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Boxing Millionaires Giving Away Money

The sport of Pugilism known more commonly as boxing is a billion dollar industry. Not surprisingly boxers can make absolute fortunes if they continue to knock out their opponents. In this special post I will be highlighting some of the boxing millionaires giving away money to help people in need. While these athletes may be branded as thugs most of them have soft hearts and give away millions to help people in need all over the world. Again, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to these boxing millionaires to ask for advice and guidance.

I Need Cash

The last thing a pugilist or boxer will tolerate is lewd requests for cash. Making brash statements such as I need cash, I need money now or give me money will result in disqualification! Remember your aim is to build a rapport and then get guidance and mentoring to get your life back on track, if the millionaire boxer chooses to offer financial assistance then that’s another matter. It’s important not to come across as too desperate, just reach out and ask for advice and guidance and your life will almost certainly ascend to METEORIC Heights. So without further ado here is the list of boxing millionaires giving away money.

Boxing Millionaires Giving Money Away

#1: Floyd Mayweather: Net Worth $295 Million Dollars

First in the list of boxing millionaires giving away money is the ever exuberant Floyd Mayweather with an estimated net worth of 295 million dollars. Floyd’s annual salary is $50 million dollars making him one of the richest athletes in the world. If Floyd continues with his salary at current levels for the next 10 years he will easily cross the 800 million mark bringing him very close to other athlete net worth such as Michael Jordan. 

Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids in 1977 and made his fortune through professional boxing, athletics and acting. Floyd has an amazing track record winning six boxing championship in five different weight classes. Mayweather also holds a record where he has not lost a match with an unprecedented 45 wins. At his peak Mayweather was earning $80 million per year and his biggest payday came in 2013 when he earned 100 million fighting Robert Guerrero and Saul Alvarez. In total Floyd over his career has earned 405 million dollars.

Floyd Mayweather might be a formidable opponent nonetheless he has a soft heart and to prove it has set up his own Floyd Mayweather Junior Foundation which aims to empower and encourage community alliances, impact youth leadership and strengthen family foundations through community development, entrepreneurism and education resulting in a healthier community. Floyd is definitely in the elite group of people who give money away. You can reach out to this amazing millionaire who gives money away on the contact details given below. 

Floyd Mayweather Contact Details
The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation
4616W Sahara Avenue #150
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Email: info[at]tfmjf[dot]org

#2: George Foreman: Net Worth $250 Million

Second in the list of boxing millionaires that give away money is George Foreman who has an estimated net worth of $250 million dollars. Foreman needs no introduction because of his WARS with Mohammed Ali. Born in 1949 in Marshall USA Foreman filed an amazing 76 wins out of 81 fights. While George was a fantastic boxing athlete he only earned a punitive $5 million for all 81 fights despite sparring in an era where boxing experienced exponential growth. 
George Foreman being the fighter that he is made his money by other means including acting, writing books and being appointed a minister of religion; what a great fellow. Most of Foreman’s fortune comes from the Famous Grill which he promotes. Sales of the grill have gone from strength to strength as it is a healthy alternative to frying. Foreman also dabbled with bankruptcy after squandering his fortune through a decadent lifestyle; it was only after he made a late comeback in boxing that the Foreman remained solvent.

George Foreman now concentrates the majority of his time in his philanthropic endeavours running a Youth Center to help underserved and underprivileged youngsters to meet their full potential. You can reach out to this resilient millionaire who gives away money on the contact details given below. Try writing to these millionaires or calling them up to get an email address so you can make contact. 

George Foreman Contact Details
Levine Communications Office
9100 Wilshire
540 East Tower
Beverly Hills
California 90212
United States of America
Telephone: (310) 300-0950

#3: Oscar De La Hoya: Net Worth $200 Million Dollars

Third in the list of pugilist millionaires that give away money is the charismatic and defiant Oscar De La Hoya. Oscar has an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars despite being born in 1973 in the slums of East Los Angeles. Hoya made his fortune as a professional boxer and book writer and later extended his fortune as a savvy businessman. De La Hoya became the Golden Boy of American Boxing after he won the 1992 Olympic Gold Medal. After the lifting the Gold medal Oscar went on to box in a 17 year illustrious career where he defeated 17 world champions. Oscar retired and concentrated on his business Golden Boy Promotion after being knocked out in 2008 by Manny Pacquiao.

De La Hoya may be a brute in the ring but has a heart of gold when it comes to giving. Oscar has created the De La Hoya Foundation which helps people experiencing hardship and poverty in the LA region. The foundation is known for giving away Turkeys to help the community. You can reach out to this charismatic boxing brute millionaire who gives money away on the contact details given below.

Oscar De La Hoya Contact Details
Oscar De La Hoya Foundation
1114 South Lorena Street
Los Angeles
California CA 90023
Telephone (213) 489-5631

#4: Lennox Lewis: Net Worth $140 Million Dollars

Fourth in the list of boxing millionaires who give away money is Lennox Lewis with an estimated net worth of over $140 million dollars. Lennox holds a Dual nationality as he was born in West Ham England but later immigrated to Canada. Lewis won the Olympic Gold Medal for Canada in 1988 and over a 14 year career won 41 of his 44 professional fights including wins over Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Riddick Bowe. Lennox became undisputed heavy weight champion after winning the championship three times.

This boxing champion sports an undisputed heart and through his Lennox Lewis Champions Foundation he aims to affect positive change by instilling belief that success is achieved through sacrifice, discipline, motivation, dedication and hard work. If you want to reach out to this retired pugilist that gives away money you can do so on the abbreviated contact details given below. 

Lennox Lewis Contact Details
Telephone: (646) 580 5466

#5: Sugar Ray Leonard: Net Worth $120 Million Dollars

Last but by no means least in the list of boxing millionaires giving away money is Sugar Ray Leonard born in Rocky Mount North Carolina 1956. Sugar has an estimated net worth of 120 million which he amassed as a professional boxer, actor and motivational speaker. Sugar Ray is considered to be one of the finest boxers after winning world titles in five different weight categories. Leonard now commentates for sporting channels NBC, ABC and ESPN and has lucrative endorsement deals with EA Sports, Ford and Coca Cola.

In 2009 the boxer created the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation which made a commitment to raise funds for research and awareness towards a cure for youth Diabetes. If you want to reach out to this inspirational figure and millionaire who gives money you can do so on the details given below.

Sugar Ray Leonard Contact Details
The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation
PO Box 1433
Pacific Palisades
California 90272
United States of America

Boxing Millionaires Giving Away Money

These boxing millionaires that give away money is an inspirational list. It shows how people can succeed if they really put their heart and soul into it. You can reach out to these amazing athletes that give money away and ask them for guidance and direction. Remember to avoid using crass language such as [I need money now], I want money or give me money as this type of dialogue reeks of desperation and you’ll almost certainty have the door slammed on your face. Instead try to reach out to these boxers and ask for mentoring. Please feel free to share this with others who might find the contact details resourceful and don’t forget to share on social media. I really hope this helps, God Bless.

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