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Pop Artists Billionaire & Millionaire Giving Money Away

Here at the Millionaires Giving Money Blog nothing gives us more satisfaction than highlighting billionaires, millionaires, philanthropists and celebrities who give their money away to help people. In this special post we’ll be looking at some of the billionaire and millionaire pop artists that give money to help people. There is nothing stopping you from reaching out to these people to ask for help and advice. These rich people get immense satisfaction from helping people in need. A few searches on the internet will reveal how much money these rich people give away. What’s more amazing is there are lots of individuals who have even gone so far as asking for a million dollars online and actually getting it. IT IS Possible.

I Need Money Please Help Me

I always advise my readers to contact influential people for help. Don’t make the mistake of asking direct questions such as I need money please help me as these kinds of statements will result in your request being turned down. Instead reach out to these rich billionaires and millionaires giving money out and then ask them for guidance and advice. Once you’ve developed a rapport you will find that these rich millionaires and billionaires are more than happy to help you. So without further ado here are five generous billionaire and millionaire pop artists who are helping people in need.

Pop Artists Giving Money Away

#1: Jay Z: Net Worth: $560 Million Dollars

First in the list of pop millionaires that give money away is Jay-Z who has an estimated net worth of 560 million dollars. Jay-Z also known as Sean Carter made his fortune as a talented singer and songwriter. Sean accelerated and ballooned his fortune through record production, entrepreneurship, acting and film producing. Jay-Z fortune started after cofounding Demon Dash of Rock-A-Fella records with Kareem Biggs. Jay Z now has his fingers in many pies which include Rocaware Clothing which is estimated to be worth over 300 million dollars. Sean Carter also has over 15 records which have gone platinum which brings him home a serious amount of dosh. The pop star also has endorsements from Chevrolet, Budweiser and Hewlett Packard. Carter also holds a significant number of shares in New Jersey Nets, Arsenal Football Club, 40/40 Nightclubs, and Def Jam Records.   

Sean Carter is also an amazingly generous philanthropist giving away money to help people in need. The Sean Carter Foundation has the simple but sophisticated mission of helping individuals who are facing socio-economic hardship to further their education at institutions of higher learning. If you want to reach out to this millionaire who gives money away the contact details are listed below. 

Jay-Z Contact Details
The 40/40 Club (Sports Bar)
6W 25th Street
New York, NY 10010-2703
United States of America
Telephone: (212) 832-4040

#2: P Diddy Sean Combs: Net Worth: $700 Million Dollars

Second in my list of pop millionaires giving away money is Diddy formerly known as P Diddy and Puff Daddy. Diddy goes by the real name of Sean Combs and he has an estimated net worth of over 700 million dollars making him one of the richest celebrities of all time. Sean Combs was born in 1969 Harlem USA and made his fortune as an actor, record producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and screen writer. Sean has worked with some big stars including The Notorious B.I.G, Craig Mack, Faith Evans as well as Mariah Carey. Sean Combs has some seriously profitable businesses The Bad Boy Entertainment Company which includes a movie production company, two restaurants, Bad Boy Records, as well as a clothing and perfume lines called Sean John.

Sean Combs is also another celebrity who loves to give money away. Although he might not have his own foundation like Sean Carter Combs does to a lot of philanthropic work and supports charities such as American Foundation for AIDS Research, Children’s Hope Foundation and I.AM Scholarship Fund. There’s nothing stopping you from contacting Sean Combs for help and you can do so on the contact details below.

Sean Combs Contact Details
Violator Management & Records
36 West 25th Street
2nd Floor
New York
NY 10010-2706
United States of America
Telephone: (646) 486-8900

#3: Elton John: Net Worth: $440 Million Dollars

Third in the list of pop millionaires that give money away is Sir Elton John of Great Britain. Elton has an estimated net worth of 440 million dollars and made his vast fortune as a musician, songwriter, record producer, pianist and voice actor. Amazingly Elton started to play the piano at the age of 3 and then went on to have professional piano lessons at the age of 7. After winning a scholarship to the royal Academy of Music at the age of 11 he went on to form the musical band Bluesology.  

Most of Elton’s fortune comes from his hot songs and record deals making him a remarkable artist who made his fortune just by singing and writing music.

Not only is Elton a talented musician he also has philanthropy in his blood. Elton created the Elton John AIDS Foundation to help people who are suffering from the nasty disease. The Vision for the foundation is to create an AIDS free future through science, support and most of all compassion. You can also reach out to the pop millionaire on the contact details shown below.

Elton John Contact Details
Elton John AIDS Foundation
1 Blythe road
United Kingdom
Telephone: + 44 (20) 7603 9996

#4: Dolly Parton: Net Worth: $500 Million Dollars

Forth in my list of pop millionaires that give money away is Dolly Rebecca Parton born 1946 Sevierville USA. The affectionately known Dolly has an estimated net worth of 500 million dollars making her one of the richest female pop stars ever. Dolly Parton amassed her fortune through 40 years of writing and performing country songs which include “9 to 5” and “I Will Always Love You”. These great tunes were later revived by the late Whitney Houston. Dolly extended her fortune by sharpening her skills as a businessperson, author and film producer. She even has a theme park named Dolly Land which celebrates Country Music.

Dolly’s talent does not end with making money in fact she’s actually a very active philanthropist helping people in need all over the world. Dolly founded the Imagination Library in the UK which helps to improve the educational opportunities for children in underserved communities. You can reach out to Dolly Parton on the contact details given below.

Dolly Parton Contact Details
The Dollywood Foundation
1020 Dollywood Lane
Pigeon Forge
Tennessee 37863-4101
United States of America
Telephone: (865) 428-9606

#5: Victoria Beckham: Net Worth: $300 Million Dollars

Fifth in the list of famous pop artist millionaires giving money away is Victoria Beckham born 1974 Harlow England. The famous pop star has an estimated net worth of 300 million dollars and made her incredibly fortune as a singer, songwriter, model, actor and most notably a savvy businesswomen. Victoria Beckham shot to fame with the pop band The Spice Girls and later pursued a acting and solo singing career which was relatively successful. Victoria’s wealth rose significantly after she introduced her design label Rock and Republic as well as her own perfume brand Beckham.

Victoria Beckham has increasingly focused her attention towards philanthropy in the last few years and has created the Victoria & David Beckham Charitable Trust which serves at risk and disadvantaged youths with physical challenges and facing poverty. You can reach out to this amazing pop millionaire who gives money away on the contact details shown below.

Victoria Beckham Contact Details
XIX Talent Management
Unit 32/33 Ransomes Dock Business Center
35 - 37 Parkgate Road
London SW11 4NP
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 801 1919

Pop Artist Millionaires Giving Money Away

I really hope this list is inspiring and helping as I enjoyed writing this special post. Remember that there is nothing stopping you from reaching out to these famous pop artists to ask for advice and guidance. Try to build a relationship and slowly but surely your life will ascend to heights you never thought possible. Avoid making comments such as I need money or please give me $200 as this will irritate anyone and your requests for help will fall on deaf ears. Please feel free to share the Pop Artist Millionaires Giving Money Post with anyone who might find it inspiring and helpful and remember to share the contents of social media. I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. God Bless.

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