Wednesday 13 November 2019

Christmas Instalment Plan for Apple Watch Series 5 - Barclaycard Special Financing Offer

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42 Days remaining until Christmas day. Get Christmas Ready with an Apple Watch Series 5 which you can now get on the Apple Christmas Instalment Plan. 

Apple Watch Series 5 is set to become the hottest Christmas gift for Christmas 2019. Everybody loves the product and it has amazing features such as monitoring your heart-rate, keeping track of your workout and managing your finances. You can also get the App Store on your wrist too and download some of the latest Apps to help make life easier.

If you are looking to purchase the Apple Watch Series 5 your in luck because you can get the watch on with Barclaycard Special Finance which provides a very competitive Interest rate on your instalment plan.

Christmas Instalment Plan for Apple Watch Series 5

This promotional offer for the Apple Watch Series 5 under the Barclaycard Special Finance applies to all qualifying Apple purchases made at Apple.com, Apple Store locations of by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE.

You need to apple for the Barclaycard Special Finance and if your approved you must make your purchase within 30 days of obtaining the credit.

If you spend $999 or more of the Apple Series 5 Watch you will get an 18 months Barclaycard Special Finance Deal.

If you spend between $499 to $999 you will receive the 12 months Barclaycard Special Finance Deal.

When you make a purchase on the older models for less than $499 you will only receive the 6 months Barclaycard Special Fiance Deal.

To apply for the Barclaycard Special Finance Deal you just need to fill out a relatively short online application form which should take no longer than 10 minutes. The lending policy during Christmas is quite relaxed, as long as you've not missed a payment in the last 12 months you should be approved for credit.

Once you've got your credit card you can start spending on the Apple Store Online or at any physical locations. Just give Barclaycard a call to confirm you've been placed on the Barclaycard Special Finance Deal. You can apple here.

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