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Top 5 Foundations That Give Money (With Contact Details)

One of my passions in life is to share information that might help people. For this reason I was inspired to write a post highlighting the top 5 foundations that give money. Lately I’ve been highlighting rich people who give away money on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog however now I will be sharing information and contact details on some of the largest foundations in the world. The Bill Gates Foundation Grants and Coca Cola Foundation Grants are just some of the organizations I will be highlighting in future posts. Foundations grants are great because they give individuals and organizations the opportunity to better their lives and you don’t even have to repay the money! Yes it’s free money.

How to Apply to Grant Foundations

Every grant foundation is unique helping different sets of people or organizations. To get help from charitable foundations you need to have a genuine need. The first step towards securing a grant is to reflect on your own personal circumstances to see how you want to improve or progress your life. If you want to improve your prospects through education you should find grant foundations which support individuals who want to further their learning. 

Fundamentally, success in securing a grant involves knowing exactly what you want and then finding a grant foundation which offers opportunities in that area of development. Applications to grant foundations take time and therefore you need to be patient when you apply for help. Remember that these organizations verify all the information provided therefore any attempt to deceive them will result in immediate refusal of proposal. So without further ado here are the top 5 US foundations by total giving.

Top 5 Foundations that Give Money  

#1: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Number one in the list of foundations that give money is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. According to the Foundation Center the organizations gave away a whopping 3.1 billion dollars as of fiscal year end 2012. Bill Gates has pledged to give half of his money to the organization and Warren Buffett has also expressed that he will give all of his money as well. This means in total the Bill & Melinda Gates will eventually have a fortune that exceeds 100 billion dollars!

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an extraordinary organization which spans the globe in terms of helping individuals and organizations. On a global level the foundation focuses on Discovery & Translation Science, HIV, Malaria, Neglected Infectious Diseases, and other unpleasant illnesses. Some of the most popular US programs include grants for college ready education and postsecondary success. Without doubt this is one of the greatest foundations of the modern age. If you want to improve your life then there is nothing stopping you from contacting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for help, (Do It NOW) I have included the contact details below.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Contact Details
East Coast Office
Washington, D.C.
1300 I St NW
Suite 200 E
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone: (202) 662-8130

#2: The Abbvie Patient Assistance Foundation

Number two in the list of top foundations which gives money is the Abbvie Patient Assistance Foundation. According to the Foundation Center the organization has given away more than 800 million dollars as of fiscal year end 2013. Abbvie Foundation Grants offer a wide array of patient assistance programs to those who are prescribed to the pharmaceuticals medication. In 2012 alone the foundation assisted over 160,000 patients offering more than 640 million dollars in medication costs. 

To be eligible for the patient assistance programs your income must meet certain guidelines in relation to the Poverty Guidelines. Abbvie Foundation Grants do not collect fees from patients or providers. When approved for the patient assistance program you could be eligible for 12 months of medication which can be extended every year.

Abbvie Patient Assistance Foundation
PO Box 66550
St. Louis, Mo 63166-6550
United States
Telephone: (1800) 222-6885

#3: Lilly Cares Foundation

Third in the list of foundations who give money is Lilly Cares Foundation, Inc. The organization donated just under 700 million dollars as of fiscal year end 2013. This is monumental foundation grants organization which seriously helps people in need especially in America. It’s hard to believe that in America there are over 50 million people without health insurance. The Lilly Foundation Grants organization is dedicated towards helping the uninsured and underinsured patients of America.

If you are prescribed Lilly medication and are on a very low income then there is a possibility you could get help. You can check for eligibility and apply through the LillyTruAssist program which has all the information you need to apply for help. If you’re experiencing hardship and are on Lilly Medication then contact the foundation now on the details given below.

Lilly Patient Assistance Foundation
Telephone: (1855) 559-8783

#4: Genentech Access to Care Foundation

Forth in the list of foundations that give the most money is Genentech Access to Care Foundation. According to the Foundation Center Genentech gave away over 660 million dollars in the fiscal year of 2012 to help patients who were either uninsured or underinsured. Genentech offer a co-pay card program as well as a foundation grant program which helps patient to pay for unmet medical costs once a specific income criterion is met, this means you can get your medication for free.

If you’re experiencing hardship and your income is near or below the federal poverty line should apply for help especially if you’re taking Genentech drugs. Do it NOW! Here are the contact details to get the ball rolling.

Genentech Access Solutions (Patient Assistance Program)
1 DNA Way
Mail Stop 858A
South San Francisco
California 94080-4990
Email: info[at]Genentech-access.com

#5: Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc

Number five in the list of foundations that give money is the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation. In the Fiscal Year ending in 2012 the foundation grant gave away more than 600 million dollars to help patients all over the world. The foundation helps people who are below or near the federal poverty line by offering medication to patients who are uninsured or underinsured. If you’re experiencing hardship contact the grant foundation on the details given below.

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation
Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 221857
Charlotte, NC 28222-1857
Telephone: (1800) 652-6227

Top 5 Foundations That Give Money

You should contact these grant foundations if you’re experiencing hardship and need help with money. Just imagine how much better life could be if you could get some extra help to further your education, start a business or get help towards your medication costs. Take action now and contact these foundations for help.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this special post as much as I enjoyed writing it please feel free to forward it to people who might find it resourceful. Please feel free to share the contents on social media and leave a comment below as I love to read feedback from the readers of Millionaires Giving Money. Good Luck & God Bless!

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