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Free Cars for Low Income Families: 1 of 8: 1800 Free Cars Review

A while back I wrote a post called where can I get a free car for my family which became incredibly popular with the Millionaires Giving Money Community. After receiving a lot of comments and emails on the subject I decided to write detailed reviews on all the free cars that are available in the USA. This 8 series post will give details of all the organisations which offer free cars and will give you specific information on how to get a free car for your family. If you need money quickly check out the following posts giving ideas on how to generate money legally. Using these legitimate strategies you could supplement your income.

How to Get a Free Car From a Charity

Knowing how to get a free car from a charity could make an enormous difference to your life and the life of your family. Some of the organisations which will be reviewed in this 8 part series include 1800 Auto Donations, Online Car Donations, Vehicles for Change, With Causes, Modest Needs, Donate a Car, Free Gas USA and Free Car Autos. Hopefully this post will assist low income families who need help with car. Most individuals and families look towards payday loans, short term loans and bad credit loans to finance their car. Before you consider borrowing any money you should try your best to find a free car so you can save your money rather than pay off a loan. So without further ado here is the first review on 1800 Cars.

Free Cars for Low Income Families Review: 1800 Cars

If you’re on a low income and need help with a car you can turn to 1800 Cars to see if you are eligible for a free car. 1800 Cars was established in 1996 and is the first organisation to offer cars to low income families and individuals. The Mission Statement of the company was “To Engage in Activities That Will Uplift Humanity”. The free car organisation focuses its energies into providing free vehicles to assist struggling families who are making the move from dependency to self sufficiency.  

1800 Free Cars operates one of the largest free car distribution programs in the United States and has awarded over 5000 free vehicles nationwide. The award winning program has received acclaim from celebrities such as Oprah, Montel, People Magazine, as well as Disney.
One of the reasons why 1800 Cars give away free vehicles is it has a profound effect on the outlook of a recipient’s life. Many low income individuals and families who have received a free car have remarked how it has helped give them a second chance in life by improving their quality of life and standard of living.

How to Get a Free Car

Who is Eligible for a Free Vehicle?

Most low income families will be eligible for a free car from 1800 Cars. There are some groups of people who will have a priority over others and these groups include the following; (1) Victims of Domestic Violence, (2) Disabled Veterans, (3) The Medically Needy, (4) Struggling Families, (5) Victims of Natural Disasters, and (6) The Homeless.

How Does the Process Work?

There is a two stage process when transferring a car to a needy person. The first stage is where 1800 Cars receive the donated vehicle. Donors fill out a form or call the organisation. A pickup of the vehicle is arranged and then the donor receives a tax receipt of full fair market value which is tax deductable when possible.

Once the free car has been inspected properly it will either be in working condition or need repairs. If the vehicle needs repairs it will be passed on to other organisation who repair old cars and then pass them onto to low income families who need help with a free car. When the vehicle is in working condition the it is offered to needy people all over the United States.

Low income families and individuals can apply for a free car by going to the Free Charity Cars Website. The process is very simple. You need to register for a free account. You then need to write a compelling profiling explaining why you need the free car. These profiles are then shared with the free Charity Cars website community as well as friends and family. When someone reads the profile they can vote for the person to receive the free car. Whichever person receives the most votes is then considered for the free vehicle.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting a Free Car?

To increase your chances of getting a free car you need to be in one of the groups which are preferred to receive a free car. This group as mentioned earlier includes (1) Victims of Domestic Violence, (2) The Medically Needy, (3) Victims of Natural Disasters, (4) Families Transitioning from Public Assistance Work, (5) Families Living in Transitional Shelters, (6) The Working Poor, (7) Non-Profit Organisations and (8) Veterans/ Military Families.

To increase your chances of getting a free car you need to create a compelling profile. You need to explain in depth and detail your current circumstances and how you are experiencing financial hardship and financial despair. Explain all the financial misfortunes you’ve had in the past. Once you’ve written about the past you need to write about the future. Explain in great depth and detail how a free car would change your life and how it would uplift yourself and your family.

Once you’ve perfected your free car profile you need to promote your pages to as many people as you can. Start by asking friends and family for votes to get a free car. You can also reach out to the community and ask for votes. You could also personally reach out to the members of the organisation and ask them for advice and guidance. These members include CEO Founder Brian Menzies, Spokesperson Ms. Rose Hill, and site administrator Miss Michelle Key.
You can also promote your free cars profile on other places such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Pinterest.com and other social media sites. Another great place to get votes is in YouTube. You can create videos and then reach out to people and ask them to help you out by voting on your profile.

Free Cars for Low Income Families

You should definitely turn to 1800 Cars if you’re on a low income and need help with a car. Before you consider any short term loans or bad credit loans you should see if you can get a vehicle for free. If you’re circumstances put you in one of the preferred groups your chances of receiving a free car increase. If you can promote your profile and get votes actively there is a very good chance that you could get a free car for low income families. In the future I will be writing more about getting help with car repairs for low income families so watch this space.

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  1. Great post. I can see that this will help a lot of low income families. A lot of people think free cars for low income families is a myth and I hope this post shows that free cars and free car repairs for low income families are available. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks David. I will be writing more about how to get a free car, free computer in later posts. Feel free to share the post with the audience on your site.

  2. I'm glad you've created this resources for the working poor. Unfortunately these people are getting a raw deal and getting poorer as the country gets richer. Thanks for the information

    1. Thanks James, the working poor are the backbone of the country and deserve all the help they can get. Thanks James for the comment

  3. I love the motto “To Engage in Activities That Will Uplift Humanity". Many people think that organizations like 1800 Charity don't really exist but they actually do and they are helping people all the time. A close friend of mine was awarded a free vehicle and now it has transformed their lives as he's able to travel further and work so he can support his family. Thanks for the detailed review Shobir.

