Monday 25 November 2019

Apple Airpods PRO Black Friday Instalment Plan - Get Zero Percent Interest for 6 Months Instalment Plan

I'm sorry I've not been bringing you deals for a while, I've been busy with Black Friday Cyber Monday, looking for the best deals for you. Anyway, I'm back now...With the APPLE AirPods PRO...This product is absolutely magical...

Ho Ho Ho...

Only 30 Days left until Christmas and 4 days left until Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. This is the time to get Christmas ready and bag yourself an amazing deal from Apple.

This Christmas The Apple Airpod is looking to become the hottest and most sought after product. You can either be the coolest cat with these personalised wireless headphones or you can be the best gift giver and Mr Popular by gifting these amazing headphones to a loved one. Anyway, I digress...

Apple AirPods and AirPods PRO 

I have tried both the Apple AirPods and the AirPods PRO and I must say, without a doubt that these pods offer the best quality in terms of sound and functionality. 

The Apple AirPods and The Apple AirPods PRO provide effortless, all-day audio on the go and bring, for the first time, Active Noise Cancellation to an in-ear headphone all with a customizable fit for your bespoke ear.

The Apple AirPods PRO - Only $249.00

You can buy the Apple AirPods PRO today for only $249.00, this is probably the last headphone you will ever need because it has absolutely everything you could think of in a headphone. 

1. Comes with customizable fit for your distinct ears.

2. The AirPods PRO comes with Active Noise Cancellation

3. Includes the H1 chip which is the most advanced EVER

4. Hey SIRI is always on when you wear the PRO version

5. The AirPods PRO are sweat and water resistant

6. The listing life on one charge is 4.5 Hours

7. With the charging case the listing life is more than 24 Hours!

8. The Best of ALL, you get personalized ENGRAVING with your name on the device...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I Love this Product...

Apple AirPods PRO Black Friday Instalment Plan

$249 is a lot to pay for headphones, however, this headphone is unlike any other bog standard headphone. If you appreciate your listening and music and want a enriched experience then this is for you. You will also be the coolest CAT this Christmas.

If you can't fork out $249 don't fret. You can get the Apple AirPods PRO on interest free credit with Barclays Special Finance. You can also purchase the AirPods PRO using Apple Card which offers Cashback!

With the Barclays Special Finance for the Apple AirPods PRO you will get 6 months interest free credit on your purchase. 

If the AirPods PRO cost $249, you will be able to pay off the device without paying any interest if you pay $41.50 Per Month for 6 month. This is an amazing deal and with Black Friday coming soon the PRICE could drop further.

The best way to play this is to apply for the Barclays Special Finance and get approved for the credit account. During Black Friday and Christmas there is a better chance of your application going through as long as you've not missed any credit payments in the last 6 months. Credit is pretty relaxed during this time.

Once you find the Apple AirPods PRO have been reduced in price you can make your purchase and pay the device off in 6 months by making monthly payments of $41.50. EASY!

To check out all the offers available and the Black Friday deals along with Apple's Special Finance through Barclays Bank check out the OFFICIAL Apple Product Page for the Apple AirPods PRO HERE.

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