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What Can I Donate For Money? 10 Ways to Earn Money Fast

What Can I Donate For Money

Here at The Millionaires Giving Money Blog we love to answer unconventional personal finance question other personal finance blogs refuse to answer. Recently, Richard a reader who has been with us for a long time asked the following question. 
Reader Question: I really want to get out of poverty. I am taking your advice and we both have two jobs. Our parents live with us and they take care of the kids. We are saving all the money from our second job and some from our main job. 
We are tired to living in poverty and want to get ahead quickly. 
My question is what can I donate for Money? My wife and I are quite young and healthy, we try to keep fit. Is there anything we can donate to get ahead. I wanted to try and make $5000 a month for a few years so we can get our family into prosperity. 
Thanks for the question Richard! There are a lot of items you can donate for money. You can easily make 5000 dollars a month if you and your wife combine your resources. If you can organize yourself effectively then you can do this over a very long period of time and this will be a great way to get out of poverty. 

I know many readers who have donated for money and then slowly climbed out of poverty, its all possible. In this post I will be sharing 10 ways to make money by donating. I really hope you can use these ideas to help supplement your income. 
What Can I Donate For Money? 
One: Donate Sperm For Money 
You should consider donating sperm for money. There is a lot of demand for cryogenic sperms, some companies even send it via secure post. You can expect anything between 50 to 200 dollars per donation depending on your bodily characteristics. You must get through a lot of screening tests to determine to eligibility to donate. 
If you are healthy, tall, muscular and have a high IQ you can expect anything between 100 to 200 dollars per donation. If you're very well educated you can expect even more. The demand for top notch sperm is high so if you fit the bill you can start donating. If you can donate 4 times a week which is entirely possible you can make 400 dollars per week and 1600 per month. 

To get started do a search for a sperm donation clinic and book and appointment to get screened. This is a long term strategy and you could make a lot of money from it if you can remain focused. 

Six Terrifying Things No One Tells You About Donating SPERMS!
Two: Donate Eggs For Money 
You can donate your eggs for money because fertility is big business. Within a lifetime a women can donate her eggs up-to 10 times. There is a very strict procedure in place and you will have to undergo several tests to determine your eligibility. The process is relatively pain free but it is very tedious and there are risks when doing the procedure. 
You must also be under the age of 30 to earn the most money. If you have excellent characteristics you can make the most money. Suppose you're tall, beautiful, well proportioned and have a high IQ and education you could charge up to 12,000 per egg donation. If you can do this 10 times in your lifetime by keeping fit and healthy you could earn up to 120,000 dollars, this money can be used to get yourself out of poverty. 
To get started do a search for egg donations and book a initial consultation with a egg donation clinic. Research the benefits and the risk thoroughly and then make the decision. 

Egg Donation Process & Requirements
How to Become an Egg Donor
Three: Take Part in Clinical Trials 
You might not be thinking of Clinical Trials when you ask what can I donate for money but it is worth considering because the compensation can be very high. Your health is not dependent on how much money you can make because unhealthy people can make more as drug companies want to find out how unhealthy people react to certain medicines. 
Its very important to take part and participate in approved government trials because there are lots of scams pretending to be paid clinical trials where you have to make an initial donation. Be very wary of fake clinical trials. The best way to find a Government approved clinical trials is by visiting clinicaltrials.gov. You can find an extensive list of all the clinical trials you can participate in to make money. 
Long term clinical trials take about 4 to 6 months and compensation is anything between 5000 and 10000 dollars. If you and your partner can take part in two long term clinical trials every year you could make up to 40,000 a year. 

Clinical Trials Listed By Geographical Locations
How to Make Money By Participating in Clinical Trials
Four: Donate Plasma to Make Money 
You can make a lot of money donating plasma in your blood. Plasma is the yellow fluid which is mixed within the blood and can be separated easily. This plasma is very valuable because it can be used to treat diseases and disorders. The demand for plasma is very high so you can make a lot of money. The amount of compensation depends on how rare your blood is and the quality of your plasma. If you have been immunized for Hepatitis B you could earn as much as 100 dollars per donation. 
Normal blood types with healthy plasma can expect up to 50 dollars per donation. If you and your partner can donate blood every week then you can supplement your income by 200 dollars per week. This means you will have an extra 800 dollars a month if you can keep it up. When this process is repeated for a year you can expect to supplement your income by 9600 dollars which will help you get out of poverty. 

