Tuesday 12 November 2019

Nintendo Switch Interest Free Payment Plan - Christmas Black Friday Pay £12.50 Per Month for 12 Months

Only 42 days left until Christmas…

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles and will be flying off the shelf this Christmas 2019. The Nintendo Switch retails between £290 to £350 depending on which Nintendo Switch Bundle you choose. 

Fortunately, you can spread the cost of buying a Switch using instalment plans which include Zero Percent Interest where you can pay between 12 – 24 months. Here are some of the offers you should definitely consider.

Nintendo Switch 0% Interest Free Finance

Always look for 0% interest when you make a purchase because you wont have to pay anything extra and you have the luxury of making smaller payments over time. 

If you can pick up a Nintendo Switch when there is a sale with 0% interest over 24 months you have bagged yourself a great deal and saved a lot of money on the item and interest cost saved.

AO.Com Interest Free Nintendo Switch Deal

AO are offering interest free credit on the Nintendo Switch. You can choose an instalment plan between 6 and 12 months and pay every month. The great thing is no deposit is required and they are pretty-loose when it comes to credit. 

AO can deliver your console the next day so you can have it tucked away for Christmas ready for your children’s eyes to light up. 

The only SNAG is AO.com require the purchase to be over £350 for the 12-month instalment plan so you must buy a bundle with controllers and games. 

For the 6-month interest free plan to kick in you must spend £200 overall.

Argos Interest Free Credit Nintendo Switch Deals

Argos is hitting back with their own interest free credit deal for up to 12 months. The great thing about the Argos Deal is you can pay it back whenever you want if it’s within the timeframe of 12 months. 

You are not required to make 12 equal payments and you can pay it all off one day before the due date. If you can’t make the payment on the due date the interest is bumped up to 29.9% APR (Expensive!)

To take advantage of this offer you will need to apply for the Argos Credit Card which you can do online, they have pretty loose credit so the chances of being accepted is very high. 

You can make the application for the credit card when you go to the checkout page for the Nintendo Switch.

Game Interest Free Nintendo Switch Deals

One of my favourite deals is through Game.com. If you have PayPal you can use PayPal Credit it make the purchase. 

The only SNAG is they only offer a 4-month instalment plan but on the plus side the price only has to be over £99 which make the Nintendo Switch Light Eligible. PayPal credit is pretty loose so even if you have bad credit you might still be accepted.

Music Magpie Nintendo Switch Interest Free Deals

If you want to save some money this Christmas look no further than Music Magpie! This is a exclusive retailer that specialises in second-hand refurbished goods. The products are checked rigorously and are in pretty good nick. 

Music Magpie can offer you a refurbished Nintendo Switch Console at zero percent interest and they have a pretty relaxed credit application process. So even if you have bad credit there is a good chance you’ll be accepted especially during the Christmas Period. 

Your order will have to be over £99 and you can only use the PayPal credit facility which is available over 4 months. If you do decide to purchase a £99 Switch Light you only have to pay £25 per month over 4 months.

Buy Now Pay Later Finance for Nintendo Switch

If you want even more flexibility you should consider Buy Now Pay Later Finance. Retailers will offer you a Nintendo Switch whereby you don’t have to pay a deposit and can pay the full balance at your earliest convenience if it’s within the offer period. 

Buy Now Pay Later is offered through Argos, AO.com Game, Music Magpie and eBay. Check out their terms and condition if you want even more flexibility. Be careful to make a not of the latest date you need to make the payment otherwise you will be charged the Standard Variable Rate which is usually 29.9% APR.

Pay Weekly Finance for Nintendo Switch

Bright House and Argos offer a pay weekly finance plan but they do charge interest. If you prefer to make weekly payments this plan is for you. 

Beware of high interest charges, typically Bright House charges 99.9% APR for their Pay Fortnightly or Pay Weekly Plans. These plans are very easy to get approved for and they welcome people with bad credit too.

Nintendo Switch Bad Credit Finance

What about a poor credit history? Missing payments can lead to an adverse credit report. Some of the retailers mentioned above are unlikely to approve you of credit even though they have relatively loose credit approval process. 

There is a company called Lintronics.UK which offers credit to people with poor credit scores and the great thing is they offer 0% APR and boast they offer credit to 96% of their customers. This is a company you should check out if you want to buy a Nintendo Switch and are worried about your credit score.

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