Wednesday 8 October 2014

Young Billionaires Giving Away Money Part 2

Earlier I wrote a post on young billionaires giving away money which became very popular. I thought I would continue the theme as we love to highlight philanthropists on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. In the previous post we looked at young billionaires such as Perenna Kei, Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg, Anton Kathrein, and Drew Houston. In this special post we will be highlighting the next five youngest billionaires who giving money.

Contacting Billionaires for Help

Before you contact young billionaires giving away money you need must have a genuine need. You will not receive help if you’re purposefully trying to deceive these rich people out of money. Before these billionaires help people they do their due diligence so it’s very important you’re open and honest from the outset.

Getting money from millionaires and billionaires is not a myth. If you’re looking for proof look for Craig Rowin the internet phenomenon who got a one million dollar donation just by asking for it in a YouTube video. There are plenty of rich people who want to give money and all you have to do is find the right person and ask them properly. Normally these billionaires prefer that you contact their charitable foundation but there is no law which says you can’t contact them personally. So now without further ado here are the next five young billionaires who give away money.

#6: Albert Von Thurn

At number 6 in the list of young rich people giving away money is Albert Von Thurn. Remarkably Albert Von Thon first appeared on the Forbes Radar when he was less than 9 years old after inheriting large sums of money. In Germany Albert Von Thurn is the twelfth prince in the Von Thurn family line and has over 35,000 hectares of prime woodland worth an awful lot of money. 

Albert Von Thurn has an estimated net worth of 3.76 billion dollars and he is only 30!
After searching high and low for Albert Von Thurn’s contact details I could only come up with a Facebook fan page. Although the billionaire gives a lot of money to help people he likes to remain anonymous. You can find his Facebook Fan page here.

#7: Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan is one of the richest men in Texas. He is number seven is the list of billionaires that give money. Scott has an estimated net worth of 6.29 billion dollars and he is only a 31 years old singleton making him the most eligible bachelor in Texas. Scott Duncan became incredibly rich after he inherited his fortune from his father’s pipeline business.

Duncan and his siblings are now involved in their parent’s foundation which is the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute. Again I searched high and low for Scott Duncan’s contact details but was unable to find anything as he’s known for being fiercely private. The best way to contact Scott Duncan which is a long shot would be through the Jan and Dan Duncan Foundation address the correspondence to him. You can find the contact details below.

Scott Duncan Contact Details (Long Shot)
Jan & Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
1250 Moursund Street
Telephone: (832) 824-2645

#8: Eduardo Saverin

One of my personal favourite is Eduardo Saverin who’s in at number 8 in the list of billionaires who give away money. Incredibly Saverin has a 4.10 billion dollar net worth at young age of 31. Eduardo made his fortune through Facebook after he bankrolled the project at the inception stage. After Saverin’s falling out with Mark Zuckerberg thanks to the negative influence of Sean Parker (Napstar Founder) he took legal action against Zuckerberg to get his fair share from the IPO.

After searching high and low for Eduardo Saverin’s contact details I could only come up with his Facebook profile page. Eduardo Saverin according to Wikipedia is also the cofounder of Web Cures.

#9: Yang Huiyan

Finally another woman! In at number 9 in the list of billionaires who help people is Yang Huiyan with an estimated net worth of just under 7 billion dollars at only 32 years of age. Yang Huiyan is an incredibly driven woman and is the Vice Chairman of Country Garden which is a top real estate developer in China. In 2007 Country Garden went public and Yang became an overnight billionaire with a 16 billion dollar fortune making her the richest person in China.

Yang Huiyan is known as a very generous woman and you can contact her through the Country Garden Holdings Company. I have added the contact details below, make sure you address the email to Yang Huiyan so you have a good chance for the email to get through.

Yang Huiyan Contact Details
Email: info@countrygarden.com.my
Telephone: (1300) 80 6666

#10: Fahd Hariri

 In at number ten in the list of young billionaires giving away money is Fahd Hariri who is the son of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. At the age of 33 Fahd Hariri has an estimated net worth of 1,200,000,000 dollars (1.2 Billion Dollars) all of which was accumulated through is late father’s real estate development in prominent areas Lebanon.

Fahd Hariri is a very generous billionaire and has helped to create residential dwellings to help people in Lebanon. Hariri is now President of the Har Investment Fund and a Member of the Advisory Council at Lutetia Capital. You can contact him on the contact details given below.

Contact Details for Fahd Hariri
Corporate Address
7, Place Vendome
Phone: (33) 0179 979797

Young Billionaires Giving Away Money

These young billionaires giving away money are the philanthropists of tomorrow. These billionaires are the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s of the future and will no doubt stamp their mark on philanthropy. You can contact all these billionaires for help if you have a genuine need. If you need money, financial assistance or advice and mentoring there is no harm in contacting these people for help. Please feel free to forward this post to anyone who might find it useful or even inspirational. Please share this using social media if you found it entertaining or useful. As always feel free to contact me if you’ve had success finding young billionaires giving away money.

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