Thursday 28 November 2019

Beats PRO Headphone Available on Apple Instalment Plan - Interest Free Credit using Barclays Special Finance

Ho Ho Ho...

Only 1 DAY left until Black Friday and 22 days remaining until Christmas. If there ever was a great time to get Christmas ready then this is it. Don't leave your Christmas Shopping until late and pay through your nose, be Christmas Savvy and buy the best gifts during Black Friday with Interest Free Credit so you can spread the cost of your shopping throughout the year!

Today I bring you Dr Dre Beats PRO Headphones. These headphones are SPECIAL and need no special introduction. The Beats PRO Headphones are one of the hottest products you can buy this Christmas and anyone who has these will be one cool cat. This is a gift that a loved one will appreciate for sure...

Just look at it, it looks beautiful and the music quality is out of this world.

Beats PRO Headphones Available Through APPLE

You can buy the Beats PRO Headphones through the APPLE store. Be careful not to purchase this from dodgy stores as there are a lot of fakes about and it's hard to tell the difference.

You can purchase the Beats PRO Headphones for $399,95. This might seem like a lot but you will look like the coolest cat in town and giving this as a gift will push your popularity through the roof. 

The Beats PRO Headphones will probably be the only headphone you will need for the next 5 years. If you appreciate music quality and want an experience you will never forget then this is just the tech you need. 

The Beats PRO Headphones is available through the APPLE Store and Apple offer zero percent interest free finance through Barclays Special Finance, what this means is you can get the Beats PRO Headphones with no deposit and make 9 interest free monthly payments of $44.30 to pay this all off. 

If you purchase the Beats PRO Headphones today and make 9 monthly payments this item will be free and clear by August 2020.

Reasons to BUY the Beats PRO Headphones

If you appreciate music or know someone who does you will know that sound quality can make the world of difference. The Beats PRO Headphones will make your listening experience an enriching pleasure. The Beats PRO is also a very sought after item and will retain it's value and even appreciate if it turns into a vintage product.

If you're still not convinced then check out the 10 of the best features of the Beats PRO Headphones...

Feature 1: The Beats PRO Headphones is used by Artists and Producers to mix in major studios, this uber cool tech will deliver authentic sound that lets you rediscover real music.

Feature 2: The Beats PRO Headphones has clear highs and deep lows. The solid interior sound platform allow you to appreciate rich highs and the kind of bass that resonates in your chest.

Feature 3: The Beats PRO Headphones are made with an Aluminium Gunmetal Frame and uber high quality leather ear cups for added comfort. It is the Rolls Royce of Headphones only rivalled by the Apple AirPods.

Feature 4: The Beats PRO Headphones comes with a carrying pouch that looks super cool and is worth $100, the headphones only weigh 0.4 KG so it wont weigh you down.

Feature 5: The Beats PRO is the superman of headphones, it's virtually indestructible, you will not find any cheap plastic of frayed cords. All the material used is high quality and feels amazing round your neck or on your ears.

Feature 6: The Beats PRO has incredible and TRUE noise reduction. The device is smartly padded to pivot the ear cups to give you a complete noise cancelling effect, basically when it comes to noise cancellation this wins GOLD medal at the Headphones Olympic without even having to train!

Feature 7: You can buy this at the APPLE Store so you can get peace of mind that your not making a fool of yourself buying a fake. Be careful, there are a lot of fakes about.

Feature 8: You can purchase this for around $45 per month for 9 months interest free when you choose to pay using Barclays Special Finance which is available through Barclays.

Feature 9: This will probably be the only headphone you will ever need in your life, it's that good. This is not a impulse purchase, this is an investment for those who appreciate music.

Feature 10: You will be one of the coolest CATS this Christmas or make someone incredibly happy.

Beats PRO Headphone Available of Barclays Special Finance

If you can pay for the Beats PRO Headphone all at once for $399 then do it, it's an investment. If affordability is an issue you can apple for Barclays Special Finance. 

