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Philanthropists Who Loan or Give Away Money

Philanthropists Who Loan or Give Away Money

There’s a lot of confusion on the internet between philanthropists who loan money and those who give it away for free. In this article we try to explain the difference between the two concepts and then discuss how you can benefit if you’ve experienced a hardship and need financial assistance or if you have a bright idea and need the backing of a business person to get your idea off the ground.

Whichever way you attempt to get money it’s important that you thoroughly research the person you’re asking for help, you must also remain very patient as these requests can take months to process.

Names of Venture Capitalists Who Invest or Loan Money

If you’ve got a really bright idea about a product or service that really solves a problem but don’t have the money to take the idea to market then you can turn to venture capitalists for help. The purpose of the venture capitalists is to offer investment of money in exchange for a share in the business; it’s not really a loan more of an investment for a share of the profits. 

If you’re really considering asking venture capitalists for investment then you need a professional business plan and an immaculate presentation, you need to grab the attention of the investor and then explain how they could make great returns on their investments.

Having a Business Idea and Presentation

There are many business plan templates on the internet that you could use to really get your idea across; you should also practice your presentation in front of friends and family until its perfect. 

I have included the names and contact details of the venture capitalists on the Dragons Den, if you’re feeling really confident you could pitch in front of a live audience, otherwise you can contact the dragons individually with your business plan. 

Dragons Den Entrepreneur 
P.O. Box Station A 
Toronto, ON 
Canada, M5W 1E6


Bruce Croxon Investment 
Tel: (905) 555-555 
Email: Kathy(at)Xonkor.com 


Kevin O’Leary Contact Details 
Email: info(at)olearyfunds.com 

Jim Treliving Venture Capitalists 
100/ 10760 Shellbridge Way 
BC V6X 3H1 
Tel: (604) 270 1108 
Email: Jim.treliving(at)bostonpizza.com 


Names of Philanthropists Who Give Money Away 

The other alternative is asking philanthropists for money you don’t have to pay back. If you’re experiencing hardship then it’s worth turning to these rich millionaires and wealthy billionaires for help. To be more accurate you need to contact the charitable foundations that these philanthropists run and ask them for help. 

You must have a genuine need when asking these philanthropists for help; you can research the most appropriate philanthropists to contact by reading about the areas that they focus their giving on. You’ll be able to find a list of millionaires and billionaires on the GivingPledge.Org, Business Week Philanthropy, and Forbes Philanthropy List. 

Lists of Millionaires Giving Money Away 

Before you contact these non profit organizations for help you need to really ask yourself whether you have a real hardship or whether you have the ability to get yourself out of poverty. 

If you’ve asked yourself the question and still need help and you’ve already tried public assistance then you should try asking philanthropists for help. A real need would include help with medical treatments, medical bills, school fees, poverty, homelessness and financial despair. 

Contacting Philanthropists for Help 

I have included the names and contact details of three philanthropists who have their own non profit charitable foundation, if you’ve got a legitimate need then you could try contacting these people for help. 

You must remember that there are hundreds of other charitable foundations that you can try to get help if you’re refused help from these agencies. 

You must also remember that these requests could take months to process so it’s important that you have a list of organizations to contact so you can improve your chances. 

The Rockefeller Charitable Foundation 
420 Fifth Avenue 
New York, NY 10018 
Fax: (212) 764-3468 
Tel: (212) 869-8500 


The Turner Charitable Organization 
133 Luckie Street NW 
2nd Floor 
Atlanta, GA 30303 
Tel: (404) 681-9900 
Fax: (404) 681-0172 

Philanthropists Who Loan Money or Give Money Away 

If you’ve got a really good business idea then it’s definitely worth asking the venture capitalists mentioned above for help. To reiterate you need to have an excellent business plan and presentation before you go in front on these investors, you must show them that you’ve got excellent principals and have a positive can do personality. 

On the other hand you can contact millionaires for help if you’re experiencing hardship and need financial assistance and have a real need; the most important points to note is that you must have a legitimate hardship as mentioned above and effectively research the non profit charitable organization so that you can match your hardship to the help offered by the foundation.  


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    Starr S Gonzalez



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