Tuesday 21 June 2016

Where Can I Get 1000 Dollars Quickly - Need Immediate Help

Where Can I Get 1000 Dollars Quickly 

Here at The Millionaires Giving Money Blog we love answering quirky persona finance questions. Most of the personal finance blogs on the internet only offer conventional financial advice which repeated over and over again. Here we try and be different. Take the following question asked by Tanya a few days ago which really got me thinking. 
Reader Question: I'm desperate, please can you tell me where I can get 1000 dollars quickly? I read your other post on making 1000 dollars quickly and it was helpful. I was wondering if you have any more ideas. I am challenging myself to get out of poverty quickly. I'm tired of listening to all the conventional personal finance blogs which help you make small strides to prosperity. I want to tubro charge my journey from Poverty to Prosperity. Please HELP! 
I really like the passion Tanya shows here. Its clear that she's had bad luck and ended up in poverty. Now she wants to get out of financial hardship and into prosperity which is massively commendable. It is possible, it is going to be hard work but rewarding. If you can sustain this enthusiasm for a few years I have no doubt you'll get yourself out of poverty.  

In this post I will be sharing 10 ways where you can get 1000 dollars quickly. These are tried and tested methods and every idea is legal and legitimate, So long as you're motivated and prepared to step out of your comfort zone you will start to get ahead. Before I start new readers might be confused about the content on this blog. We first started as a site to help millionaires connect with poor people, as time went on more and more readers where asking unconventional personal finance questions which is why I love answering these questions. So now without further ado, here are 10 ways to find 1000 dollars quickly. 

Where Can I Get 1000 Dollars Quickly
#1: Sort Your Finances to Generate 1000 Dollars 
You could be a millionaire and still experience poverty unless you reign in your finances. This means getting spending under control. Always ensure your outgoings are less than your income, I know this is easier said than done but you must make a conscious effort. Follow some rules and you can watch your net worth rise week after week. These rules will help you save 1000 dollars which is similar to finding 1000 dollars. 
Rule 1: Spend than your earn 
Rule 2: Save more every month 
Rule 3: Invest your money in passive income 
Rule 4: Always try to cut costs to the bone 
Rule 5: Always find more ways to generate income (Look for Passive Income) 
Rule 6: Get a second JOB and save all the money 
By adhering to these simple yet incredibly hard rules you will make progress. I guarantee it. These are the rules that helped me get out of poverty and into prosperity. If you follow these rules month after month you will be able to save 1000 dollars which is as effective as making 1000 dollars.   
#2: Get Government Help 
The Federal and State Government are there to help people in need. There are many welfare benefits and programs which help financially. If you have no income or income below the Federal Poverty line you could apply for a number of benefits. You should leave no stone unturned and apply for every welfare benefit you might be eligible for. If you receive 1000 dollars in benefits or subsidies that's a great way to find free money. Here is a list of welfare benefits you should consider. 
1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP Food Stamps) 
2. Rental Assistance (Housing and Urban Development Dept) 
3. LIHEAP - Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program 
4. Unemployment Benefits 
5. TANF - Temporary Assistance Needy Families 
The above 5 welfare benefits are just some of the common benefits you can apply for. For a full list you must go to the USA.Gov website for more details. 
#3: Give Blood to Generate 1000 Dollars Quickly 
If you're healthy then giving blood to generate 1000 dollars is easy and can help you climb out of poverty. When you donate plasma you can expect anything between 30 and 100 dollars depending on how rare your blood type is. The key is to do your research and find clinics which offer more money for your blood type, On average you should aim to receive $50 or more for a donation. 

Your aim should be to save all the money you earn from donating blood so you know its helping you get out of poverty. If you can donate 10 times per month for an average 50 dollar payout you will generate $500 dollars at the end of the month. In two months you will have generated $1000 Dollars. In 12 months you will have generate 6000 dollars and every cent should be invested so you can climb out of poverty. To maximize you chances of making 1000 dollars follow these rules:

Rule 1: Keep very fit so body works at optimal levels
Rule 2: Supplement your diet with Multi-Vitamins
Rule 3: Find the highest paying Plasma Clinic
Rule 4: Create a Plasma Donating Routine
Rule 5: Eat a diet rich in Iron and Calcium
Rule 6: Don't overdo plasma donation 
#4: Donate Your Sperms for 1000 Dollars 
As a sperm donor you could easily make 1000 dollars a month. I know the Tanya who asked the question is a women so it might be difficult. If you have a partner or husband who is willing to donate his sperm for money then its another way to get out of poverty and into prosperity. To make the most money donating sperms you must fit a certain criteria. If your partner is 6 foot or taller, good education, blue eyes, blonde hair and has an exceptional body you can expect up to 100 dollars or more for your sperm donations. 

