Wednesday 26 October 2016

Where Can I Get Free Stuff and Free Money for My Family?

Where Can I Get Free Stuff or Free Money for My Family  

When times are hard and making ends meet is becoming impossible you need to be as resourceful and as practical as possible. I get a lot of emails from the readers of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog asking Where can I get free stuff or free money for my family. 

In this post I share 10 ideas where you can get freebies and money to help make ends meet and to help improve the quality of your life. 

Before I get onto these ideas it's important to remember that there are so many things you can get for free and over the long term it's better to create a multiple source of income so you don’t become over reliant on these services.

Most of the Governments in the developed world offer a wide array of welfare benefits to take care of their citizens when times are hard. These benefits are for people who are unemployed, disabled and dependent children. You get a regular income until your circumstances change for the better. If you're in the US you need to head to the USA Gov website and look at all the benefits available to see if you are eligible for free money from the Government. 
Resources: Government Benefits, Grants & Loans

2: Money for Rental Assistance  

The Government also provide housing for homeless and at risk people. In the US the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) offer homeless people and at risk people housing. You can either apply for a apartment or get a voucher towards the cost of renting a property. If you're sleeping rough or need your own place then head on over to the HUD website for more information. 
Resources: Rental Assistance from the Department of Housing & Urban Development

3: Money for Prescriptions  

Many of the big pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Pfizer offer prescription assistance for low income families. If you income is near or below the Federal Poverty line you could be eligible for free medication or a reduction in the cost of purchasing these meds. To see if you're eligible check all the big pharmaceutical companies and see what services they offer for prescription assistance. 
Resources: Prescription Assistance Programs

4: Money for a Free Car  

There are many charities that offer free vehicles for low income families who would benefit from having a means of transportation. If you are on a low income and travel a long distance to work then you could contact charities like 1800 Cars to put your name on the register for a free vehicle. There are many other charities that offer the same process for getting a free car so its worth signing up to all the charities for help. 

5: Get Money from Charities  

Charities have discretionary funds to help low income families. You might get free money or you could get items in the Charity shop, either way you would get some breathing space with making your ends meet. To get started make a list of all the charities in your area and contact them one by one for help. The key is to persevere and keep on looking until you're get the help you're entitled to. 

6: Get Free Food with No Money  

Food banks offer low income families food to help keep them nourished. You can easily find a Food Bank by searching on the internet. What you need to do is contact all the Food Banks in your area and then ask them for assistance. Normally you will get enough food to keep you going until your circumstances improve. 

You could also apply for Food Stamps from the Government Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to help towards the cost of your groceries, you can apply for this program by going to the USA.Gov website. 
Resources: Feeding America Website

7: Get Free Clothes Without Paying  

If you need clothes for yourself or your family one option is to contact clothes shops and clothes retailers in your area. You would be surprised at how many items of clothing are just thrown away because of small damages. You can ask the owner or manager of these businesses to offer free clothes after you explain your circumstances of being on a low income.   

8: Get Free Furniture for Your Home  

A great way to furnish your home is to look for items on FreeCycle.com. Freecycle.com is a website which connects people who want to declutter their home with people who need items for their home. Some people have furnished their entire homes with items from the website and it has certainly helped them save money and make ends meet. To get started go to the website and register, explain your hardship and start asking for essential items you need. You can't be picky so be grateful with whatever you're offered. 
Resources: Find Free Stuff on Free Cycle 

9: Use Coupons to Get Money off Food 

If you're still finding it hard to make ends meet with your grocery bills despite getting help from Food Banks and Food Stamps you could start couponing to save even more money. To get started look for coupons online, in newspapers and in store. Be flexible because you won't get exactly the coupon you want so you need to make the best of what you have. Network with other coupon fanatics online so you can get the heads up on finding valuable coupons. You could save up to another 50% couponing so if your grocery bill is high this is certainly worth the investment. 
Resources: Extreme Couponing Save 84% of Grocery Bills

10: Enter Competitions to Win Free Stuff  

If you have a lot of time on your hands you could enter as many competitions as possible in an attempt to win prize money or prize items. Some bloggers enter thousands of competition each month and have won big items like cars, TV and even holidays. If you don’t have a past time  make this your hobby and you could win big.  

I Need Free Stuff or Free Money for My Family  

Getting free money or free stuff is possible but you need to be on a low income or severely disadvantaged to be eligible for help. If your income is below the Federal Poverty Line you will get help so it's worth pursuing the options above. 

The key is persevering and asking genuinely for help so people can be generous. If you have any more ideas for free stuff or money please leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe on Google Plus. 

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