The process is very simple and takes about 10 minutes. If you're approved for finance you will get interest free credit for 9 months. If you make 9 equal payments of roughly $45 you will pay off this item by August 2020. If you want to know more about this amazing product check out the Official Dr Dre Beats PRO wesbite which will take you to the APPLE store where you can apple for Barclays Special Finance.

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Dyson AirWrap Complete Instalment Plan - As Low as $49 Per Month Zero Percent Interest

Ho Ho Ho....

Only 28 Days left until Christmas and 2 days left until Black Friday Cyber Monday begins! This is the time to get Christmas READY. Bag the best and latest tech for less and pay using instalment plans at zero percent interest. It's a win win...

This Black Friday and for Christmas 2019 the Dyson AirWrap Complete in Exclusive Black will be one of the most sought after gifts you can get. This is an amazing piece of technology which uses Air to straighten and curl hair with little or no damage compared to heat curlers. This is one of the top 20 gifts you can give a women and she will love you for it!!!

Why Should You BUY the Dyson AirWrap Exclusive Black?

The Dyson AirWrap Complete Exclusive Black Edition boasts the latest cutting edge technology to style your hair. 

The Dyson AirWrap has been designed for multiple hair types and styles and caters for everyone, it is one of the most inclusive products you will find.

Although this is priced at $549 this will probably be the only Hair Styler you will need because it is probably 50 years ahead of its time and will retain value like mad! Think of it as an investment for your hair!

Currently there are 142+ reviews (All 5 Stars) which have been verified to show that this piece of technology delivers world class styling!

10 Benefits of the Dyson AirWrap Complete Black Edition

I'm so convinced you will love this product that I've compiled 10 benefits of using the Dyson AirWrap Complete Black Edition to Style your hair. 

I know it's pricey at $549.00 and its probably 4 times more than you want to pay for a hair styler but remember this is 50 years ahead of it's time in terms of technology and cares for the hair unlike the conventional hair stylers!

Benefit 1: The Dyson AirWrap Complete Exclusive Black Edition, the winner of the Allure Best Product ward 2019 comes with a fantastic Travel Bag when you purchase the AirWrap Styler Kit. This bag alone is valued at $100.

Benefit 2: With the Patented AirWrap Technology which no one can copy, you can curl, dry, smooth and wave unruly hair without the need for Extreme Heat. 

Think of it as an investment for the hair, if you use this AirWrap Technology you will be taking years off your hair and avoid spending thousands to repair damaged hair in the future. It's a no brainer...

Benefit 3: The Dyson AirWrap comes with 6 accessories which include, 1.2 Inch AirWrap Barrels, Firm Smoothing Brush, Soft Smoothing Brush, Round Volumising Brush, and Pre-Style Dryer. The accessories alone are worth around $150 if sold individually. This truly is an investment!

Benefit 4: The Dyson AirWrap attracts and wraps hair using air only. There is no excessive heat to damage hair and you can style in a fraction of the time! There also no more burnt hair or skin.

Benefit 5: The Dyson AirWrap will allow you to dry and style simultaneously. This is handy when your strapped for time and need to get out of the door looking gorgeous.

Benefit 6: The Dyson AirWrap will offer you a price match promise when you purchase through the Dyson USA Online Store.

Benefit 7: You get a 2 year Warranty with the Dyson AirWrap, but honestly, you will probably never need this. Dyson have a reputation for building amazing products which stand the test of time.

Benefit 8: You also get a 30 day money back guarantee with free shipping on return. You can purchase the product and try it for 30 days and then return it. Dyson promise to accept a return because they know you wont return it once you've tried it.

Benefit 9: You will be the coolest cat and everyone will envy you.

Benefit 10: If you gift the Dyson AirWrap to a loved one they will definitely show you appreciation for it. Trust ME I've tried it and got lucky!

Dyson AirWrap Complete Instalment Plan

OK, the elephant in the room is the price, this is what deterred me. Who buys a Dyson AirWrap for for over $500 dollars? It's madness right? Wrong! It's an investment.

