Tuesday 2 July 2013

Free Money: Hundreds of Millionaires Are Giving Their Money Away to Individuals

It really is true, you really can get free money from hundreds of millionaires who are giving away their extra cash to individuals. In this guide we look at all the millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists as well as corporate philanthropists who are all giving away their money with no strings attached. 

If you're thinking about asking these generous people for help then you must have a genuine need, most of these requests for money fall on deaf ears because most of the requests come from con artists, if you don't have a genuine need then you wont get any money. 

A genuine legitimate need would include help with help with bills, medical treatment, scholarships, disaster, crisis, financial despair, and abuse.

Where Can I Find Hundreds of Millionaires?

Some of the best places to find these millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists include The Giving Pledge, The Forbes Philanthropy List and the Top 50 American Philanthropists by Business Week Magazine. 

I have bookmarked some articles below which will give you one hundred millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists who give money away, the guides will also contain the contact details so that you can contact them direct, please leave a comment below if you're thinking about contacting these millionaires, sometimes these comments are picked up and help is given, that's the reason why so many people experiencing hardship leave comments on articles like these.

One Hundred Millionaires Who Give Money Away
#1: Ask Bill Gates for Some Money
#2: Can I Ask Warren Buffett for Money?
#: Find Philanthropists in Your Country or State

Free Money from Celebrities No Strings Attached

You can even ask celebrities for money, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres have given away free cars, free homes, free education and so much more. I have bookmarked some guides below which have contact details of celebrities who love to give away free money with no strings attached.

#1: How Do I Ask Oprah for Money?
#2: Can I Ask Ellen for Money?
#3: Ask Jami Gertz & Antony Ressler for Money
#4: Ask Herp Alpert for Money
#5: Ask Mel Gibson for Money
#6: Ask George Lucas for Money

Free Money from the Government 

The government also has programs to help low income individuals and families, if you're experiencing hardship or you've lost your job or are in a crisis or disaster then the government can help. If you're in financial despair you should visit the USA.Gov website to see what help you're eligible for. Here are some guides to help if you're experiencing hardship. From USA.Gov you can apply for mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance, financial assistance for pensioners, you can also get advice and guidance on debt management and debt consolidation. 

#1: I Need Help With Food for My Family
#2: I Cant Pay the Rent This Month What Shall I Do?
#3: Where Car I Get a Free Car For My Needy Family

If your thinking about contacting millionaires celebrities or even billionaires then please leave a comment below, sometimes these requests for help are seen by people who want to help. Please leave your name contact details and reason for requesting the money.


  1. For people experiencing hardship please leave a comment with name, contact and reason for requesting money..

    If there are any millionaires reading please contact these individuals and help them with money.

    1. Where do I begin, I live in the negative check to check. My husband and I are two hard working people. We have two kids 17 and 11. I have been fighting Bank of America for 4 years. I am sick from the stress. There are no words how I have been dragged through the mud. I know it's a lot but my dream is that someone can help pay the bank off. It is going to go to sail date soon I don't have much if any time. I want to stay in my home. It is everything to us. Can you help me please I would repay you some how not sure please I know this is a complete long shot, but I have no one else to ask. Please help me. Please...Michelle Morales 954-557-4097 michelle@cityrealtypartners.com

    2. I'm going straight the point I need help if their is anyone who is willing to donate some cash I am disabled can't work due a bad heart and some other health problems. I'm waiting for my disability to be approved but they are taking there sweet time.I can't afford my own place living month to month,on only three hundred a month. So if you would like to help please send me your donations.p.s also I need donations as I need all the help I can get my Grandmother just past and need help for the funeral so all who can help God bless.Send what you can.Contact 510-7578144 mailing address is 1758 Groveview way Tracy,Ca 95376

    3. Im from maryland me and my to be husband love of my are struggling. We cant plan a wedding because we are both in massive debt. I am not one to ask for hand outs but im really am short for my bills this week. If someone could mail 250$ or anything that could help so i can buy food in our home. That be very helpful. We both work full time n over time and just didnt make enought this week for food. We both over the limitations to get food stamps but our debt is to high. We thought about claiming bankruptcy but we both have to much pride to do so. If your willing to help please do send the help to 8901 talc drive 2b rosedale md 21237. Again anything help us.

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  3. i need money help please my wife is pregnant now and i live at street with no job or home swear my god believe me if you dont help me i will death save me please by any amount of money to eating and buy flat
    egypt-cairo-albuhairah-itay elbaroud


    1. Hello,

      I am really sorry to hear about your circumstances. Have you tried building a hardship page on begging sites asking for money?

    2. Kareem David Smith


      I take care of a family member who is very sick with diabetes, fibroid, hyperthyroidism and a weak heart. After I finish buying some medicine, vitamins and some groceries. I can't even afford to pay all my bills and buy food that she require for her to get better. I have sold every thing of mines that has value and some of hers. just to get by. I walk alot because I dont drive and I cant even afford the bus. I want to go to college and can't go far because she needs alot of care. I just turned 25. I am her only family members. Could help us please with 1 million.


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  5. Hi my name is Dawie Fourie, I am asking for some help. I want to go study to become an IT Technician, my father recently lost his business and they can't help me financially to study, they struggle to get through the months as this creates a lot of stress in the family and they feel guilty that they can't help me to go study. Information Technology is my passion and I love working with computer. I am asking for a Donation so I can study and buy a small car for transportation to get me from point A to B, where point A will be my house and point B will be the college. I live in South Africa, where work is scarce and you need qualifications to get a job. I would appreciate it if someone can help me to pursuit my dream and passion.

