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Friday, 21 November 2014

I Need 3000 Dollars Now - 10 Ideas to Make $3000

I need 3000 dollars now is a frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. After sharing some ideas on how to make 3000 dollars I have decided to write a special post sharing specific 10 ideas to make 3000 dollars quickly. Whenever you need 3000 you can refer to these ideas and make the money fast. Just imagine how good life can be if you become an expert at making money using some of the ideas I'll be sharing today.

Note: These ideas or strategies are completely legal and legitimate and you can make money. When you become proficient at making money whenever you want you can either work at your leisure or go flat out to make fortunes every time you want. 

Need 3000 Dollars Now Mindset

If you need 3000 dollars now you need to have the right mindset to go out there and get the money. The reason why most people fail to make money on their own is because they have little or no belief in themselves. They also fail because they run out of steam or give up at pivotal moments. To be able to make 3000 dollars right now you need belief in yourself, you need courage and you need to step out of your comfort zone. Once you start to believe you will notice more and more money coming your way. 

My Personal Experience

1000 days ago or 3 years ago I would never believe anyone who said they could make 3000 dollars whenever they wanted to, I would have branded them a clever con artist out to get my hard earned money. Now 1000 days later I can make 3000 dollars whenever I want to with relative ease. The fundamental difference is the mindset. I am now more confident, have more belief and know that if I strive and think I can make money on my own accord. These ideas which have been outlined below are strategies I personally use to make money. 

Some strategies will make more money than others. Find an idea that you find stimulating and then master the strategy. Making the first 3000 dollars will be the hardest but every subsequent time you make that amount it will get easier and easier until it becomes second nature and that is when life becomes interesting. So without Further ADO here are the 10 ideas.

I Need 3000 Dollars Now Ideas

#1: Sell Your Eggs (Women Only)

If you need 3000 dollars now and you’re a woman (sorry guys) then you could consider selling your eggs when they're ovulating. Infertile couples are prepared to pay handsomely for eggs which are then fertilised and placed into the recipient. You could earn anywhere between 3000 and 5000 dollars depending on how successful the process is. The process is quite invasive however your compensation level will be very lucrative and you’ll be helping a couple to start a family. Take action now and find a clinic which is looking for egg donors in your state.

#2: Buy & Sell Cars for 3000 Dollars

Buying and selling the right car can be ridiculously lucrative. Whenever I need 3000 dollars now I look for cars which are undervalued, I then purchase these cars and spend a small amount making them look better and then sell it off during peak seasons. One of my specialities is buying convertibles and then repairing them so they look amazing and then selling them on during the summer months when convert prices seem to go through the roof. If I can sell a few cars like this I can easily reach my target whenever I need 3000. Take Action Now and conduct some research on the used car market. Find vehicles which sell well and then find undervalued vehicles which you can repair and sell.

#3: Offer a Rental Management Service

The easiest way to make money is becoming an agent of rent. Think about it. Rental properties have a low and high rent threshold depending on how the home is rented out. I have friends and who rent out their properties to families for a fraction of the rent I receive by renting out on a per room basis. I usually convince my friends and family to hand their properties over to me to rent out. I then rent the properties on a per room basis and make twice as much in rent compared to what they were making. I inspect the properties and ensure they are kept clean and tidy and damage free. By subletting 6 properties you can make $3000 dollars quite easily.

#4: Create a Blog Following

Anyone can create a blog and monetize it using advertising services. You can make money by writing quality content which receives a high search engine ranking. You can also develop a blog following and then recommend products and services which you believe in. If you can really relate to your audience they will act on your recommendation and you will make a lot of money. I know many bloggers personally who are making anything between 3000 dollars and 80,000 dollars on a monthly basis so the potential is there to become extremely rich and popular.

#5: Create a YouTube Following

YouTube is a fantastic way to make money. Anyone can create a YouTube channel and then post monetised videos to make money. The better your content the more hits you will get which mean you will earn more money. One video which goes viral has the potential to make tens or thousands of dollars. A video where one toddler bites the hand of his older 5 year old brother went insanely viral and received over 500 million hits, the parents who posted the video made close to 500,000 dollars.

To get started try thinking about a channel you want to create, this might be comedy, advice, technical skills and then post quality videos. From time to time you can recommend products and services to earn money from affiliate sales.

#6: Become a Taxi Driver

This idea is for the UK readers of Millionaires Giving Money. Black Cab Taxi drivers can earn anything between £500 and £10,000 per month. The average amount you can earn is roughly 3000 per month. Learning the London Knowledge takes time however once you have the certificate under your belt you can earn ridiculous amounts of money and the tips are just insane. A close friend of mine makes £10,000 per month putting in 8 hours per day which is insane. Once you get tired of driving your taxi you could easily get into the taxi renting business which is even more lucrative.

#7: Improve an eBook when you Need 3000 Dollars

This is a personal favourite of mine and it works like a charm. What you need to do is find a book on Amazon Kindle that sells really well. You need to buy the book and become an expert in the content. You then need to rewrite the book and add more value and depth so that it’s much better than the book your purchased. You can then release this to the public. If the eBook really is better than the competition your sales will take off and you will easily make 3000 dollars on an ongoing basis.

#8: House Sitting When I Need 3000 Dollars

House sitting is becoming more and more popular. Not only do you make money for looking after someone else’s house you also make money for renting out your own property which otherwise remains empty. You can receive between 1000 and 3000 dollars quickly depending on the type of home you’re house sitting. You could also easily make another 1000 dollars or more by renting out your personal property.

To get started register with house sitting sites and then wait patiently for an opportunity. Once an opportunity arises embrace it so you can get invaluable experience in house sitting. As time goes on and you get more house sitting opportunities you will be able to synchronise your own house renting to make even more money.

#9: Run a Bed & Breakfast

If you live in a tourist destination you could easily offer a bed and breakfast service to holiday makers in your own home. If I need 3000 dollars now or in a relatively short amount of time I would consider running a bed and breakfast. If you have spare bedrooms try advertising this online as a convenient cost effective room which offers a bed and breakfast. All you then have to do is offer your room and a breakfast service in the morning and you could charge $100 per night or even more depending on where you are located. If you have more spare rooms you can make even more money.

#10: Need 3000? Maximise the Rent on Your Home

This might seem like an extreme idea but renting out the home where you live and maximising your rents could earn you 3000 dollars per month. I have personally tried this strategy and have made a lot of money. Get started by building another smaller property in your garden or consider moving into a mobile home. You should then add as many rooms as you can to your property through extended the home or adding space in the attic. You can then rent the rooms out on a per room basis to make ever more money. Using this strategy I was able to pull in more than 3000 dollars per month for a significant amount of time.  

I Need 3000 Dollars Now

It is possible to make 3000 dollars in a short space of time and like I said before it requires a certain mindset. You need belief, courage, & strategy and have the energy to follow through on your commitments. Start with one of the ideas briefly outlined above and see how it goes, don’t give up and keep striving until you hit your target. Once you make 3000 dollars the next time you do it becomes easier until it becomes second nature. Just imagine how good life could be if you became an expert at making money. If you have any questions at all about these ideas please feel free to contact me today. 

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