Dyson will also offer you an instalment plan to make monthly payments, you have 3 options to choose from.

Option 1: $183.33 Per Month at Zero Percent APR for 3 Months. Total Paid is $549.99

Option 2: $91.66 Per Month at Zero Percent APR for 6 months. Total Paid is $549.99

Option 3: $48.39 Per Month at 10% APR for 12 Months. Total Paid is $580.39. You pay an extra $30.70 in interest.

The the coolest cat this Christmas and gift yourself or someone you love dearly with this Dyson AirWrap! to go to the official Product Page in USA for the Dyson AirWrap check the following OFFICIAL PAGE.

Monday 25 November 2019

Apple Airpods PRO Black Friday Instalment Plan - Get Zero Percent Interest for 6 Months Instalment Plan

I'm sorry I've not been bringing you deals for a while, I've been busy with Black Friday Cyber Monday, looking for the best deals for you. Anyway, I'm back now...With the APPLE AirPods PRO...This product is absolutely magical...

Ho Ho Ho...

Only 30 Days left until Christmas and 4 days left until Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. This is the time to get Christmas ready and bag yourself an amazing deal from Apple.

This Christmas The Apple Airpod is looking to become the hottest and most sought after product. You can either be the coolest cat with these personalised wireless headphones or you can be the best gift giver and Mr Popular by gifting these amazing headphones to a loved one. Anyway, I digress...

Apple AirPods and AirPods PRO 

I have tried both the Apple AirPods and the AirPods PRO and I must say, without a doubt that these pods offer the best quality in terms of sound and functionality. 

The Apple AirPods and The Apple AirPods PRO provide effortless, all-day audio on the go and bring, for the first time, Active Noise Cancellation to an in-ear headphone all with a customizable fit for your bespoke ear.

The Apple AirPods PRO - Only $249.00

You can buy the Apple AirPods PRO today for only $249.00, this is probably the last headphone you will ever need because it has absolutely everything you could think of in a headphone. 

1. Comes with customizable fit for your distinct ears.

2. The AirPods PRO comes with Active Noise Cancellation

3. Includes the H1 chip which is the most advanced EVER

4. Hey SIRI is always on when you wear the PRO version

5. The AirPods PRO are sweat and water resistant

6. The listing life on one charge is 4.5 Hours

7. With the charging case the listing life is more than 24 Hours!

8. The Best of ALL, you get personalized ENGRAVING with your name on the device...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I Love this Product...

Apple AirPods PRO Black Friday Instalment Plan

$249 is a lot to pay for headphones, however, this headphone is unlike any other bog standard headphone. If you appreciate your listening and music and want a enriched experience then this is for you. You will also be the coolest CAT this Christmas.

If you can't fork out $249 don't fret. You can get the Apple AirPods PRO on interest free credit with Barclays Special Finance. You can also purchase the AirPods PRO using Apple Card which offers Cashback!

With the Barclays Special Finance for the Apple AirPods PRO you will get 6 months interest free credit on your purchase. 

If the AirPods PRO cost $249, you will be able to pay off the device without paying any interest if you pay $41.50 Per Month for 6 month. This is an amazing deal and with Black Friday coming soon the PRICE could drop further.

The best way to play this is to apply for the Barclays Special Finance and get approved for the credit account. During Black Friday and Christmas there is a better chance of your application going through as long as you've not missed any credit payments in the last 6 months. Credit is pretty relaxed during this time.

Once you find the Apple AirPods PRO have been reduced in price you can make your purchase and pay the device off in 6 months by making monthly payments of $41.50. EASY!

To check out all the offers available and the Black Friday deals along with Apple's Special Finance through Barclays Bank check out the OFFICIAL Apple Product Page for the Apple AirPods PRO HERE.

Thursday 21 November 2019

Apple Macbook Pro Available on Barclays Special Finance 2019

Ho Ho Ho...