    If you decide to donate money you can contact me at:

    +27 71 188 2423

    Best regards

    Dawie Fourie

  6. I've steered clear of asking for help as I know there are people using excuses to scam others. I desperately need 1200.00, that would catch up my rent and utilities and get my little boys school uniforms and shoes. I need this help only once and will happily talk to someone via phone. Of course I will leave my e-mail here for anyone to contact me, even if its someone that needs to vent. myself and my 10 year old son are disabled and working is not an option. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your hectic day to read this. I would mean the world to me and my son to receive the help we need, God Bless

  7. Hi, I would very much appreciate, what ever amount of money you would give me. My only excuse for wanting money, is I struggle just putting food on the table for my grandson and I. I am on a government benefit, most of that goes towards, rent and power, which barely leaves much, as I also have automatic payments, that are taken out weekly, paying bills I accumulated miss managing money matters. I have been to budgeting which has tightened my income up, to put me in this situation. It's OK if you by pass my plea, my situation will stay the same, and hopefully, one day something good will come my way.

    Best Regards
    Grace Mauheni

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  10. My name is Khurram Aziz.
    I am a single British Asian expat male 47 years of age with no family or friends living in Amsterdam in the Netherlands for many years from Social Security Benefit, due to health issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe depression..
    I am a talented self taught musician and I have sought to better my position and follow my dreams using the power of my mind/spirit, but sadly all my attempts over the years have failed and I find myself now in great financial distress as I am unable to pay off my debts or outstanding financial agreements made with creditors amounting to around €12000 in total, and I do not have enough to eat.(a situation which has persisted for many years now)
    My goal has been to become financially independent and self empowered.
    This is my current situation and has been the case for several years and has worn me down completely.
    In the past I have always been very generous and sought to help others whenever I had money or time.
    I am honest intelligent and sober with no serious addictive behaviours, and my rent electricity and internet costs are paid each month leaving very little over for anything else!
    I request the help of any generous people out there who could help me through donations so that I can finally transcend the poverty trap (please no loans or scams for which I have a very sharp antenna!) and eventually help others in need.
    You can contact me on kaziz1966@hotmail.com
    or telephone +31207710505
    My ING bank account is NL08 INGB 0007 7640 47 - Hr K Aziz
    Thank you very much for any assistance.:-)

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  12. Hello and Good morning, My name is W. Watkins I am a 44year old single mother and first time grandmother. I've always helped others (and continue to do so). I have given my last, and given to strangers in need. However I am the one in need. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and although I was blessed to get out of that situation I was left with my mouth disfigured and chipped and bad teeth soon followed. I looked into how much getting my lips fixed would cost a few years ago and then it was estimated at around $2,500.00 usdollars and I also checked out "clear choice" to get my teeth fixed I perfer clear choice teeth replacement over dentures because clear choice is more permanant. I have been stared at, laughed at and pointed at..I feel like a sidefreak show at times..people seem to sometimes take something so small for granted..like a smile..I just want to smile again, to laugh out loud and to even kiss. I want my smile back, I want a healthy smile..I want to take lots and lots of pictures with my first and only grandchild who is 14months old now..I believe in miracles, I believe in a way when it seems there is no way..so there..I put it out to the universe..and I know I've been heard..Thank you

  13. I am 20 hour away from a bachelors degree in management and out of financial aid. I do not have enough income to qualify for a private loan. Because of my age this will be my last shot at it.Please give me $50,000. that will get me to the degree and maybe help start graduate school. Thank you; Russell M. Boles.

  14. Greetings; My partner and I operating an enterprise selling high quality clothing in Kuala Lumpur. A container of goods has arrived but we cannot sell because of exorbitant sales tax/import duty. Previously sales tax had been paid out of sales income on completion of contract. Now the sales tax is demanded up front before sales. We were told to pay $NZ 100 000. We negotiated that we pay $50 000 up front and 50 000 on completion of sales.
    With help fro many friends we raised $50 000. No sooner had we presented this to the Malaysian authorities, they then arbitrarily demanded a further $NZ 20 000 before we would be given a sales licence. Obviously we had exhausted our capital raising the initial $ 50 000. We are now in a position of having a container load of clothing that we are not permitted to sell. To avoid the whole contract crashing we urgently need $ NZ 20000. WE we be extremely indebted to anyone who could provide finance to resolve this situation.

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    Email him now and get your loan.

    Sara Blakely

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  17. I am a Venezuelan girl who has been accepted to study in the United Kingdom, given the current situation of my country it has been impossible for me to continue my education. Even with a self proclaimed dictator and people growing poorer and poorer by second I have this vision on my mind, a passion that drives me and no matter how difficult and hopeless things continue to look in my life I cannot seem to give it up. I do not want to be defined by my circumstances, I want to create them.
    I have been trying to overcome the limits that have been imposed upon me since birth, sometimes it felt as if life was making fun of me, giving me the premise of an opportunity I could never fulfill because of my lack of money. As my surroundings grew more and more deteriorated so did my heart as it began to experience panic and depression.
    I am on the journey of regaining what has been taken from so many of us: a future. Which is why I turn to you in need of some assistance in order for me to accomplish what my heart so relentlessly desires.
    Thank you so much for taking some of your time to read my words, I hope from the bottom of my heart that those moments were never wasted.
    I wish you a wonderful day and patiently wait for your reply.

  18. I graduated in Bsc Operation theatre But since my country is still a developing country and they can not register me to work,,I just made up my mind to go and study MBBS in North America(Canada)or I would go to Ukraine,please help me Sponsor my education,,I am an Opharn,contact me if you can help:+264814633124,or email me here:heitanasty@gmail.com



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