If you can get your man to donate a few times a week you can easily generate 1000 dollars a month which could go in your 'Get Out of Poverty Fund'. There are so many men who are donating their sperm for money and it is helping them get out of poverty. It is possible. If you can get over the initial embarrassment you can make a cool thousand dollars. 

How to Make 100,000 Dollars a Year Donating Sperms
#5: Donate Your Eggs for 1000 Dollars 
Female fertility is BIG business I kid you not. As women pursue careers and leave having children till later they become infertile so conceiving becomes harder and harder. Receiving an egg donor can make all the difference. Young women can sell their eggs for as much as 1000 dollars or more depending on the characteristics of the female. 

If you are a blonde bombshell expect to make lots of money. If you can donate your eggs 6 times a year you can make 6000 dollars every year to help you get out of poverty. Any money you should make should be saved and invested to climb out of poverty. 

How to Make 20,000 Dollars With Egg Donations
#6: Take Part in Clinical Trials to Make 1000 Dollars 
To supercharge your way out of poverty you must consider taking part in clinical trials which have high monetary compensation. You must look for Government approved clinical studies which can be found on ClinicalTrials.GOV. Some trails can pay up to 5000 dollars when the study is completed. Typically the high payout trials last for 2 to 3 months. 

If you are fit or ill enough to take part in 4 high compensation clinical trials every year you could make 20,000 dollars just for attending the hospital for a few days a week. Just imagine the leap you could make by generating 20,000 dollars to help you climb out of poverty. Remember the KEY is to find high compensation trials so join today to see what's available. 

How to Make Money Participating in Clinical Trials
#7: Get a Second Job to Make 1000 Dollars 
Most people make the mistake of working another job to make ends meet. You should never do this because the more you earn the more you will spend. You must be disciplined so when you do earn money from your second job all of it is saved. When I was experiencing poverty I worked my normal job 4 days a week to make ends meet. For my second job I worked 3 days and saved all the money. Everything I earned was transferred into a savings account which was later invested in assets that pay an income. 

This step of saving everything I earned from my second job helped me rise out of poverty. Be smart and don't spend your money from your second job, be smart and save all of it. The key is asking your employer to pay your wages into a savings account which has a 90 day notice for withdrawal.  
#8: Make Friends for 1000 dollars 
The world is becoming more connected yet we are becoming more and more lonely. Stress and anxiety is high and the time to meet new people is limited by countless commitments. Now people are seeking friends online. Some people are even hiring other people to become their friends so they can spend a few hours together recreating. 

You can capitalize on this by offering your friendly service for an hourly rate. You could easily make 1000 dollars every few months by spending a few hours with people who need company. Suppose you make 1000 dollars every 3 months you can expect to make 4000 dollars a year to help contribute towards your prosperity fund. 

Make Money With Rent a Friend
#9: Rent Your Home for Thousands 
You have to be very brave to make this move but if you do its very rewarding. The idea is to move into your vehicle or minivan and then rent your main home out and save all the money you earn in rent. When I was in debt I rented my home out and lived in a mini van. It was hard but it helped me pay off my debt and mortgage and now I'm living with minimal expenses. 

The key is to find a really nice mini van and then take the plunge. Try to get a very good rate for your home and then rent it out for a minimum of 6 months to see how things go. If you can get use to it for 6 months then you can get use to the process until you get yourself out of poverty. This is something you should seriously think about because you can make more than 1000 dollars per month doing this. 
#10: Get a Pay Rise 
You should aim to be the best in your position at work. You should become an indispensable employee. Your absence should invoke fear into your superiors as they imagine the business failing when you're not present. The key to getting a pay rise is becoming completely knowledgeable in your role. 

You should always go the extra mile and put the company ahead of yourself. Once you've proven yourself you can march into your bosses room and ask for a deserved raise. Hold out for as much money as possible. Work out how much your salary has increased by and then put all the money into a savings account to help you rise out of poverty. 
Where Can I Get 1000 Dollars 
The 10 ideas above are completely actionable. In fact if you work really hard you can maximize your income using all 10 ideas. It wont be a walk in the park but you will rise out of poverty month by month. You will no longer be near the breadline and you can stop worrying about money with your newfound financial security. It is possible and all it requires is patience and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. 

3 years of hard work will help you save 100,000 dollars which will help your leap towards prosperity. I really hope the 10 ideas to get 1000 dollars helps you and please feel free to leave a comment if you have used these ideas or have more ideas. Please share these ideas with people who might find it beneficial.

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