Thursday 28 November 2019

Beats PRO Headphone Available on Apple Instalment Plan - Interest Free Credit using Barclays Special Finance

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Only 1 DAY left until Black Friday and 22 days remaining until Christmas. If there ever was a great time to get Christmas ready then this is it. Don't leave your Christmas Shopping until late and pay through your nose, be Christmas Savvy and buy the best gifts during Black Friday with Interest Free Credit so you can spread the cost of your shopping throughout the year!

Today I bring you Dr Dre Beats PRO Headphones. These headphones are SPECIAL and need no special introduction. The Beats PRO Headphones are one of the hottest products you can buy this Christmas and anyone who has these will be one cool cat. This is a gift that a loved one will appreciate for sure...

Just look at it, it looks beautiful and the music quality is out of this world.

Beats PRO Headphones Available Through APPLE

You can buy the Beats PRO Headphones through the APPLE store. Be careful not to purchase this from dodgy stores as there are a lot of fakes about and it's hard to tell the difference.

You can purchase the Beats PRO Headphones for $399,95. This might seem like a lot but you will look like the coolest cat in town and giving this as a gift will push your popularity through the roof. 

The Beats PRO Headphones will probably be the only headphone you will need for the next 5 years. If you appreciate music quality and want an experience you will never forget then this is just the tech you need. 

The Beats PRO Headphones is available through the APPLE Store and Apple offer zero percent interest free finance through Barclays Special Finance, what this means is you can get the Beats PRO Headphones with no deposit and make 9 interest free monthly payments of $44.30 to pay this all off. 

If you purchase the Beats PRO Headphones today and make 9 monthly payments this item will be free and clear by August 2020.

Reasons to BUY the Beats PRO Headphones

If you appreciate music or know someone who does you will know that sound quality can make the world of difference. The Beats PRO Headphones will make your listening experience an enriching pleasure. The Beats PRO is also a very sought after item and will retain it's value and even appreciate if it turns into a vintage product.

If you're still not convinced then check out the 10 of the best features of the Beats PRO Headphones...

Feature 1: The Beats PRO Headphones is used by Artists and Producers to mix in major studios, this uber cool tech will deliver authentic sound that lets you rediscover real music.

Feature 2: The Beats PRO Headphones has clear highs and deep lows. The solid interior sound platform allow you to appreciate rich highs and the kind of bass that resonates in your chest.

Feature 3: The Beats PRO Headphones are made with an Aluminium Gunmetal Frame and uber high quality leather ear cups for added comfort. It is the Rolls Royce of Headphones only rivalled by the Apple AirPods.

Feature 4: The Beats PRO Headphones comes with a carrying pouch that looks super cool and is worth $100, the headphones only weigh 0.4 KG so it wont weigh you down.

Feature 5: The Beats PRO is the superman of headphones, it's virtually indestructible, you will not find any cheap plastic of frayed cords. All the material used is high quality and feels amazing round your neck or on your ears.

Feature 6: The Beats PRO has incredible and TRUE noise reduction. The device is smartly padded to pivot the ear cups to give you a complete noise cancelling effect, basically when it comes to noise cancellation this wins GOLD medal at the Headphones Olympic without even having to train!

Feature 7: You can buy this at the APPLE Store so you can get peace of mind that your not making a fool of yourself buying a fake. Be careful, there are a lot of fakes about.

Feature 8: You can purchase this for around $45 per month for 9 months interest free when you choose to pay using Barclays Special Finance which is available through Barclays.

Feature 9: This will probably be the only headphone you will ever need in your life, it's that good. This is not a impulse purchase, this is an investment for those who appreciate music.

Feature 10: You will be one of the coolest CATS this Christmas or make someone incredibly happy.

Beats PRO Headphone Available of Barclays Special Finance

If you can pay for the Beats PRO Headphone all at once for $399 then do it, it's an investment. If affordability is an issue you can apple for Barclays Special Finance. 

The process is very simple and takes about 10 minutes. If you're approved for finance you will get interest free credit for 9 months. If you make 9 equal payments of roughly $45 you will pay off this item by August 2020. If you want to know more about this amazing product check out the Official Dr Dre Beats PRO wesbite which will take you to the APPLE store where you can apple for Barclays Special Finance.

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