Monday 6 June 2016

I Desperately Need a Holiday Right Now - Fly Now Pay Later

I Need a Holiday Right NOW 

Fly Now Pay Later 

I recently received an email from a Millionaires Giving Money Blog Reader asking about vacations and holidays and how they need one. The reader has diligently saved money and is slowly getting herself out of poverty and into prosperity. The reader was asking about rewarding herself for hitting her savings target and has a vacation fund which she does not want to spend just yet. The reader's question is outlined below. 

Dear Millionaires Giving Money Blog. I desperately need a holiday right now! Your personal finance advice has made a real difference to my life. I have been reading your blog and it has inspired me to save more money. I've increased my savings rate from 10% to 60% every month and I've increased my income by more than 40% with some of the ideas you have on your blog.

Now it's time to treat myself. I have a holiday fund of $1000 which I don't want to touch just yet and want to keep within my emergency fund. Do you have any ideas where I can travel for free to have a holiday now and pay later? I will use my holiday fund to pay off the debt but I want to do it slowly and improve my credit at the same time. Any Ideas? 
As usual this idea really got me thinking. Even though The Millionaires Giving Money Blog connects wealthy millionaires and billionaires with people who need money we still offer unconventional personal finance ideas the conventional personal finance blogs refuse to mention. So without further ado here are 7+ ways to holiday now and pay later or have a holiday for free.

7 Ways to Holiday Now Pay Later

#1: Enter Competitions for a Free Holiday 

Comping is a great way to get a vacation for free. There are literally hundreds of competitions which offer free flights and hotels to a holiday destination. Most of these competitions have free entry so you don't have to put up any money upfront. The locations are quite magical and I've seen 14-day cruises to the Bahama's being given away for free! To get a free holiday you need to enter as many competitions as possible. I know some compers who enter at least 20 competitions per day. These people have won so many free holidays so you know that it works. Start by setting aside an hour every day to enter competitions and wait to strike it lucky. 

#2: Use Air Miles 

I love to use airmiles to go on vacation. All of my spending goes on my air miles credit card which I pay off in full at the end of the month. By the end of the year I've collected enough air miles to take a decent holiday. To get started apply for a air miles credit card and then put all your expenditure on credit. Make sure you pay this off at the end of the month to avoid paying excessive interest. You could even put other people's spending on your air miles card so long as they pay off in full at the end of the month. Once you have enough air miles you can pick a destination of your list and fly for free. 

#3: Ask Parents for a Free Holiday 

There was a time when going on holiday with your parents was un-trendy. Now with the finances as they are its worth considering if your parents are offering. Parents love the idea of taking children on holiday because they enjoy having the family together. If your parents offer to take you on a free vacation think before you say no because it might be a long time before you can take a holiday on your own accord.  

#4: Fly For Free With Your Job 

There are many jobs which require travel and if you can position yourself with one of these companies then you can travel all over the world for free. Sales jobs, management jobs as well as management consultants get to travel all over the world for free as its one of the perks of the job. You would get free flights and hotel bookings and once you've finished your job you can start a mini holiday. To get started do a search for jobs which involve travel and see what roles are available. You might have to study or gain experience but it will be worth it if you enjoy travelling. 

#5: Become a Flight Assistant and Fly For Free 

You could turn your talents to piloting or becoming a flight attendant. There are now male, female pilots and flight attendants in abundance so there is a level playing field. To get started decide if you would like to take charge of flying a plane or serving passengers. Check all the airlines to see what is required and then take the plunge and apply for a job. 

#6: Use Interest Free Credit Cards to Fly Now Pay Later 

If you have a high credit score you could apply for a interest free credit card. With the quantitative easing money is being printed like there's no tomorrow so more credit is available than ever. Banks are giving away money for free sometimes for 24 months. To get started check your credit file for free. Then make any improvements you can to up your credit score. Finally apply for the credit card and if successful book your flights and hotels on credit. You can ideally take a holiday now and pay later in 24 months time.  

#7: Use PayPal Credit to Travel Now Pay Later 

A great way to travel now and pay later is through PayPal Credit which was formerly known as Bill Me Later. PayPal Credit works with a number of airlines and hotels as well as travel comparison sites and offers you a chance to book your holiday now and then pay later in small installments. With this option you will be paying a small amount of interest so it's best to pay it off as soon as possible. So what airlines and travel agencies accept bill me later or PayPal Credit I hear you ask. Here's a list of all the top travel agencies. with a brief description. I have included travel insurance companies, hotels, airlines and everything to do with fly now pay later holidays. 