Only 8 days left until Black Friday and then Cyber Monday!

Christmas is just round the corner too, only 34 days remain!

Get Christmas Ready and avoid paying high prices by taking advantage of Christmas Deals and Black Friday Deals. If you're especially Shopper Savvy you could even get everything on Interest free credit instalment plan just to make life a little easier.

The Apple Macbook Pro is destined to be a hit this Christmas and Beyond. This Macbook Pro is special because it has a 2.4GHz Quad-Core Processor with Turbo Boost technology that offers 4.1GHz, thats bloody FAST!

You also get an amazing 256GB Storage as well as the incredibly popular Touch Bar and Touch ID. Whatever you're into, whether it's business/gaming/social media/music the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 will handle whatever you throw at it, it might even throw something back. 

You also get a retina display with True Tone just to make things easy on the eye. The cash value of this truly magnificent piece of art is $1,799.00, which is expensive! But don't despair! With Barclays Special Finance you could get this delivered to your door in a few days with the Credit Instalment Plan.

Choose You New Apple Macbook Pro

Choosing your Apple Macbook Pro is very simple. You get straightforward choices that don't need a Rocket Scientist Degree, the Macbook Pro comes in 13 or 16 inches with Space Gray or Silver being the most popular.

You can purchase the 1.4GHz Quad-Core Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz and128GB Storage with Touch Bar and Touch ID for $1299.00.

You can purchase the 1.4GHz Quad-Core Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz and 256GB Storage with Touch Bar and Touch ID $1499.00.

OR You could go for the BEST one which is....

The Apple Macbook Pro 2.4GHz Quad-Core Processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz and an amazing 512GB Storage
with Touch Bar and Touch ID for $1,999.00!
Don't Have $1,999.00? No Problem... 

You can use the Barclays Special Finance Plan specifically designed for all the popular Apple Products.

Barclays Special Finance Plan for Apple Macbook PRO

Before I get onto the Barclays Special Finance Plan for the Apple Macbook PRO you might want to consider the Apple Card. When you use the Apple Card to make an Apple Product Purchase you get 3% Cashback. 

If you decide to purchase the best Macbook Pro you can get $60 in cashback. You also get 2% cashback when using Apple Pay and 1% cashback on every other purchase you make with the card. 

There are no annual, international or late hidden fees. The application process is simple and you can use it straight away on purchases although you will need an iPhone 6 or later to take advantage of the offers.

Barclays Special Finance Instalment Plan Macbook Pro

Don't like paying interest? No Problem. The Barclays Special Finance Instalment Plan for the Macbook Pro is interest free is it is paid off in full within the promotion period. 

With the Barclaycard Financing Visa you get the special financing on purchases made at Apple within the first 30 days of opening the account where the promotion is based on how much money you spend as shown below. 

This is a FANTASTIC offer and one that you should take advantage of because the zero percent interest wont last forever on the exceptional credit instalment plan. For more information on the product and the Barclays Special Finance Plan check out the following Promotion direct from the Apple Website.
  • 6 months: less than $499
  • 12 months: $499 to less than $999
  • 18 months: $999 or MoreFinancing Visa

Wednesday 20 November 2019

iPhone 11 Pro Christmas Black Friday Deals - Special Finance Available from $45.79 Per Month

Ho Ho Ho...Only 9 Days Until Black Friday and 35 Days Until Christmas...

Get Christmas READY in 2019 with the best gifts at the absolute lowest price. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive cell phone in the world. The 6.5" device is one of the most technologically advanced cell phone in the world. Be in the exclusive group of individuals who can afford one of the best products in the world by using Special Finance Plans available through Barclays Finance.

iPhone 11 Pro Christmas Black Friday Deals

You can get an iPhone 11 Pro Max for $1449 if you have cash to pay right now, if you don't have the cash available you can still get this fantastic cell phone for $45.79 per month.

