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I Need Money Right Now - 10 Ways to Make Money Now!

I Need Money Right Now 10 Options to Make Money Right Now

I Need Money Right Now is a frequently asked question on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog, I receive a handful of these emails everyday asking for money. I also get questions like I Need Money Right Now for Free. I wanted to write this post to share 10 options to make money right now. If you are experiencing financial hardship and need money quickly or just want to beef up that emergency fund or take a nice holiday check out these 10 options which might inspire you to make more money. I've also shared some insights at the end of the post if you are experiencing financial hardship and just want to feel better about money and remove all money worries. Either way, I hope these ideas and insights can help answer the question I Need Money Right Now!

I Need Money Right Now
10 Options to Make Money Right Now

Option 1: Ask for a Pay Rise If You Need Money Right Now

OK, so you're making statements such as I Need Money Right Now, the quickest way you can raise money is to ask for a Pay Rise. Before you ask for a pay rise really put in the hours and make a real difference for the company you work for. Your aim is to make yourself indispensable so the company is desperate to keep you, take on more responsibility and really earn your buck. Once you've put in the hard hours you can ask your boss for a pay rise. Suppose your boss agrees you will have more money, if your boss refuses you can start looking for a better paid job, either way your income will increase eventually.

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Option 2: Look For a Better Paid Job If You Need Money Right Now

If I Need Money Right Now the second option I would explore is to find a better paid job even if I was given a recent pay rise. Suppose you are earning $20.000 dollars per year and your pay rise makes your salary elevate to $22,000 dollars per year, that's all great. But Imagine you can find a job that pays $32,000 dollars per year, you've instantly increased your monthly income by $1000 dollars per month which is amazing. Start brushing your CV up and take on more responsibilities and qualifications to make yourself a superior candidate in your field. If you can pull this off your personal finances will thrive and you will feel much better about money.

Option 3: Take on a Second Job If You Need Money Right Now

When you make statements such as I Need Money Right Now you have got to be prepared to work hard, this might involve taking on a second job on the weekends and evenings. There are so many second jobs you can take on such as tutoring, hospitality, cleaning, etc. The key is to keep yourself really fit and healthy so you can sustain a second job, the other key is to save every penny you earn from your second job so that you can save money and improve your personal finances so you feel better about money and worry less. 

Option 4: Take on an Under The Table Job If You Need Money Right Now

When I Need Money Right Now I always think about under the table jobs, these are jobs that pay cash near you and there are no formal contracts and nothing is declared to the authorities. There are so many under the table jobs near you, these include decorating, cleaning, gardening, mowing lawns, Fiverr.com jobs. The more skills you have the more money you can charge for these under the table jobs. I know people who earn thousands of dollars just from these under the table jobs, this is several times their salaries! Get excited and make a start, ,make a list of all the under the table jobs you can do and then start advertising your service, if you are good people will come to you. 

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Option 5: Sell All Your Clutter If You Need Money Right Now

When I Need Money Right Now I start selling all the junk I bought and never really used. You can do the same by having an incredible clear out. Remember, one persons junk is another persons treasure. Start by making a comprehensive list of all the items you don't need, try and aim for a clear out worth 1000 dollars, trust me, if everyone sells the clutter they don't need they can definitely raise 1000 dollars and fast. Once you've made your list you can start selling on eBay, if you've priced everything properly you will sell items and make money. 

Option 6: Ask Your Parents If You Need Money Right Now

If I Need Money Right Now right now and I'm desperate and have nowhere to turn to I have no option but to ask my parents. I know it's awkward, however, if you're desperate you need to take drastic action. What I noticed is when you ask your parents for a loan in a professional manner they are more likely to agree to the terms. So do the following, make a professional loan agreement contract and then set the terms which includes the loan amount and the repayment dates, sign the document and have a security just to sweeten the deal, you could also have a bonus payment. As ever, don't take liberties with your parents, pay them back on time or next time they will tell you to go where the sun don't shine.

Option 7: Ask Your Friends if You Need Money Right Now

Another option, similar to asking your parents is to ask friends for financial assistance. Again like before don't just blurt our I Need Money Right Now, instead make the request professional. Like before, draft a professional agreement, have the loan amount, repayment dates and standing order set up. Also have a bonus payment and security so it makes the deal secure where there is no loss for your friends. Every time you do this you will have a better chance of getting money from your friends, just make sure you have enough to pay them back.

Option 8: Take Out a Loan if You Need Money Right Now

Option 8 is going to your local bank, I've left this option near the end of the list because paying interest will make you poorer so leave this as a last resort. Before you apply for payday loans ask your bank manager to loan you money. Suppose you have bad credit go to a bank where you have a good standing credit relationship with. Explain to your bank manager the reason for your bad credit, if you can demonstrate this was a one off it is quite likely that you'll be approved for the loan. Getting a loan from the bank is much better than getting a pay day loan because you'll pay less in interest and interest as we all know makes you poorer.

Option 9: Take Out a Pay Day Loan If you Need Money Right Now

When I Need Money Right Now and I'm desperate and have nowhere to turn to and I've explored all the other 8 options only then will I consider taking out a payday loan because they're so damn expensive. Payday loans provide a good bridge when you can't make ends meet, but, if you make a habit of taking out payday loans you will start to lose control of your finances and get poorer. As ever, when you take out a payday loan find the cheapest one, consider car title loans and pawn shop loans to to make sure you're paying the least amount in interest as possible.

Option 10: Increase Your Financial Intelligence

Making statements like 'I Need Money Right Now' all the time should indicate that you need to get a handle on your money. What you need to do is increase your financial intelligence. The more you know about the ins and outs of personal finance the better you will get with money. Read gems such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Next Door, Automatic Millionaire and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. All these books will get you in the mood to get better with money. I really hope these 10 Options for 'I Need Money Right Now' will inspire you to make more money now!

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