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Tech Philanthropists Giving Away Money

The reason I love writing special posts on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog is you can always find some generous billionaire or millionaire to profile. In this special post I will be showcasing tech philanthropists giving money away. More and more millionaires and billionaires are making their fortune in technology (Silicon Valley) and these extremely rich people love to give their money away. In this post we look at philanthropists such as Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel and Sergey Brin all of whom have made it big thanks to technology. I will also find contact details for these incredibly wealthy people should you wish to reach out and contact them.

I Need Money Now

Before you start emailing tech philanthropists giving money it’s important to have a genuine need. These people will help you if you have a legitimate need and want to improve your life. All you have to do is find the right charitable foundation run by these billionaires and millionaires and then ask for help.

Philanthropy is a billion dollar industry which means if you have a genuine need you will get help. Avoid making brash statements such as I need money or please give me money as these statements can turn wealthy people right off. So now, without further ado here are 5 tech philanthropists giving away money.

Top 5 Tech Philanthropists Giving Away Money

#1: Larry Ellison

Number one in the list of philanthropist giving away money is Larry Ellison who has an estimated net worth of 50 billion dollars making him the fifth richest person in the world and third richest person in American. Larry Ellison as CEO of Oracle Database gives himself a generous 75 million dollar annual salary which means he earns 142 dollars per minute! Ellison made his incredible fortune developing databases for Oracle which is now the most used database in the world.

Ellison has a taste for the great things in life and owns lavish decadent cars, airplanes and even Islands in Hawaii. Larry is not just spend spend spend, in fact he’s very big on philanthropy running his very own Larry Ellison Foundation which focuses on curing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Ellison is a big fan on longevity giving away lots of money to organizations and charities which look to promote better longer living.

If you want to reach out to this philanthropist who gives away money you can do so on the following contact details. Remember to reach out in a positive way and avoid coming across as desperate for money as this is a turn off for wealthy people.

Larry Ellison Contact Details
The Ellison Medical Foundation
104E Ridgeville Boulevard
Mount Airy,
MD 21771-5260
Telephone: (301) 829-6419

#2: Bill Gates

This list would not be complete if I left William Gates out! At number two in the list of philanthropists who give money is the much loved Bill Gates. Gates made is incredible fortune creating Microsoft from scratch, now nearly every computer in the world use the Microsoft Operating System which has revolutionised desktop computers, laptops and now tablets through the MS Surface.

Gates is an amazing philanthropist and has pledged to give away at least half of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help people all over the world. Born in 1955 the Seattle based billionaire has an estimated net worth of $81 Billion and gives himself a mere 1 million dollar annual salary which means he earns $1.90 per minute.

Bill Gates is passionate about giving money to people and is trying his utmost to eradicate nasty diseases such as Polio, Diarrhoea while simultaneously trying to improve education. Gates is also offering $100,000 to individuals who can develop male contraceptives that are practical! You can reach out to Bill Gates through the Gates Foundation which is outlined below.

Bill Gates Contact Details
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
500 fifth Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
Telephone: (206) 709-3100

#3: Peter Thiel

Third in the list of philanthropists who give away money is Peter Thiel. Most people refer to Peter Thiel as a vulture feeding off other people’s success but that’s just only one side of him. Peter is a true pioneering philanthropist who donates large amounts of money to support Anti-Aging projects that could help people live until they are 150 or more! The Thiel Foundation works on Artificial Intelligence, Engineered Negligible Senescence which aims to reverse the aging process.

Peter Thiel has an estimated net worth of 2.2 billion dollars and made his fortune cofounding PayPal and investing in the early development stages of Facebook. After searching high and low for Peter Thiel’s contact details I was unable to find anything. However if you do a Google search for the Peter Thiel Foundation you will be able to reach out the billionaire using the online contact form. You can even enquire about grants to individuals.

#4: Sergey Brin

Where would we be without Sergey Brin? Probably in the library looking for information from a book! Sergey Brin is the cofounder on Google and probably most responsible for the information boom and information liberation movement. Sergey Brin is also very generous focusing on Parkinson Disease which his mother is having treatment for. Brin also acknowledges that there is a high chance that he will also contract the disease which is why he’s donating large amounts of money ($95 million) to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Sergey Brin also has his own 190 million dollar foundation aptly named the Human Rights Foundation which he spends a lot of time on. Sergey Brin despite being born in 1973 has an estimated net worth of 32.2 billion dollars, he also has an undisclosed annual salary which is probably some ungodly figure. Despite the opulence there is nothing stopping you from reaching out to the billionaire of search using the contact details below.

Sergey Brin Contact Details
Human Rights Foundation
350 Fifth Avenue
4515 New York
NY 10118
Telephone: (212) 246-8486
Email: Info[at]thehrf.org

#5: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is number five in the list of philanthropists giving away money. With an estimated net worth of 33 billion dollars he is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Jeff Bezos made his fortune by building Amazon from scratch. Bezos has the potential to become the richest person in the world once Amazon reaches its full potential. Some of his philanthropic giving includes money to Seattle Museum and Princeton University.

You can reach out to Jeff Bezos through the Bezos Family Foundation. Unfortunately I could not find a mailing address or phone number however you can go to the site and fill out the online contact form to enquire about grant foundations.

Tech Philanthropists Giving Away Money

These tech philanthropists are a generous bunch and they love to help people. There is nothing stopping your from reaching out to these philanthropists to ask for help, advice, or mentoring. Avoid jumping in the deep end by asking for $4000, take your time, build a relationship and then ask for help. There are many philanthropists here who give grants to individuals so it’s worth reaching out with your story. If you’ve enjoyed this post on tech philanthropists giving money away please forward it to other people who might find it resourceful! Good Luck and God Bless!

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