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100 Dollars a Month - 8 Ways to Make One Hundred Bucks

100 Dollars a Month

An esteemed reader of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog recently emailed asking how to make 100 dollars a month in his spare time. I normally share ideas and strategies on how to make money quickly however, there's nothing wrong with taking the slow and steady approach to supplement your income. In this special post I will be sharing 8 ways to make 100 dollars a month without too much hard work. All these ideas and strategies to make money are completely legal and legitimate so you won't need to break any laws. Before we get on to the ideas it's important to note that any money you do make should be allocated to a worthy cause such as paying off debt or supplementing your emergency fund so you can rise out of financial poverty. 

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100 Dollars a Month 

1: Rent Your Room Out 

One way of making 100 dollars per month is by renting your room out for a few days a month. If you don't like the idea of renting your room out for a long period of time you could advertise your space on sites like AirBNB which allows more flexible room booking. If you live in a tourist location there will be greater demand for your space so you could get away with just renting your room out for a day and making a hundred bucks. If you want to learn about how to get 100 dollars in a day head on over to the AirBNB site to check out how other people are making this amount. 
Resources: How to Run Successful AirBNB Business

2: Take Part in Surveys 

Surveys are a great way to make some slow easy money in your spare time. Surveys typically pay anything between a few cents to newbies to 10 dollars for serious survey fillers who have been doing it for a long time. If you've got a couple of hours to spare every day get started by joining survey sites. Once you get surveys allocated you must fill the survey in to the best of your ability. At the start the money will be low however, once you've established yourself you will be given a higher rate for filling out the surveys. 
Resources: How to Make Money With Paid Surveys

3: Buying and Selling on eBay 

One of my favorite ways of making money is buying and selling on eBay. There are so many opportunities to buy excellent items at very low prices on eBay. Once you buy these items you can resell them by taking better pictures and writing better descriptions to maximize profits. It takes a while to perfect the skill of find a bargain so you might make a few losses on the way. Once you've got the experience of finding a bargain making 100 dollars a month with a few hours work will be simple.
Resources: How to Become a Top Rated Power Seller on eBay in 90 Days 

4: Blogging For Money 

Another great way to make 100 dollars a month is through blogging. If you're passionate about a subject and can spare a few hours a month you could set up a blog and then monetize it with an affiliate program or by using Google Adsense or Yahoo Overture. The process is very simple. All you need to do is write high quality content that is useful to your audience and then the advertising programs display adverts which are contextually linked to your post. Once your blog becomes established you will receive traffic and revenue for any clicks on your site. Of course, you could make more by writing more or by writing extremely useful content. Some bloggers can even raise 100 dollars in a day just by writing and publishing a post to their audience.
Resources: How to Really Profit From Your Blog 

5: Wash 10 Cars 

Another great way to make 100 dollars a month is by washing cars. If you can set a price of $10 and wash 10 cars per month you can easily make 100 dollars. The easiest way to do this would be to set up a car wash in your garage and then invite customers to wash their car. You must provide an excellent personal service and the vehicle must be shining at the end of the wash. To bump up the price you could offer a collection and drop off service or you could even offer inside outside service with a wax. The more you can sell to one customer the less customers you need to make 100 dollars per month. 

Make More Than 100 Dollars Per Month 

If you're thinking about how to get 100 dollars in day then there are ways to achieve this figure. All the ideas and strategies to raise 100 dollars in a day are legal and legitimate so you can get ahead without breaking the law. The next 3 ideas will give you ideas to make lots of money in a short space of time. 

6: Day Trading with 100 Dollars    

Day Trading is a great way to make large sums of money in a short space of time. You can start day trading with 100 dollars and use instruments such as contracts for differences, Forex, Binary Options and normal options selling and buying calls and puts to make money. What you must understand is this is very risky strategy so you must know what you're doing. The first thing you need to do is educate yourself on the financial instrument and the mechanics of the stock market and foreign exchange markets. You need to open a demo account and practice day trading before you use real money. You also need to be aware of money management strategies so you don't blow all your loot in one go. It is possible to make money day trading with a 100 dollars but it requires patience and being in control of your emotions. 

7: Create a YouTube Channel 

If you enjoy creating YouTube videos this might be right up your street. If you can pick a niche which has commercial value and then producer and publish excellent useful content viewers will subscribe to your channel. You can then advertise on the video and receive a revenue for clicks on the advertisement. Once you've established your channel its very easy to rise 100 dollars in a day. You could sell products or even offer a consultancy service, you could even produce helpful videos on how to raise 100 dollars in a day to get viewers to your channel. The key to success is producing high quality content often and doing it better than the competition.  

8: Write and Sell an eBook 

This process is rather more involved so will take time to see your investing in TIME flourish into large sums of money. To start to some research on sites like Amazon to see what kinds of book are in demand. You could even go as far as finding a book which is full of helpful resources and then you could make the book better by applying your own twist to it. Once you've written the book you need to promote it and then can be done by blogging about how useful the content is. Give some of the copies away for free so people review the book to get it high on the Amazon Search engine. Once your book is established you could easily make 100 dollars a day. You could keep on repeating this process to make even more money. 

It is entirely possible to make 100 dollars a month to supplement your income. You could even raise a 100 dollars a day when you become very good at making money. What I've found out is it is possible to make large amounts of money but it does take time and patience. The above 8 strategies are great legal ways to make money and I've used many of the strategies to supplement income myself. I know many other internet entrepreneurs and bloggers who have made thousands of dollars a week just by becoming experts in their field of making money. Take action and try some of these ideas and strategies and see how much you can make. If you want further clarification or want to share some of your ideas please feel free to leave a message and don't forget to follow me on Google +. Good Luck. 

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