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Free Cars for Low Income Families: 2 of 8: OnlineCarDonation.org Review

Free cars for low income families are still available for individuals and families to apply. Previously I wrote a post called – Where can I get a free car for my family which explains how low income families can receive a free vehicle from Free Car Programs. This post became very popular among the Millionaires Giving Money Community and received a lot of comments and emails for the valuable information provided. After receiving the feedback I decided to write a series of post reviewing all the free car organisations that help low income families with a free car. All these organisations are legal and legitimate and operate within the USA and to date have distributed more than 20,000 free cars to needy families. Some of the free car organisations which will be reviewed include 1800 Auto Donations, Online Car Donations, Vehicles for Change, With Causes Organisation, Modest Needs, Free Gas USA and Free Auto Cars Company.


I really hope this review and series of posts help low income individuals and families who need help with a car. Before you consider taking out a short term loans such as payday loans and bad credit loans you should check out all the low income assistance programs that are available. Free cars for low income families are available and all you need to do is have a legitimate reason on how a free vehicle would make a positive difference in your life. So without further ado here is the second review on OnlineCarDonation.org.

Free Cars for Low Income Families Review: OnlineCarDonation.org

OnlineCarDonation.org is an organisation dedicated to helping needy individuals and families. This organization is a car donation program which takes vehicles and then distributes them to poor people. OnlineCarDonation.org takes donated vehicles, donated boats, donated trucks and donated motorcycles and offer fair market value tax deductions for the donors. Donors who want to remove their vehicle liability donate their car and feel good about how the donation will make a difference to other people’s lives. Donors are also eligible for a free vacation as OnlineCarDonation.org is affiliated with leading vacation travel companies that have thousands of deluxe vacation offering.

How to Get a Free Car

Who is Eligible for a Free Vehicle?

OnlineCarDonation.org offer free cars to preferred groups of needy individuals and families. These preferred groups include:

(1)  Battered Women – Women that are victims of hurtful crime
(2)  Disabled People -  Individuals with physical challenges that can drive safely
(3)  Families Living in Homeless Shelter
(4)  Self Supporting Families making the move from public assistance
(5)  Military Families

Help Me Get a Car

You can get a donated car from Online Car Donations. To apply for a free vehicle all you need to do is fill out a simple application which includes you name, email, state and then you need to briefly explain your situation and why you need a free car. Every case is reviewed on an individual basis and case workers contact families and individuals who might be eligible for a free car. You need to understand that there are many requests for a free car and sometimes every needy person cannot be contacted.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting a Free Vehicle?

To increase your chances of getting a free car you need to be in the preferred group. As mentioned earlier battered women, disabled people, homeless families, self supporting families and military families will be prioritised to receive a free vehicle over other needy low income families. To increase your chances you need to be in one of these groups.

Also to increase your chances further of receiving a free vehicle you need to offer a compelling case when you apply. OnlineCarDonation.org only asks for a brief explanation of your circumstances and situation so you need to use this to pinpoint your circumstances across. You need to be concise and accurate and you need to avoid long winded paragraphs. You can also send them a letter which outlines your case in greater deal. While the site administrators say they cannot read every letter there is a chance that your letter could be read if it is written professionally. You can also call OnlineCarDonation.org however resources and manpower are low so you could be waiting a while for a response.

Free Cars for Low Income Families: OnlineCarDonation.org

OnlineCarDonation.org is a fantastic organisation dedicated to helping low income individuals and families to get help with a car. Before you consider financing a vehicle with short term loans or bad credit loans you should look for low income assistance programs. If you have a genuine need you should contact OnlineCarDonation.org and apply for a free car. If your one of the preferred group there is a very good chance you could get a free car for low income families.

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  1. I know a friend whose living in a homeless shelter. A Car would definitely make a difference to their lives and the lives of their family. Will be passing the information. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for passing the information on. Hope your friend finds it useful

  2. I've been in an abusive relationship in the past. Would I be eligible for a free vehicle for my family. A car would give me more independence and help me to rebuild my life.

    1. Hi Elaine, I'm sorry to hear about your past and I hope the future keeps on improving. You should be able to apply for a free vehicle. Just visit the site and make an inquiry and you'll know for sure. Hope this helps.

    2. Yes. I'm in need of assistants, with heating oil,fir my boyfriends mother .
      she is on disability. and she speech got help from DSS . which was only $150:00 worth . her son can't work either,he need to apply for disability . we are in need for her and my self I'm disabled also now for 17 years . I'm
      Wanting to go to school to better my s
      wanting to suppprt my self,and. make a better life for my self .and my boyfriend and his mother .I have had a lot growing up and to see people never. have anything sadens my heart

      Help me if you can. Tina pace


  3. ginaoneandonly5 March 2015 at 11:54

    I need a car for work and to drive my daughter to school

  4. I need a car I'm paying three different rides weekly



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