Be the talk of the town and the centre of attention this Christmas by taking the plunge to own one of the best phones in the world. Again, this is one of the best phones in the world and you can virtually do everything that you would want to do with a cell phone to enrich and make your life a little easier and simpler!

Do You Have an iPhone to Trade In?

If you have a relatively new version of the iPhone you want to trade in then this is totally acceptable by Apple. 

With an iPhone 10 the trade in value will take the monthly payments down from $45.79 to $24.95 or $599!

If you don't want to trade in your old phone or don't have one to trade in you could get this iPhone 11 Pro 6.5 Inch Christmas Deal from $45.79 per month. You can also get the iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 Inch Display for $41.62 Per Month.

iPhone 11 PRO Max 6.5 Inches Colours to Choose From

With the iPhone 11 PRO Max 6.5 Inches you have some bespoke Apple iPhone Specific themes to choose from. These include...Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green and the Luxurious Gold

iPhone 11 PRO Max 6.5 Inches Capacities to Choose From

The iPhone 11 PRO comes in three fantastic capacities, you can choose from the following...
1. The iPhone 11Pro 64GB from $45.79 Per Month or $1099
2. The iPhone 11Pro 256GB from $52.04 Per Month or $1249
3. The iPhone 11Pro 512GB from $60.37 Per Month or $1449

Apple will also work with your current carrier to activate your new iPhone so you can keep your existing number and rate plan. To activate with Verizon, you’ll need your four-digit Verizon account PIN.
This is a fantastic offer from Apple for one of their latest and greatest iPhone. The price may drop even further during Christmas and Black Friday so keep your eyes peeled. Here is where you can purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB with Special Finance at the Apple Store. Hurry before this HOT product sells out.

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Samsung Financing Available for TV, Phone, Appliances, Watches - No Deposit 0% Finance for 36 Months

Ho Ho Ho....
Only 41 Days left until Christmas, and 10 days left until Black Friday...
This is the perfect time to get Christmas ready, get all the gifts you want at a fraction of the price! Be Christmas savvy and the centre of attention with your gifts this Christmas.
I wanted to share this excellent offer with you. Samsung Financing is now available for Christmas and Black Friday 2019. This offer is out of this world because you can get nearly all the Samsung Product Line without paying a penny for deposit. 
This is handy because you can spread the cost of Christmas and get some of the best Samsung Products for yourself and your family.

What is Available from the Samsung Financing Plan

At the time of writing this post the following offers were available from the Samsung Financing Plan...
1. 0% APR on eligible Samsung Galaxy Phones over 24 Months
2. 0% APR of Eligible Samsung 4K HD TV over 36 Months
3. 12 Month Finance plans for all eligible Samsung Home Appliances 
4. Get 6, 12 or 24 months Financing Terms on orders over $49.

How Does the Samsung Finance Plan Work?

The first step you have to take is apply for the Samsung Finance Plan, this process takes a few minutes and you can make an application for any products you intend to purchase over $49. 
The Samsung Finance Plan is pretty relaxed, as long as you've not missed any payments you're likely to be approved, especially during Black Friday and Christmas where Samsung try to maximise the revenue generated from their products.
If you're approved that's great! you then choose the length of time you want to spread the payments over as long as the product is eligible for financing. Most Samsung Products are available for finance with the exception of a few.
You can continue to use the Samsung Finance Plan as a revolving line of credit for whenever you need flexibility in spreading the cost of payment. 

Why Should You Apply for Samsung Finance Plan?

If you're approved you will get an instant line of credit. You can choose buy now pay later with $0 down, no deposit required. You can upgrade every year with Samsung Finance and trade in your old tech. 
Also, as this is a revolving line of credit you will only need to apply once and maintain your account to take advantage of all the Perks of the Samsung Finance Plan.
Once you have your account you can check your balance, view account activity, pay your bill, you can do everything online from the convenience of your Samsung App.
This is a fantastic Finance Plan and one that you should take advantage of this Black Friday and Christmas. To take advantage of the Samsung Financing Plan check the following link which will take you to the Samsung Finance Plan Website.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Christmas Credit Plan for Google Pixel 3A - $14.83 PM Interest Free Credit Payable over 24 Months

Christmas is only 37 Days Away and the best deals are starting to appear! Ho Ho Ho...

