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Planning for Success – 10 Rules for Achieving Your Goals + Bonus

Planning for Success  

It’s normal to fail a few times when you want to achieve something meaningful. When you fail all the time then there’s probably an underlying reason. When people set out to achieve something they underestimate the effectiveness of adequately planning for success

Most people just have a vague idea of what they want and a rough idea of how to do it. Most of the time, these people fail repeatedly and then blame other people for their failure. I get a lot of emails on The Millionaires Giving Money Forum asking for advice on success so I thought I would compile a list of traits to help people achieve their goals in life.

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Without a shadow of a doubt planning effectively improves to odds of success. Suppose two people want to become stock market traders, one man just jumps into trading while the other man takes a year to learn and follow the markets before he starts trading. 18 months later the first man takes his life while the second man becomes a multimillionaire. The latter more intelligent man has a greater probability for success. 

Without sounding too arrogant I’ve been successful at most things in life and one reason for this is my aptitude for planning for success. There are ten Rules that I adhere to whenever I want to achieve something big. I spend a significant number of hours perfecting my plan before I take any action. If you’re a person who has big plans but the results never materialize try to follow these rules to see if they make a difference to the end result.


Rule 1: Exactly Define Your Goal  

The first rule when planning for success is to know exactly what you want to achieve in life. If you have a vague idea of what you want then your results will be vague. If you have an exact definitive goal you will achieve exact definitive results. 

One of my previous goals was to earn $10,000 per month online and through other investments and enterprises. I then broke this goal into several smaller goals so I knew exactly what I would need to do. Just saying I want to earn $10k per month without exactly knowing how I was going to do it is like playing the lottery.   

Rule 2: List All the Tasks  

Once you’ve clearly defined your end goal the second rule when planning for success is to list all the steps that you need to take in order to achieve that goal. Suppose one of your goals was to become a professional blogger for a given subject. The steps you would take would be as follows  

1. Define the target market  
2. Analyse the competition  
3. Differentiate your style and delivery of content  
4. Place yourself in a niche with little competition  
5. Choose a word press blog design  
6. Add all the plug ins  
7. Add all the normal content such as Privacy Page and Disclosure Page  
Start adding content  
8. Monetise your site using Adsense  
9. Monetise your site using affiliate marketing  
10. Create a readership  

These are general steps that need to be taken, when I first started this blog I probably had 100 steps I needed to take so I could create something I was proud off. The more refined your plan the more likely it is you will succeed. The more general the plan the more general the results will be.  

Rule 3: Have Realistic Deadline  

Once you’ve listed all the tasks that are needed to achieve your end goal you will feel a sense of clarity and focus. You will know exactly what you have to do in order to get to where you want to be. The next rule when planning for success is having a realistic deadline. Don’t just say I’m going to earn $10k per month in 6 months because that’s like plucking figures right out of the air. 

Instead look at all the tasks and then give yourself realistic targets to get these done. Once you’ve worked out how long you need for each task you can aggregate the hours or days together to know exactly when you’ll achieve your end goal.  

Rule 4: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy  

Now you have all the tasks in front of you and you’ve got a deadline to complete the tasks the next rule when planning for success is to complete these tasks in the most efficient, effective and economic way. Whenever you’re faced with a task ask yourself what’s the most effective efficient way I can do this without wasting too much of MY time and MY resources?   

Suppose one of your task was to create logo for your blog. You could either attempt something yourself or you could have it done professionally. The professional logo would be more effective, efficient and economic as you’re not wasting your valuable time learning something that others can do quickly. Its all about working smart not just hard.  

Rule 5: Seek Mentors when Planning for Success  

Whatever your goal is there’s a chance that someone else has done it already. Rather than thinking your own way forward you could befriend a mentor that would be happy to guide you. Having mentors means that you don’t have to learn from your own costly mistake. Instead you can understand your mentor who will warn you of the pitfalls and advise you of all the shortcuts you can take.

Recently I wanted to learn more about Options Trading so I could generate $2000 per month trading. I found someone who was earning in excess of $10,000 per month and had 30 years experience. I read everything I could from her site and then became a member and have forged a profitable relationship with her. She is now advising me on how to trade effectively which means the likelihood of actually making money is high. Whatever you do in life have a mentor because you’ll achieve what you want to achieve in no time at all.      

Rule 6: Surround Yourself with Like Minded People  

The people you surround yourself with will determine your mindset. If you hang out with deadbeat losers you’ll probably end up a dead beat loser. If you surround yourself among winners in your field then you’ll eventually end up a winner. Find like minded people who want to achieve the same things you do and you’ll be able to bounce ideas off of each other.

You’ll feel motivated to succeed and you’ll encourage each other to keep going during the good times and the bad times. Finding like minded people is easy, if you’re pushed for time find a forum to fuel your curiosity and thinking. When planning for success positive people who want what you want will boost you on to success.  

Rule 7: Become Obsessed with the Goal  

Being passionate works but being obsessed means that you’ll achieve your goals faster. Become passionate and obsessed with your goals. Keep asking yourself if other can do it why can't I? Who’s stopping you other than yourself? If you eat, drink and breath your goals it's only a matter of time before you get what you want.

The seventh rule when planning for success is continually reminding yourself of your end goal. Look at the progress you are making and keep asking whether you can do more. It is important to find balance between obsession and feeling burnt out. 

Rule 8: Beware the Naysayers  

People will laugh at you, they’ll also try and drag you down, AND they’ll try to make you fail before you even start. (Make a note of this) The two words you should say to these people are BACK OFF. If I had a dollar for every naysayer in my life I would probably have another $1000 in the bank. Think of these people as ENERGY VAMPIRES who only pleasure when no one else progresses. Sever all ties with these naysayers and never look back at them. These are the enemies when planning for success.   

Rule 9: Prepare for Failure when Planning for Success  

Even the best laid plans have unplanned surprises and setbacks. Therefore the next rules when planning for success is always prepare yourself for setbacks and minor failures. Always understand and reaffirm in your mind that whatever happens you’ll have the mental strength and courage to succeed and keep going. Learn from your mistakes the second it happens and then review your plan to weed out repeat occurrences. Accept, Move Forward and Plan.   

Rule 10: Never Lose Focus and Drive  

To win a race you need focus and drive. You need to have your eyes, your mind, your heart on nothing else but the end goal. Nothing else should really matter as much. You need to keep driving forward. Use your imagination to think of how great life would be if you were to achieve this goal. Use your imagination vividly, one of my goals was to quit work and take charge of my financial life. 

Planning for Success  

Follow the 10 rules when planning for success and you’ll never look back. If you’ve failed after following all these rules then the goal is impossible or you’re still not planning well enough. People, life is short, start planning and achieving in life before it is too late. Before long you’ll find yourself in a retirement home being spoon fed by fat nurses who wished you were dead.  

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