How Much Do You Get Paid for Donating Plasma?
Find a Plasma Donation Center
Five: Donate Breast Milk For Money 
You can make a lot of money donating breast milk. The demand for breast milk is overwhelming which is why some people are willing to pay up to 5 dollars for an ounce of milk. There are mothers who have made over 20,000 dollars a year by donating their breast milk through sites such as OnlyTheBreast.com. 
If you've recently had children and have surplus to requirements breast milk then you should consider selling this for money. If you can donate your breast milk regularly and become a reliable donor you can expect to make anything between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars. 

Suppose you have 3 children and you repeat the process 3 times you can expect to make a total of 60,000 dollars during the early years of your motherhood. 

Women are Selling Breast Milk for Ludicrous Amounts of Money
Six: Donate Blood For Incentives 
The FDA prohibits blood donation for money but that doesn't mean there's no financial incentives to donate blood. Many blood banks offer other monetary rewards such as vouchers and freebies. You can use these vouchers and freebies to indulge yourself from time to time so your rise from poverty does not have to be so miserable. 
There is a lot of controversy surrounding blood donation so be careful. Only donate to clinics which are approved by the FDA. Make sure you ask questions and always read reviews to check the clinic is operating within its remit. If you and your partner can donate blood once a month you can treat yourself with the vouchers you earn, 
Seven: Sell Your Placenta For Money 
There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Placenta. Some believe the cells within the Placenta have excellent healing properties which is why there is a lot of demand. This is not really approved by the FDA however you can save your placenta after childbirth and then choose to sell it if you wish. 
To get started find a clinic which accepts placenta and then agree on a price. Typically you can expect anything between 1000 and 10,000 dollars for selling good quality placenta. By doing this every time you have a child you could make a lot of money to help you rise out of poverty. 

Eight: Donate Bone Marrow For Money 
Donating bone marrow through a process called Apheresis can be painful but rewarding. In the USA the procedure is legal in Nine States and is covered by the 9th Circuit Court. If your state permits. If you have a high pain threshold you can expect compensation of up to 3000 dollars per procedure. There are some organizations on the internet that offer non monetary rewards such as new home payments, money towards education as well as scholarship programs. 
To get started do some research to see if this process is legal in your state. Then find a clinic and make a decision if you want to go through with the process after agreeing the type and amount of compensation for donating bone marrow. 
Nine: Donate Your Hair for Money 
There is a lot of demand for hair. Individuals will pay through their nose to make their head look good. You can take advantage by selling your hair if you have it in abundance. Some people are just blessed with great hair so if you want to share your blessings and make money at the same time you are in luck. 
You can sell your hair for anything between 100 and 5000 dollars depending on the quality and thinkness of your hair. A think haired blonde women could probably sell all her head of hair for 5000 dollars. You can make inquiries though Hairwork.com and Hairtrader.com to see how much you could make. 
If you have beautiful blonde locks that grow really quick and think you could generate 4000 dollars every time your donate. If you can do this every year and regrow your hair over a period of 5 years you could make 20,000 quite easily. 
Ten: Donate Your Womb For Money 
This idea is not really about donating as your just helping other couples by letting them use your womb for money. You will always get to keep your womb but you could do something very rewarding by allowing infertile couples to bring a child into this world. There is a lot of stress involved. You will have to visit the clinic many times during the artificial insemination period and then you will have to carry a baby in your womb for 9 months and then give birth. After all that you have to part with your baby which might be very stressful. 
There are a lot of factors to consider however the compensation which is anything in the region of 45,000 to 100,000 might just make the process worth it. To get started you need to find a surrogacy clinic and book a consultation. Once you pass the criteria you will get to know whats involved and this is when you can make your decision after thinking about all the facts. 

What Can I Donate For Money 
There are a lot of items you can donate for money. My advice would be to introduce one item at a time and then see how far you can take it. You can start by donating plasma, sperms, and eggs to see how that goes. Once you've established a routine you can add more ways to make money by participating in clinical trials and start donating bone marrow and hair. 

Its all about introducing one element at a time and then managing your body and time effectively. I really hope this post will help you make some money. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have more ideas. Please share this with other people who might find it use and don't forget to +1 this on Google Plus. 

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