Monday 22 September 2014

I Need 300 Dollars Now - 10 Ways to Generate $300 Quickly

I need 300 dollars now might seem like an unusual question however I do get a lot of questions on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog where people need $300 dollars quickly. As I love serving my audience I decided to share some fresh new ideas to make money quickly. All the ideas mentioned here are completely legal and legitimate and only requires you to have a positive attitude where you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone to make money quickly. Before you set of on making 300 dollars quickly it’s important to see if you are eligible for assistance from the government. Also check if your friends and family can help you with an interest free loan. So now, without further ado here are 10 ways to make 300 Dollars Quickly.

I Need 300 Dollars Right Now

Selling items is the fastest way to generate 300 dollars quickly. Whenever I need 300 dollars quickly I make an inventory of all the items that I no longer need. I also ask my friends and family if they have unwanted gifts so I can have a variety of items to sell. Once I’ve got all the items together I spend a day taking pictures and then post them on eBay during free insertion days where it costs nothing to advertise. I always try to give detailed description as you can get away with charging more. Using this exact strategy I have made more than 300 dollars in a few weeks just by selling items I no longer need. The key is getting your friends and family involved and asking them for unwanted items they no longer use but has value.

I Need 300 Dollars Today

If you need 300 dollars in 24 hours then you should immediately go door to door offering services. Before you start knocking on doors make a list of all the jobs you are prepared to do and make sure you can reach your target of $300 by the end of a 12 hour shift. Suppose you charge $200 dollars for mowing the lawn or $100 dollars for cleaning the garden all you need to do is clean a few gardens and you’ve reached your target. In the past I have gone door to door and offered to clean gardens and mow lawns or even do odd jobs around the house. If you are proactive and positive and explain to people that you need the money but don’t want to get into debt they are more than likely to help. Seriously!

I Need 300 Dollars Right Now

If you need 300 dollars right now the only option you have is to get a loan. I never like to get a loan when I need money however if I’m desperate and have nowhere to turn to I usually try to get an interest free loan. I start by asking my friends and family for an interest free loan and use some sort of security as collateral and use a loan agreement to show the amount borrowed and the amount I will repay. Usually when there is collateral as security my friends and family are more than happy to help out. I then consider using credit cards that have interest free periods. If I there are no offers for interest free credit I usually call my credit cards up to request an interest free period. You will be surprised at how many times banks and credit card companies give away free credit deals when customers ask. As long as you have good credit this is a great way to borrow money for free.

I Need to Borrow 300 Dollars

If you need to borrow 300 dollars quickly and don’t have the luxury of asking friends and family or don’t have a credit card which is offering zero percent interest you might have to take out another form of loan. The quickest way to borrow 300 dollars will be through pay day loans but don’t just choose any payday loans. You should go to payday loan comparison sites to find the best deal. Even if you have poor credit you could compare the poor credit loan deals and unsecured loans. By shopping around you should be able to save a considerable amount. Consider 90 day loans or even 100 day loans and then compare the rates so you can get the best deal when borrowing money.


Also if you need the money 300 dollars to buy items you should consider buy now pay later catalogs that offer interest free 12 months shopping where you pay nothing for 12 months and then only pay monthly until your balance is cleared. Before you take out any loans you must complete an income and expenses statement. List all your income and outgoings and find out what your disposable income is. Once you’ve worked out your disposable income you can determine whether you have the means to afford the loan.

I Need 300 Dollars by Tomorrow

If you need 300 dollars by tomorrow you have 48 hours to get the money together which means you have a little more time. This is where you should consider doing deals to raise the money quickly. You can sell your space or rent out a room and ask for money in advance. You can also return unwanted items which you bought recently. I was able to raise $200 quickly just be returning items which I purchased over the last 28 days just because I kept the receipt. You should also consider pawning items to raise the money quickly. If you have gold, silver, good quality electrical items such as laptops and tablets you borrow money against these items and pay it back within the specified time.

More Complicated Ways to Generate 300 Dollars

I also wanted to share some more complicated methods of making 300 dollars quickly with the Millionaires Giving Money community. These strategies require more thinking but if you can master the process you can make 300 dollars frequently.

Sell Something Online to Raise 300 Dollars

Find an affiliate program that you really truly believe in. This affiliate product could be an eBook, supplements, or some other item which you believe has tremendous value. You now need to spend some money to hire someone to create a website landing page which sells the product. You can also create the site yourself using specialist websites which offer free platforms to craft landing sales pages. 

Once you’ve created your site you can use a program like Google Adwords to promote the affiliate program. Your aim should be to spend $100 dollars and generate $300 dollars. Once you find the right keywords the process becomes very lucrative which means you can scale it to make more than $300 dollars.   

Sell Options to Raise 300 Dollars

Selling options on quality companies requires skill but it is a very conservative strategy which means the risks are controlled. You need to find several companies on the stock market which are quality stocks and have a proven track record to overcome any calamity. You then need to find support and resistance areas to determine value and sell options near the support price. This is a very complicated method and if you want to learn more head on over to Fully Informed Blog which outlines the strategy. I have made more than $1000 dollars per month using this strategy alone which makes it very valuable when I need to make money quickly.

Write Content Online to Raise 300 Dollars

Writing content is a great way to make 300 dollars quickly. If you can write well and have skills in writing in prose then you could sell that skill for money. The going rate for a well researched quality post of 500 words is $10. A more in depth 1000 worded article is worth $20. If you can write 15 posts which are well researched and reaches the 1000 word threshold you could make $300 dollars very quickly. You don’t have to stop there! You could write on a regular basis or offer your services. As you build your reputation your income will almost certainly rise.

I Need 300 Dollars Now

It is possible to make 300 dollars quickly. With the ideas mentioned above you should be able to make 300 dollars in 12, 24 and 48 hours. If you have more time you could engineer deals to make money or even try some of the complicated strategies to make money quickly. I have personally used all these strategies to make money when I’ve been in a tight spot so it is completely doable. If you need money right now then try some of the ideas and let me know how you get on. Feel free to contact me if you need further clarification on how to make 300 dollars right now.

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