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Where Can I Get a Free Car for My Family 2017

Where Can I Get a Free Car for My Family 2017

Where can I get a free car for my family is the most frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. I have written a detailed guide outlining all the organizations that are giving away free vehicles to people in need. All these guides will still be relevant in 2017. Before you apply for a free vehicle it’s important to keep your expectations in check. You must have a genuine need and you must prove that a vehicle will have a positive impact on your life. The organizations mentioned here have helped thousands of low-income families across America and if you’re eligible they can help you too.

Who’s Eligible for a Free Vehicle?

So who's eligible for a free car? Free cars are only available for people who are experiencing a hardship. The aim of the free car is to make the quality of life better for the affected individual of family. You can get a free car if you have one of the needs mentioned below. 

A low-income individual or family must have a specific need to be in with the chance of getting a free vehicle. There are limited cars available and priority is given to the following individuals and families – the list is in no specific order and if you belong in one of these groups you have a good chance of receiving a donated vehicle.

#1: Military Families experiencing Hardship
#2: Medically Needy Families
#3: Non-Profit Organizations
#4: Families Transitioning from Public Assistance to Work
#5: Families Living in Transitional Shelter
#6: The Working Poor
#7: Victims of Domestic Abuse
#8: Victims of Natural Disaster

Where Can I Get a Free Car for My Family? – Resources

I have included all the guides and reviews so the process will seem more familiar. I have also introduced the popular posts so it is easier for you to navigate and choose the most relevant post. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope this helps.

Free Vehicles for Low-Income Families: In this post, I share 8 ways where you can get a free car for low-income families. Some of the ideas include free gas, free vehicle repairs or subsidized vehicles where you only have to pay a fraction of the cost and get the remaining money using affordable credit. 

All the organizations mentioned here have helped thousands of low-income American people and can help you too if you’re eligible. Some of the organizations giving away free transportation include 1800 Charity Cars, Online Car Donation Charity, and Vehicles for change. All these organizations are completely legitimate so you don’t have to worry about anything illegal or illegitimate.   

Free Cars for Low-Income Families 2017 Review

I have also included a review for the main three organization which offer free cars for low-income families. Take the time to read these reviews so you have a better understanding of how the process works. I have also included a short introduction which will hopefully help.

1800 Charity Cars: This is an organization which accepts donated vehicles in exchange for a tax deduction. These cars are then checked and repaired to be given away to low-income families and individuals. To apply for a free car you need to create a profile and get votes on your hardship. The person with the highest votes gets a free vehicle.

Online Car Donation Organization: This is another organization which gives away free cars to help people in need. In particular, they prefer to give these free vehicles to battered women, disabled people, military families, self-supporting families and families living in homeless shelters. All you need to do to apply is fill in some basic details and explain why you need the car and how it would make a difference to your life.

Vehicles for Change Organization: Vehicles for Change is another organization which accepts donated vehicles in exchange for a tax receipt. The cars are then repaired and made roadworthy. These vehicles are then given to eligible low-income families or sold for a fraction of the price. Vehicles for change also offer credit at very low-interest rates.

More Resources to Help Low-Income Families   

I Need Financial Assistance for Christmas: With Christmas 2015 just a few months away I thought it would be a good idea to offer some resources to low-income families and individuals. The resources on this page include help with Christmas food, help with rent and charities which give Christmas assistance.

I Need Help With Money Right Now: This is another post I wrote for low-income families and individuals. Read this if you need help paying bills or rent or want to find a link to a charity which will help you.

I Need Money Now: This is a series of posts which gives ideas to make money quickly and legally. I have personally tried all the ideas mentioned here so it is completely doable if you put your mind to it. MUST READ!

Where Can I Get a Free Car for My Family?

I have included all the resources I could find on getting a free car. If you have any other organizations which offer free transportation please let me know so I can update this post. Please feel free to share this post on social media sites and with people who are struggling with their finances. Please drop an email if you’ve successfully received a free car. Finally Good LUCK!

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  1. For people living in the tri-state area..NJ NY and CT. There's Free Cars NJ. http://adf.ly/1L4XYq

  2. Hi. I need help I am loosing my son to a dcfs. I have been slandered and my life and dreams ruined. I need a lawyer. I'm a disabled honorable vet. The story is worthy of a twilightzone movie. Its sad. I believe it could change
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  6. https://www.gofundme.com/need-a-new-used-vehicle?ssid=829486280&pos=1

  7. I am 46 years old. For the past five years I have been a full time caregiver to my mother and we barely made ends meet, fro paying the bills ti eating, to driving her in a dangerous car to get her to he doctors appts. I have to start all over again in my life, with a boat load of health issues I have ignoring so I could make sure she lived the best life her last couple of years. I have 6 siblings who can not kick me out of her co- op fast enough, I have no car, and absolutelty no money.
    I am not if this site is real, it has been my experience that no one does anything help the poor unless you are the church. I am the type of person who will give my last dollar away, but my faith has gone away because people can be very cruel.
    I believe in Jesus Christ. Please do not hold this against me, but I have lost everything in hurricane Sandy, and out of 6 kids, they all resumed working while I took care of my motheer includung watching her die a moneth ago,,
    with no where to go, and not even a car to sleep in they have proven the family I thought would be more compassionate, has truly no compassion for the youngest sister who not only lost my home my car, but my job to keppmoney in my pocket.
    JACKSON,NJ 08527

  8. I opened a hair salon some years ago it never took off. I ended up owing people instead of getting ahead. I have given free hair cuts x1 a month for my community to get some recognition but the big people or donators passed me by for the mega churches outreach. I just want to provide for my family my husband is a Navy Vet. and with his medical issues I am working hard to provide. Some days I want out but I am sticking in their I would really be blessed by any type of help at this point especially getting a car without trying to pay a car note. I am not trying to sound pityful but just need HELP! Thank you



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