve found this special post entertaining or resourceful be sure to share it with others and on social media sites. Feel free to contact me if you want to reach out as we always welcome feedback and comments from the Millionaires Giving Money Blog Readers. Stay WELL!

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Tuesday 4 November 2014

I Need to Earn More Money: Part 1 of 4

I Need to Earn More Money

Now with Christmas is approaching The Millionaires Giving Money Blog is receiving a lot of I need to earn more money emails. These emails have inspired me to write a special post which shares ideas to make extra cash. In this special 4 part series I will be sharing some of the most popular ways to make money online, offline and at home.

All the ideas given here are completely legal and legitimate and you can make a substantial second income using these strategies. If you can really harness your skills then you could even replace your income by taking these strategies to the next level. I hope that these ideas and strategies are beneficial and please feel free to share this special Millionaires Giving Money Post with others who might find it beneficial. If You're looking for more ways to make money check out the following posts for legal and legitimate ways to supplement your income.

Earning More Money

To earn more money you must be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. You need to be proactive, motivated and determined. Earning your first dollar will be incredibly hard however as time goes on you will be able to earn money easily as it becomes second nature.

The reason why most people fail to make a substantial second income is because they give up. To succeed you need to be confident with what you’re doing and you need to be disciplined to see everything through to conclusion. So now without further ado here are the first five ideas to earn more money.

How to Earn More Money

Strategy 1: Earn More Cash with Online Surveys

If you spend a few hours per day surfing the internet why not turn your attention to online surveys and make up to $200 dollars per month. There are plenty of online survey sites that you can sign up to and make money by filling out surveys. Don’t pay any money to join survey sites as they usually turn out to be illegal sites which just want to take your hard earned money. The list below shows some of the tried and tested survey sites. To get started you need to create an account with all of these survey sites and then fill out the survey as and when they appear to earn more cash.

4: Cashcrate – Cashcrate.com offers money for trying out new products and service. Payment is very reliable and on time.

5: Surveysavvy – Surveysavvy.com pay colourful people to share their views on products and services. You can be outlandishly honest here and get paid for venting off steam.

6: TreasureTrooper – Treasure Trooper is a fun way of making money by filling out surveys, again it is reliable and has a prompt payment method.

Strategy 2: Earning More Money Using Cashback Sites

Another great way to generate an extra few hundred dollars per year is to look for cashback offers online. Sites such as Quidco, Swagbucks and eBates can be used to generate anything between $200 and $1000 per year depending on how well you manage your money. Cashback sites get money for referring customers; these cashback sites then keep a chunk of this money and then use the rest to reward the potential customer. To get started now use the list below to make accounts with genuine Cashback sites. Use these sites whenever you want to shop for a product and then get paid when you purchase the item.

Swagbucks – Using Swagbucks you can start spending money on your favourite products and service and get cash back immediately. Swagbucks has an excellent track record of making payments on time and has a growing community.

MyPoints – If you purchase a lot of household products then MyPoints is ideal. You can earn anything between 1% and 10% which aggregates nicely over 12 months.

Ebates – You can find virtually any item you want to buy through eBates.com. The cash back is very high and payment is made on time.

Strategy 3: Sell Your Old Items

You will be surprised at how much you can make with your old junk. Why not take this opportunity to clear the clutter in your house and earn extra cash. To get started make a list of all the superfluous items which are no longer needed in your home. Once you’ve made your list price the items and then put these items for sale on sites such as eBay and Amazon. 

The great thing about eBay is they have free insertion dates which mean that you can advertise your items for free. You can sell your gadgets, old phones, laptops, books, ink cartridges, and clothes. When I used this strategy I was able to generate an extra $1000 dollars just by selling items I no longer need. That 1000 dollar is now in a high profit bank account earning money and giving me passive income.

Strategy 4: Buy and Sell Domain Names on the Internet

Another way to make more money from home is to buy and sell domain names. To get started make an account with Go Daddy or 1&1 and then think of domain names which might have a commercial appeal. You can make anything between 100 dollars per month to a cool million if you’re able to strike it lucky. You can find tonnes of resources on the internet offering excellent strategies on how to buy and sell domain names. One individual was able to make 8 million dollars from www.fb.com and another individual made a small fortune with www.halifax.com.

Strategy 5: Make More Money with Peer to Peer Lending

If you’ve got some spare money lying around you could earn a nice stream of passive income by investing the money through peer to peer lending sites. Interest rates are low at the moment and savers are being punished. These peer to peer lending sites can offer you anything between 6% and 12%. 

You can choose the level of risk you want to take and you could create a diversified portfolio earning 8 and 9%. To get started check out the list below which shows some of the best peer to peer investing sites. Choose a site and then choose your risk profile and start investing your money. One thing I need to mention is the initial investment is at risk which is why you need to choose your investments carefully.

Funding Circle – You can invest in businesses which have excellent credit scores. You can secure your investment with director guarantee and asset guarantee.

Trust Buddy – You can earn anything between 12% and 15% lending money to pay day loan borrowers. Trust Buddy is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has a rigorous credit checking facility to ensure credit defaults are low.

Lending Club – You can lend to borrowers according to credit score. You can earn anything between 5% and 12%

Prosper - Lend to people and receive anything between 5% and 10 % depending on how much risk you are prepared to take.

Ratesetter – Fix you money for 6 months, 1, 3, and 5 years. Ratesetter.com has a provisional fund for defaults. So far Ratesetter.com has honoured all their investors.

I Need to Earn More Money

You can substantially boost your income using some or all of the strategies listed above. You could easily earn anything between 5000 and 10,000 dollars a year just by proactively spending time making money. If you’re experiencing hardship and want some extra cash and prefer not to borrow you should go through this list and implement these strategies one at a time to start making money.

I will be writing a further 4 posts on how to earn more money so you will have 20 strategies to choose from. Just think how much extra money you could make if you had 20 ways of generating passive income. Anyone can earn more money if they put their mind to it. If you’ve enjoyed this post or found it resourceful please forward to other people who might find it beneficial. If you have more ideas to make money I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to email or leave a comment below.

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