    1. Thanks Harriet, I appreciate your comments and YES, it is a very uplifting motto. Thanks

  4. Great post. I wasn't aware of any such organization. I know many people who are on a low income and cant afford a car which they essentially need. I will share all the content here. I'm also on occasion based in the UK and was wondering if there are any free vehicles for low income families in the UK. Thank in advance Shobir

    1. Hi Phillip, Hope the post gives you some ideas. I've not done any research on free vehicles for low income families in the UK but I will being doing it soon now. Thanks

  5. I'm in need of help with a car for my self . and my boyfriends mom needs heating fuel . And he also is applying. for disability . I'm already on it.for17 years.
    . I'm wanting to better my self and try to find a job that I can do,or go to vocational. rehabilitation place were they can find the right job for me . Growing up I had everything I ever needed and wanted . but I see people never get that chance due to things not going right in there home lifes . I'm glad to know there is help out there. I've been a caregiver. in my family and friends lives. for many years but never asked for nothing. I know ill get my reward someday, and do will you folks . thanks for your time . and GOD BLESS YOU ALL



    MOB: +233 249599918
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am 32 years old had my tertiary education in Purchasing and Supply in the year 2013 but jobless till now. I decided to start something on my own by running a transportation business in my country. The main idea was to run Royal Transport as any transport business, starting with ten vehicles but do not have the capital. I am pleading with you if you can be of help in any kind , even if a partner in the proposed business.
    With my vision and mission, we will be one of the fast growing transport service provider in Ghana within a year. Royal Transport will be the name of the transport service I will be offering with a royal treatment. I believe everyone deserves to have a feel of royal treatment at least once in a life time but Ordinary Ghanaians may not have the money to go to expensive hotel to experience royal treatment .The only way for ordinary Ghanaian to have a feel of Royal treatment is through Royal Transport service.
    A free car will be enough for me to start my transportation business with. For now I will like to start with one vehicle and I promise to refund to you any amount you will invest in this business. I should finished paying back within five month even with interest.
    Please your suggestions will be helpful.
    I hope to have a favorable response from you in the shortest possible time. Thank you in advice.
    God richly bless you

  7. This is a last resort because I take pride in working and paying my own way and not having to ask anyone for anything, it all started at the end of February 2015 I finally found a job what I didn't know was they pay once a month, and to get a full check I had to wait until April to get a full check well in February my cars engine seized and I had to take it to the dealership they came in and told me it needed a new engine and that I would have to come up with $500 I had to barrow from my brother, I finally got my car back and it ran really bad and upon looking at the engine it was not a new engine it was the same engine well I ended up losing the car over a dispute of $100 which I paid OTP . Then in April 6 days until the due date they repoed my car without sending notice or getting the proper paperwork after that I lost my job so everything has been going downhill since then no transportation no job no job no home so now im getting worried because I was served by the sheriffs office I have 5 days to send an answer then 30 days to get out .... so if you can help me I will pay it forward and be very grateful

  8. Hi my name is maria. m.Harris, I live in nz, Auckland, I have 8 children, my partner has epilepsy due to motorbike accident, I've been struggling so hard to make end meet,yes I've been homeless, I've try loan seem to get declined,I'm losing hope, I have a level 3,4,5 in business never seem to get there, I wish if there's an angel,to help my struggling family with some assistance, I don't own a home, I don't know what to do,I'm losing hope,please help me and my family get my life back. Thank you,my email is mmharris1514@gmail.com.

  9. I am temporarily, taking care of my 96 year old mom. My car was recently stolen in August of this year, and I am having a difficult getting a car. I have not had a full day off in over two years, and now going to do errands and doctors appointments is difficult and sometimes costly. My son is suppose to be living in NC and I think some of the local predators take him on occasion and have not allowed him to come home or for me to really see him for 2 years. He is very talented and has a disability. I hope he is free and living and loving who he wants. He such a good artist, musician, mathematician, but ed myers, I suspect, tries to control our lives and cause great terror and loss. I am scared for him and often I need to go look for him. I wish you could help me get another car, a sedan or van, with modest gas needs. I have about 14 K a year from retirement.

  10. How do I sign up for this help? I am in need of a car and I just can not afford a payment. I am on disability and have to get a ride from people just to go to my doctors visits. My income is just $800 a month, Please help.

  11. How do I sign up for this help? I am in need of a car and I just can not afford a payment. I am on disability and have to get a ride from people just to go to my doctors visits and go to the store to get food my income is $10.98 a month and i lost my leg Please help me and Thank you if you can help Diana Guccione dianaguccione@gmail.com 314-750-3834

  12. hi my name is darshan singh singh from india ............i m in need of a car for my own.......it is my dream for the long time but due to the finicial problems i could not get.......plz help me with a car so i can complete my dream.....my mobile number is 9417629888...my email id is darshanchaajli@gmail.com

  13. Iam a disabled Kenyan.How can i get this offer

  14. please help m with family car am zambian and my family we ar surferd to work from were we stay upto town is very far please help m and my family. thanks to axcept my concern. whiteson yumba juniorellejah2@gmail.com +260972226937

  15. please help m with family car am zambian and my family we ar surferd to work from were we stay upto town is very far please help m and my family. thanks to axcept my concern. whiteson yumba juniorellejah2@gmail.com +260972226937

  16. Hi i want to find some new cars deals in uk and want to purchase latest cars in best price. i have found dealers near and they are giving me new cars deals at my place.



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