Monday 3 November 2014

Mystery Millionaires Giving Away Money

If you’re sceptical about the concept of millionaires giving away money then the following stories will show you that there are generous millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists who like helping people in need. I have verified all these stories and they’re all genuine from reputable sources. Millionaires like helping people in need because they feel compelled to share their wealth with less fortunate people. When a millionaire gives money to other people they feel an overwhelming feeling of positive vibes which spurs them on to make even more money! So without further ado let’s see some examples of rich wealthy millionaires who like to give money.

San Francisco Millionaire Give Away Money

The first example is of a San Francisco Millionaire who helps people financially. This millionaire likes to fill envelopes with cash and then hide them throughout the city of San Francisco. The millionaire later reveals a picture of the location on Twitter and then the people who follow him hunt for the money. This concept is very similar to a treasure hunt and there are lots of people in San Francisco who have benefitted from the extra cash. This case was first reported by ABC NEWS which has just less than 900,000 subscribers which mean the story must be real. The story was published on 27th May 2014 but since this date more millionaires have come out of the woodwork to give their money away in similar ways. You can see the video below.

Please Give Me One Million Dollars  

One of the most audacious requests for money came from Craig Rowin a young man who asked for money on YouTube. The video was first uploaded in 2010 where Craig formally asks rich people and millionaires for one million dollars. Craig states that there he has no need for money but wants the money nonetheless. The video request for money is very professional and polished and he specifically pinpoints some millionaires that he would like the money from. The video has received over 707k views and has been liked by over 1400 people and counting. Craig received a cool one million dollars which just goes to show how generous millionaires and billionaires can be.

Other people are now following in Craig Rowin’s footsteps and asking for money via YouTube. This video below shows a young women trying to copy Craig’s style in order to secure a cool million dollars.

Millionaires Giving Money Away

I wanted to post these videos to show everyone that millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists are generous and they do give their money to individuals. While the proper channel to ask millionaires for money are through their charitable foundation it doesn’t harm anyone to ask direct for money. If you have any examples of millionaires who give to individuals please send me a message so I can highlight them on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. If you’ve asked a millionaire for help then please feel free to share your story.

Need Money Fast

If you’re in need of money fast and don’t have the time to ask millionaires for money then the following posts should be very beneficial to you. In these special posts I share ideas and strategies to make hundreds and thousands of dollars legally and legitimately. The ideas mentioned in these posts have been used to make money and as long as you’re motivated and up for a challenge I have no doubt you can earn some cash quickly.

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