Monday 17 November 2014

I Need 800 Dollars Now – 10 Ways to Make $800 Now

I need 800 dollars now is another frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. After answering a handful of these questions I decided to write a special post sharing 10 ideas to make 800 dollars quickly. All these ideas and strategies are completely legal and legitimate and if you embrace these ways to make money you could make an absolute fortune. If you’re experiencing hardship or just want to top your income you should master some of these strategies and start earning more money. Whenever I need 800 dollars fast I always use some of these strategies to make money quickly.

Need 800 Dollar Now Mentality

In order to make 800 dollars quickly you need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to have an open mind receptive to fresh money making ideas. You must be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and get your hands dirty. You don’t have to be a rocket science or genius to make 800 quickly, all you need to do is open your eyes and train your brain to look for money making opportunities. You also need to hustle and be prepared to do whatever it takes to make the money (as long as it is legal). Whenever I need a 800 dollars loan I always think of ways to make the money rather than borrow it.

Making 800 Dollars at First

The hardest step is the first step, this means that making the first 800 dollars will be the hardest however once you get into the swing of things making successive 800 dollars will get easier and easier until it becomes second nature. Personally for me making 800 dollars was an impossible goal a couple of years ago and now I can make it in a week which just goes to show if you stick at it you will become a success. So now that you believe in yourself and have the right frame of mind here are the 10 ideas if you need to make money now.

I Need 800 Dollars Fast

#1: Online Surveys

You can make a lot of money taking part in online surveys. What most people do not realize is that once you build up your reputation as reliable survey filler more lucrative surveys are passed in your direction. When I first took part in surveys I was earning 50 cents for filling out surveys however once I started to get a number of surveys under my belt I was frequently receiving surveys which were paying between $5 and $10. If you build up your reputation as a survey filler you could easily earn $5 for every survey you fill in which means that you need to fill out 160 surveys per month to generate 800 dollars. Whenever I need 800 dollars now filling out survey remains a part of my strategy to make the money quickly.

160 may feel like a lot but if you divide this over 30 days all you have to do is fill out 5 surveys per day which is more than doable. To get started become a member in all of the best survey sites that pay money and then fill every survey to the best of your ability and then build your reputation. Once you have a certain number of surveys under your belt you will be given more lucrative surveys to fill out.

#2: Mobile Phone Recycling

If I need 800 dollars today I consider recycling. Everyone has old mobile phones lying around and they are more than willing to give these phones away for free. The good news is that there is lots of value in these old phones which can often be refurbished and sold on. You can make 800 dollars quickly by scaling this idea.

To get started go knocking on doors in your local community asking for any old mobile phones that they don’t use. Explain that you’re in the recycling business and want to help the environment and make some money at the same time. I followed the exact same strategy and knocked on 200 doors in my local community and picked up 57 cell phones which I later recycled for more than 800 dollars. This is a great money making idea and if you need funds urgently you can start knocking on doors today. Just make sure you’re well presented and polite and leave your contact details with people just in case they decide to recycle their old phone.

#3: Buy & Sell Domain Names

You can easily make 800 dollars buying and selling domain names. Domain names can cost anything between $2 and $20 and can be sold on for fortunes in an online auction. You need to train your eyes so that they can identify a good domain name and there are tonnes of training programs and eBooks for free on the internet to help you distinguish between a commercial domain and non commercial domain name.

To get started read all the training material on domain name purchasing and then take the plunge and buy a few domain names and advertise them on sites like Flippa. If you do your homework these domain names will sell for more than double sometimes triple the price. Recently a domain name called Halifax.com was bought for a few hundred dollars and is now in a Flippa auction with 6 bids going up to $150,000 dollars. Sell a few domains like that and you could make a fortune.  

#4: Sell Old CD’s, Games, DVD’s and Videos

This is another strategy I put into action when I need 800 dollars now. If you like buying DVD’s, CD, Games and Videos which then gather dust and waste space you need to sell these items on specialist sites Amazon Trade In or the good old fashioned eBay. To scale this idea you need to go door to door in your local community and ask them if they have any old DVD’s, Games, Videos and CD’s that they wish to recycle. Make sure you are well presented and be extremely polite. If you are well known in your community you could end up with a lot of free merchandise which you could easily sell for 800 dollars or more.