RoamRightYou should always travel with Travel Insurance. You can get flexible plans from Roam Right by choosing only the cover you need. RoamRight is very affordable and offers worldwide medical travel insurance. 

Hotwire.Com - HotWire.Com offers the complete package when it comes to fly now pay later. You can book holidays, flights, vehicle hire, cruises and much more. HotWire has been established for 16 years and has won numerous awards including the coveted 2015 FEEFO Trusted Merchant Accreditation Award which means you can trust the service and package offered by this agent. 

Delta Airlines - This is an established airline which accepts PayPal Credit. You can trust Delta Airlines as they've flown over 150 million happy passengers in 2015. You will find the largest Delta Hub in Atlanta which currently offers 1000 departures a day to locations all over the world. 

AirTran  This airline has the motto 'BE THE BEST' which means you will get exceptional customer service and a smooth flight to your chosen destination. What I like about AirTran is it provides low-cost flights to destinations all over the world.  

United - A well-established airline which accepts PayPal Credit for Fly Now Pay Later. United offers great destination abroad as well as tardy domestic flights.   

American Airlines - One of the largest Airlines in the world American Airlines flies over 530,000 passengers every day. They are serious about the environment and offer a wide variety of destinations other airlines don't. A very reputable company to use fly now pay later. 

Emirates - With over 280 aircraft's at their disposal Emirates is one of the best brands when it comes to flying. The Airline offers quality and exceptional customer service but it does come at a price. The great thing about this premium airline is it one of the very few that accept PayPal Credit's Travel Now Pay Later. Every year Emirates flies more than 50 million passengers worldwide. 

Expedia - One of the first travel agent comparison site to offer the whole package. You can find offers on cruises, flights, hotels, car rentals, and concierge. Expedia accepts Fly Now Pay Later so if you want to book everything in one place this is a great site to do so. 

JetBlue - This is one of the bests low-cost airlines for customer satisfaction. Low-cost airlines don't pride themselves on service, they're just interested in offering the lowest possible price so JetBlue is a refreshing option. JetBlue has a famous 'Customer Bill of Rights' which claims to bring humanity back into air travel. If you're looking for something cheap for your fly now pay later then this is an option to consider. 
Priceline - With Priceline, you can choose how much you want to spend and then find holidays to match your budget. The site offers flights, hotel, and car rentals. The best thing about this site other the travel now pay later facility offered through PayPal Credit is its feature to choose your budget. 
Hotels.com - With Hotels.com you can search for separate and packaged flights and hotels. The agent offers flight and hotel deals in North America, Asia, Europe and Canada. With the travel now pay later feature you can choose the right deal because you have over 250,000 to choose from. 
Travelocity - Another established travel comparison site and agent which offers deals on flights, cruises, cars and hotels. Travelocity guarantees to match and refund the excess paid if you can find a better deal on another travel comparison site. 
BookIT.com - On BookIT.com you can use coupon codes to get money off packaged deals, flights, hotels and vehicle hire. Another great site worth considering as they accept PayPal Credit's Fly Now Pay Later. 
More Great PayPal Credit Travel Agents 
If you've still not found the perfect holiday from the list above there are more travel agents you can choose from to create the perfect holiday. All these agents accept PayPal Credit so you can book your Fly Now Pay Later holiday today. These agents include Tripmaster, OneTravel, Pleasant Holidays, Interjet, Orbitz, CityPASS and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. You are bound to find something you like if you go through this exhaustive list. Happy Flying. 
Fly Now Pay Later 
To get a holiday for free the first port of call should be to enter as many competitions as possible. This might be very time consuming, however, the reward will definitely pay off if you win. Alternatively, you should try and get away with your Parents and Friends for free. If flying for free is something you're not comfortable with then try getting your hands on an air miles credit card and load it up with miles responsibly, alternatively you could apply for interest free credit cards which now have interest free periods of up to 24 months. 

If all else fails turn to PayPal Credit formerly known as Bill Me Later to fund your holiday. Just choose a holiday from the exhaustive list of travel agents and airlines given above and book through PayPal opting for credit. You will be charged interest and you can pay it off in small installments. I really hope this helps and I hope you have a great holiday. If you've found this post useful please share with others and like this page on Google +. 

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