One of the most desirable tech products this year will be the Google Pixel 3A Cell phone. The demand for this cell phone has been crazy, Google is struggling to keep up with the demand. This cutting-edge piece of technology has received rave reviews. Some experts are even saying it's better than the Samsung S10 and the iPhone 11. 

The retail price for the Google Pixel 3A cell phone is approximately $350 to $400. With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching the deals will only get better and better.

Christmas Credit Plan for Google Pixel 3A

Why is the Google Pixel 3A so desirable? The price is what draws you to this product, the Pixel 3A is much cheaper than its counterpart, the iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 which retails between $900 and $1300. 

The technological features for the phones are very similar and in some instances the Google Pixel beats the iPhone and Samsung hands down in terms of picture quality and storage space. You also get 7 hours of usage from a 15 minute charge which is simply amazing. 

You also get access to the Android Ecosystem and millions of developers inventing Apps to make life better and easier. 

Google Finance Plan for Google Pixel 3A

You can buy the Google Pixel 3A phone for anything between $300 and $400 depending on the model. If you don't want to pay in one go you are more than welcome to spread the cost of the purchase using the Google Finance Plan which will give you the phone with no deposit and interest free credit over 24 months as long as you are approved for finance. 

From what I have heard from the grapevine the Google Fiance Plan is relative relaxed, especially during Christmas and Black Friday, you will also have tonnes of discounts during that time and you have the option to trade in your old phone to get more off your new phone. This is an ideal situation. Normally the payments for a $350 Google Pixel 3A phone will be $14.83 per month over 24 months. 

This is an absolutely stonking offer and you can save an absolute bundle because the Google Finance Plan is Interest Free. The Google Pixel 3A is also very competitively priced compared to its counterparts, the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10. For more information about the Google Pixel 3A check out the following page on the Google Ecosystem.

Christmas Instalment Plan for Apple Watch Series 5 - Barclaycard Special Financing Offer

Ho Ho Ho...

42 Days remaining until Christmas day. Get Christmas Ready with an Apple Watch Series 5 which you can now get on the Apple Christmas Instalment Plan. 

Apple Watch Series 5 is set to become the hottest Christmas gift for Christmas 2019. Everybody loves the product and it has amazing features such as monitoring your heart-rate, keeping track of your workout and managing your finances. You can also get the App Store on your wrist too and download some of the latest Apps to help make life easier.

If you are looking to purchase the Apple Watch Series 5 your in luck because you can get the watch on with Barclaycard Special Finance which provides a very competitive Interest rate on your instalment plan.

Christmas Instalment Plan for Apple Watch Series 5

This promotional offer for the Apple Watch Series 5 under the Barclaycard Special Finance applies to all qualifying Apple purchases made at Apple.com, Apple Store locations of by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE.

You need to apple for the Barclaycard Special Finance and if your approved you must make your purchase within 30 days of obtaining the credit.

If you spend $999 or more of the Apple Series 5 Watch you will get an 18 months Barclaycard Special Finance Deal.

If you spend between $499 to $999 you will receive the 12 months Barclaycard Special Finance Deal.

When you make a purchase on the older models for less than $499 you will only receive the 6 months Barclaycard Special Fiance Deal.

To apply for the Barclaycard Special Finance Deal you just need to fill out a relatively short online application form which should take no longer than 10 minutes. The lending policy during Christmas is quite relaxed, as long as you've not missed a payment in the last 12 months you should be approved for credit.

Once you've got your credit card you can start spending on the Apple Store Online or at any physical locations. Just give Barclaycard a call to confirm you've been placed on the Barclaycard Special Finance Deal. You can apple here.


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