#5: Work for a Charity

Do you want to make money and feel good at the same time because you’re helping unfortunate and destitute people out? If so then working to raise money for a charity could be the answer. Charity workers who collect money for worthy causes are paid a commission on the amount that they raise. This commission amount varies from charity to charity however sometimes it could be as much as 20%. Suppose you raise $500 every day in a busy neighbourhood by working your nuts off you could earn $100 per day. Work for 20 days per month and you could earn 800 dollars pretty quickly.

More Complicated Ideas to Make 800 Dollars

I also wanted to share some more technical and complicated ideas to make 800 dollars quickly. These ideas or strategies may take time to master however if you take the time to become an expert in implementing these strategies you could make a lot of money. Imagine how convenient life would become if you were able to make 800 dollars whenever you wanted to. You could work whenever you like or you could max out your time making fortunes every month.

#6: Rent Out Properties for 800 Dollars

Renting assets is a great way to make money with minimum fuss. This is one strategy I have used to make 800 dollars quickly. You do not need a lot of money to get started and your success lies in managing people and resources effectively. Your aim is to rent out large homes and then sublet each room out so you can double your money. In the past I have rented a 3 bedroom home for $2000 and rented out all the rooms to make a cool $4000. 

I made sure the tenants were happy and I provided a laundry, cleaning, internet and TV. All these perks attracted good paying professional tenants who were prepared to pay extra for the service. At this moment in time I have several properties like this where I max out on the rent and make in excess of 800 dollars.

#7: Rent Out Your Vehicle

There are so many peer to peer rental sites available on the internet where you can rent your car out. You can do this with or without a vehicle. If you have a vehicle try to advertise on the P2P vehicle rental site and see what kind of a response you get. Suppose you can rent out your vehicle for $50 per day all you need to do is rent it out for 16 days and you could end up making 800 dollars. 

If you don’t have a vehicle do some research on the P2P vehicle rental website and see which cars are in demand. If you can find a popular car which is always rented you can choose to buy this car and then rent it out on other sites to maximise the rent you receive on the vehicle. A popular car could fetch $2000 per month if you can rent it out successfully.

#8: Take Part in Clinical Trials for 800 Dollars or More

I love sharing number 8 and that’s taking part in clinical trials for money. Before a pharmaceutical company can introduce a drug to the public it needs to get FDA approved. One of the requirements for FDA approval is to test the drug on healthy and unhealthy subjects to check for side effects and effectiveness. A study which lasts a few months where you go in and out of clinics could pay up to $6000 dollars. A study which lasts a few days could compensate you with 800 dollars. You can find a list of approved clinical trials on the clinical trials government website.

To get started make a list of all clinical trials you’re eligible for. Contact the administrators one by one and ask about the compensation levels. Choose a study which pays $800 dollars and then build yourself up so you can take part in lengthy in depth clinical trials which offer massive compensation. Taking part in a major clinical trial every quarter could make you $24,000 at the end of the year and this is in addition to your day job.

#9: Invest Your Money in IPOS

When a private company floats onto the stock market it is known as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) some of these IPOS increase in the region of 10 to 30% after it is released to the company. If you can register interest you can purchase the shares at the predetermined IPO price before the price goes up. Many investors have made fortunes just investing in IPOS before they are offered on the stock exchange. 

I have made small fortunes on Ali Baba, Twitter and Facebook. You need to do your due diligence on the company and really believe in it before you invest. Some IPOS like King Entertainment the maker of Candy Crush saga dropped 20% on its debut so its important to know what you are doing. You could easily make 800 dollars every month by doing some research and putting your money on the right IPO.

#10: Ask Millionaire for Money

I get a lot of sceptical emails from some of the readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Let me say this again - You can get money from millionaires however you need a genuine NEED otherwise you will be turned down. If you’re still not convinced you should look up Craig Rowin who made a cool million just by asking billionaires, millionaires and philanthropists for help on YouTube. It is definitely possible to get money from millionaires and all you have to do is ask and wait. These millionaires won’t give you 800 dollar loans they will give you more and you can keep it forever.

I Need 800 Dollars Now

Whenever I need 800 dollars now I use some of these 10 ideas mentioned above. This ideas will make you money and at first you will have some growing pains but once you master each strategy you will be able to make money whenever you need to. You could either make 800 dollars on a need to basis or you could go flat out making 800 dollars around the clock so your end up with a small fortune. It is entirely possible and it is in your hands.

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