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Free Computers for Low Income Families

Free computers for low income families are available to help people in need. Recently I was asked a question on how to get a free computer for low income families by one of the readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. After responding to the reader I was inspired to share the ideas and programs I found with the rest of the Millionaires Giving Money Community.

In this Quick-Fire guide I will give all the information available on how you can get a free laptop or free computer. This guide will contain all the programs and initiatives on offer from the Government, Private Companies as well as Charitable Organisations. Please feel free to share this information with other people who might find it use. Make sure you book mark this page for future reference and share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ as well as Twitter. Please spread the word so more people can have access to this information which will hopefully allow them to get low income computers.


Can You Really Get a Free Laptop or Computer? 

It is possible to get a free computer for low income families because policy makers believe that IT plays an important role in reducing poverty through opportunity. If you’re on a low income and have a large family then free computers or subsidized computers may be made available to you. You might be eligible for free used and recycled computers, laptops and tablets. You may also be eligible for used computer hardware and software. Free computers for disabled people are also available. All these programs and initiatives are specifically designed to help low income individuals and families gain access to IT and the internet which are needed to progress in this day and age.

Who is Eligible for Free Computers and Laptops?

Free computers for low income individuals and families are available if you are below or near the federal poverty line. Most programs and initiatives offer free computers to low income families. Before you are approved to receive a used computer you must prove your income and fill out application forms explaining how a computer would make a difference to your life. Disabled people are also prioritised to receive a free computer regardless of their income levels. There are some programs which do not require income disclosure and these programs may be used to help elderly people to get online. All the programs are listed below with the contact details. You should start by researching all the organisations offering used computers and then apply for them one by one. If you meet the requirement you are almost certain to get a used laptop, tablet or computer.


Free Computers from Freecycle

Free computers low income families are available from sites like Freecycle and other peep to peer sharing sites. Freecycle.org is an online recycling network which has been set up as a non profit organisation. There are plenty of tablets, computers and laptops available from people who have no longer need their hardware or have bought another model making the existing model obsolete. You can sign up for free and then get access to all the free stuff recyclers want to give away.

The best strategy to get a free computer for a low income family is to become a member and then search what’s on offer on the recycling forum. The more frequently you look for a used tablet, laptop or computer the more likely it is you will find someone who is giving it away. Reach out to people by making requests and it’s almost certain you’ll get a used PC. You will have to pick the item up yourself so if you have access to a car you can travel further therefore giving yourself a better chance of getting a free personal computer for low income families.   

Site: freecycle.org

Refurbished PC’s from Recycle the World

Computers for low income families are also available through Recycle the World. Recycle the World is another excellent website which promotes recycling products you no longer need or want. You can sign up for free and get access to all the items people are giving away. Free laptops, computers and tablets are given away but these items are snapped up very quickly.

To stand a chance of getting a free laptop for low-income families you need to be on the site frequently looking for used PC’s and laptops. Whenever a computer is available you need to respond to the recycler and inform them that you’re interested. Alternatively you could post in their wanted section so people could contact you personally. It’s not only about receiving, if you’ve got an item you no longer use it’s important that you offer the item to people who might need it. Sharing is the key to making sites like Recycle the World successful.

Site: RecycleTheWorld.org

Used Computers From World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is another organisation that offers free computers for low income families. World Computer Exchange works a little differently. In order to be eligible for a free used refurbished computer you need to become their partners. Eligible partners include Youth Centres, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Ministeries, Orphanages, and underserved Libraries. The underlying aim of World Computer Exchange is to connect people all over the world to the internet by reducing the cost as much as possible.

To get a free computer, used laptop or tablet you need to find out who the partners are and then contact them direct for a used PC. You should start by contacting WCE and explain your circumstances. Once WCE have understood your circumstances they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Site: WorldComputerExchange.org
World Computer Exchangce, Inc
936 Nantasket Avenue
Hull, Massachusetts 02045 USA
Email: Info@WorldComputerExchange.org

Free Computers from Technology Assisting People in Need (TAPIN)

TAPIN offers free computers, laptops and tablets to disabled individuals and low income families and individuals. This program has not yet gone nationwide and is only available in the State of Ohio. To be eligible for a used free refurbished PC you must show proof of income and you need to explain how a computer would improve your life.

Site: TAPIN.Org
Technology Assisting People in Need
PO Box 12916
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212-0916

Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes, is another organisations which offers free refurbished computers to specific causes. Most of their refurbished hardware goes to educational and learning programs to help individuals to improve their IT skills so they can connect to the internet. You can apply for a free refurbished used computer by just filling out an application form. Computers With Causes specifically request that you do not call them to make inquiries as they are undermanned and use their phone lines to accept donations.

Site: ComputersWithCauses.org

Free Laptops and Computers from CFY.Org

CFY is a national organisation that helps students, teachers, and parents use digital learning to improve educational outcomes. CFY offers free refurbished computers to train students, parents, and teachers. CFY also offers an internet package for free, this includes broadband, learning software as well as a help desk to help people with any IT or internet problems that they may have. This is an excellent program and is worth checking out if you want a free computer for low income families.

Site: CFY.Org
CFY National
520 Eighth Avenue, Floor 10
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 563-7300
Fax: (212) 563-1215
Email: info@cfy.org

Komputers 4 R Kids

Komputers4rKids.ca is a fantastic organisation which is run by volunteers who have the skill set to build and refurbish old computers giving them a new lease of life. These computers are then given to low income families who need to get online in order to progress their lives. You should also consider joining this organisation if you have computer building skills as the demand for volunteers are high.

Site: komputersforkids.ca
Komputers for Kids
41 Octavia Street
Community Resource Centre Quinte
(Formerly Queen Mary School)
Belleville, Ontario
K8P 3N3

Accelerated Schools Programs

This is a computer loan program for low income families. You can apply for a loaned computer for low income families by paying a 100 dollar deposit which is returned when you return the computer in the proper working condition it was in. This program is specifically designed for school kids who do not have a computer at home and just need a little help to get connected. To inquire about the program you need to call 1800-724-6653.

Computers for Learning

Computersforlearning.Gov is an organisation which takes excess federal computer hardware & software and then refurbishes the hardware and distributes it to schools, universities and colleges as well as organisations which help people. ComputersForLearning.Gov is a great place to make inquiries about where to get a free computer for low income families.

Site: ComputersForLearning.Gov
Email: Computers.learning@gsa.gov
Tel: (866) 333-7472

Free Computers for Low Income Families

Knowing how to get a computer for low income families is a great way to get yourself out of poverty through the power of networking. If you’re on a low income, have a large family, or are disabled there is a good chance that you’re eligible for a used free refurbished computer. The programs listed above are worth visiting and researching. Once you’re sure that you’re eligible for a free PC you should apply to the program and wait to see if you are rewarded. It’s also worth becoming a member of recycling sites like freecycle.org because they frequently list free laptops, tablets and computers for low income families.

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