Friday 1 January 2016

How to Make Money Fast From Scratch

The Aspiring Individuals Guide to Making Money and Getting Rich 

All Aspiring Individuals want wealth and power. This wealth and power comes from knowing how the money system works. Layabouts are slaves to money, working all their lives for a mediocre pension which pays pittance, whereas Aspiring Individuals enslave money so it works for them. Aspiring Individuals retire early and become financially independent at an youthful age. The most important commodity to an Aspiring Individuals is freedom of time. This freedom of time is earned by building systems which pay passive income. 

Three Routes to Wealth 

Mediocre Route 

All Aspiring Individuals should realize that there are three routes to making money. The first route is welfare, this is where people rely on the state for a living, this is OK for people who are disabled or need temporary help however if a person is able and he is on benefits and proud then it’s the worse position he can he in.

Inferior Route 

The second route is to be in employment. Aspiring Individuals don’t like to answer to anyone which is why you won’t find many of them employed in McDonald's or Starbucks taking orders from insecure people. Instead what you will find is that Aspiring Individuals are in positions of power and authority, they are usually CEO’s or Directors of large companies making powerful life changing decisions. 

Superior Route 

The third route is where you’ll find most Aspiring Individuals. This is the quickest way to make money and become time rich. An Aspiring Individual is more inclined to become time rich than Just Rich because time rich means that he has the freedom to pursue whatever he wants to pursue without the need to earn a salary or wage. Other people pay for Aspiring Individuals lifestyle. Aspiring Individuals have business systems in place where money comes in regardless of whether they put the time in or not. 

Money Truths 

Aspiring Individuals also realize that money does not buy happiness, what they do realise is that money can buy freedom so you can choose whether to feel happy or not. Just having the choice liberates you from money so you can do with it as you please. 

Aspiring Individuals also realize that to get rich you can’t rely on luck. Normal people wait for their lottery numbers to come up and then blame their parents for the position they are in, while Aspiring Individuals put in the hard work and plan hard to make money. They also understand that getting rich is a process and that process takes time, dedication, strategy and implementation. You won’t wake up one day and get rich - you have to take it step by step.     

Aspiring Individuals also realize that wealth comes from accountability and responsibility to yourself. You must keep an account of what you’re doing to realize your dreams, if you’ve got a great plan to make money how much time are you spending on it? Aspiring Individuals take responsibility to make their own lives great, they do not wait for other people to hand them money on a silver platter – that would be shameful. Instead what they do is rise above the rubbish to look for opportunities and seize the moment. 

When it come to money Aspiring Individuals only blame themselves if something goes wrong, they don’t complain and whine, instead they get up dust themselves down and think harder then try again. They also realize that any success they have is down to their ability and belief which spurs them towards greater achievements. 

How Aspiring Individuals Create Wealth 

Aspiring Individuals are notorious for creating wealth. True Grafters do not work for other people to get rich. Instead they create something special and then share it with others in exchange for money. This creation could be a business or it could be a business system which pays passive income. 

Wealth is created by building or buying an asset and then adding value to it so it generates income. More value is added until the asset is ready to be liquidated upon which Aspiring Individuals become incredibly rich incredibly quick. 

Most other people don’t believe that you can get rich quick. They only see the opportunities presented to them by con artists because they want to get rich without spending time or money. Con artists actually target these people who like lazy opportunities to get rich. Aspiring Individuals believe in getting rich quickly but they realize that they must put the time and effort to get things done. 

Aspiring Individuals realize that creating wealth quickly comes from affection millions of people. They create something that millions of people can use. If the creation has a high profit margin then there’s even a possibility that they could make billions. Bill Gates billions came from creating a product which could be scaled to millions of people, the margin of the product were high enough to make him a billionaire. 

Business Models 

Aspiring Individuals create business systems which generate passive income. They strive to add value to the asset and then liquidate to make their fortune. Some of the business systems that they create include rental systems, computer/software systems, content systems, distribution systems and human resources system. The reason why grafters like to create system is because it is a one time process - you build the system and then just leave until it needs maintenance. 

How to Affect a Million People 

To become rich quickly you need to affect millions of people with your creation. You need to solve a problem and then market the system. You can affect millions of people by making them feel better, by educating them, by making them look better, by giving them security or even satisfying weird appetites. More examples business systems include MLM companies, selling franchises, offering affiliate programs, running hedge funds, accepting rents or royalties, selling licences or even selling IPO’s. 

Finding Money Making Opportunities 

You can find money making opportunities by finding solutions to problems. Whenever someone says - I hate, I don’t like, This frustrates me, Do I have to, I wish there was, I’m tired of, This sucks – It’s an opportunity to make some serious money. 

Aspiring Individuals makes money by creating business systems. With the systems they are able to live a life of luxury. They become financially independent which means they can choose whether they want to work or not.

People – You need to TAKE ACTION today, not tomorrow. Decide that you want to make serious money and then solve a problem by creating a product or system. Once you’ve got your business system up and running you should continually add value and generate income. When you decide it’s time to cash in you can liquidate your system and get rich incredibly quickly – This is the way most Aspiring Individuals get rich quickly and make money fast. 

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