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I Need Money Now For Free and Fast - I'm Desperate Please Help?

I Need Money now For Free and Fast - I'm Desperate Please Help 

The Millionaires Giving Money Blog was set up to connect millionaires and billionaires with families and individuals who were experiencing poverty.  The blog has helped to connect hundreds of readers with charitable foundations set up by rich people. We also receive emails from families and individuals who need help quickly. Recently a reader emailed the following to the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. 
Dear MGM - We are a regular reader of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Recently we've had some bad luck come our way and we needed to use all of our emergency fund to cover the costs. WE have avoided getting into debt but our emergency fund is completely depleted. We are on a very low income and have a large family. I need money now for free and I need it fast so I can replenish my emergency fund so we can get out of poverty one day. I'm desperate please help. - Sarah 
First of all I'm really hear about your troubles. I'm glad you had an emergency fund which helped you to stay out of debt. I have no doubt that you will get out of poverty and the first step is to avoid debt and rebuild your emergency fund. In this post I will share 10 ways to get money now free and fast so you can replenish your emergency fund and take the first step towards prosperity. So without further ado here are 10 ways to get money now free and fast. 

I Need Money Now Free & Fast 

#1: Explore Federal Government Benefits 

If I needed money now free and fast the first place I would check would be the Federal Government. The Federal Government offer over 1000 benefits through 21 categories. When you visit USA.Gov you must be thorough and apply for every benefit you might be eligible for. If you're on a low income there's more of a chance of being eligible for help. The Federal Government offers assistance to single mothers, unemployed people, seniors, war veterans, disabled individuals and low income families. 

I would go through the entire USA.Gov website with a fine tooth-comb to find all the benefits that I might be eligible for. Once you've made a list of all your entitlement apply for the benefits and see how far you can go. Any extra money you generate as a result of this exercise should be used to replenish your emergency fund.  

#2: Explore Your State Government Benefits 

In addition to exploring Federal Government benefits you should also explore State Government Benefits. If you're income is below the Federal Poverty Level and you have a large family you can apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Benefit. This benefit will give you free money for a definite period of time. 

The State Administered TANF program has helped low income families with children by topping up their income until the recipients can get themselves back on their feet. There are 269 Food Assistance Programs offered through SNAP and you can get Food Vouchers and Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards (EBT) for groceries. If you are eligible for these benefits and you save money you must use all the money to replenish your emergency fund.  
You can also explore the many non profit charitable organization all over the US for financial assistance. There are so many charities you can choose from including The United Way, The Salvation Army, Make a Wish Foundation, The Good 360, Direct Relief and The Catholic Charities of the USA. You need to contact these charities and explain to them in detail that you're experiencing poverty and need help to build an emergency fund so you can dig yourself out of poverty. These charities love proactive people so If you can show you want to get out of poverty there is a strong chance you could get help. 

#4: Ask Crowdfunding Sites for Money 

Another way to get money now free and fast is to ask Crowdfunding Sites for money. If you've got a great idea or want to start a business and your income is at a level where you cant apply for benefits then Crowdfunding is a great way to tap into free money. There are a lot of crowdfunding sites which allow you to post your idea of business plan to look for potential investors and backers. I would suggest you polish your idea and have a business plan and a pitch ready just in case you are invited to demonstrate your idea. If funds are released you should use the money to get your business off the ground and use any excess money to replenish your emergency fund. Just think of these funds as a means to get yourself out of poverty.   

#5: Get Help From Charitable Foundations 

There are hundreds of charitable foundation in the USA and across the world. You can get a full list of foundations at Foundationcenter.org. You should try and find foundations which are helping people overcome poverty and hardship. Get a handful of contact details and contact these foundations for help. If these organizations realise you have a genuine need they will help you get out of poverty somehow, they might give you assistance or they might give you help in other ways.  

#6: Ask Millionaires & Billionaires for Money 

Another way to get money now for free and fast is to ask millionaires and billionaires for help. You might be surprised to know that there are many rich wealthy individuals who like to help people on an individual level. You can contact these millionaires and billionaires through their charitable organization and foundations. Examples of millionaire generosity include Oprah giving away free vehicles to her fans and Ellen giving away homes to help people in need. Donald Trump has gone so far as to create a website where people can ask wealthy people for help - Fundanything.com. Anything's possible in this world and its worth a try. 

#7: Sell Unwanted Items to Raise Cash 

Another great way to raise cash to replenish your emergency fund is to sell unwanted items in your house. The average American has about $300 worth of items they no longer require or have a use for. Why not sell this items and cash in so you can replenish your emergency fund? Its easier than ever to post on sites like eBay and all you need to do is take a picture of your item and post a detailed description and a catchy title. If you can sell your items you will receive a nice wad of cash to help get yourself out of poverty. 

#8: Make an Insurance Claim 

There are millions of dollars which goes unclaimed from insurance companies because people are not bothering to claim. There are millions of dollars in compensation just waiting but no one has the time to claim this. If you've been treated unfairly or have some sort of grievance against a corporate entity you should make a claim and see how far you can go. There are some success stories on this blog where people have actually claimed thousands of dollars for trips, falls and accidents. These people had legitimate claims and their lawyers have helped them secure a nice payout which can go towards getting them out of poverty.  

#9: Ask Corporate Foundations for Help 

Along with normal foundations there are corporate foundations that can help people in need with free fast money. Take pharmaceutical companies for instance, companies like Johnson & Johnson offer prescription assistance for low income families who are below the federal poverty line. If you require expensive medicines and are on a low income you could contact these companies for help. Large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer make billions in revenue and profit and like to return something to customers by helping them. If you are eligible for prescription assistance you will save a lot of money which should go towards replenishing your emergency fund. 

#10: Get Money For Studying 

Studying is a great way to get yourself out of poverty. If you have a passion for learning and want a better future you could enroll into a university and apply for student loans or even student aid. If you were a gifted student you could even apply for a scholarship which means you get educated for free. You also receive money for living costs. Education is a great path out of poverty, if you do enroll into a university degree and apply for student aid/student loan you should use the money responsibly. I know students who applied for student loans and student aid and invested the money, they then got a part time job to pay for their university.  

I Need Money for Free and Fast 

Free money is available for people in need. The more genuine your need the more money you'll have available. If you're near or below the federal poverty line you will be eligible for Federal and State Help. You should also be proactive and reach out to foundations, charities, corporate foundations, millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists. The more you reach out the better your prospects become and eventually you'll carve a way out of poverty. I really hope this response helps the readers and don't forgot to share this post with people who might find it useful. Thank you for reading and please don't forget to subscribe. Please leave a comment if you have more ideas. 

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