Monday 2 October 2017

I Need to Make Fast Cash Online For Free - 22 Ways to Make Cash Online Within 3 Days for 18 - 24 Year Olds

I Need to Make Fast Cash Online For Free for 18 to 24-Year-Olds

I recently got an email from 22-year-old Emily. 

She was interested in making money online and wanted to do something where she could make fast cash online within a few days, she wrote in saying I need to make fast cash online for free.

It is entirely possible to make money on the internet. It does take time to build passive residual income but there are ways to make money quickly.

Here is Emily's Email which she has allowed us to share...

I need to make fast cash online. I am a 22-year-old and work in a fast food restaurant. I don't have many qualifications and I don't have much money.

I really want to change this. I am looking for a way to earn some money quickly online. I will eventually build something from scratch but right now I need some extra income to top up my savings. 

Please, can you give me as many ideas as possible?

My Response

Hello, Emily and welcome to The Millionaires Giving Money Blog.

Thanks for your question.

It is possible to make money online as quick as 24 hours and it's a great way to supplement your income. 

In this post, I will be sharing 22 ways to make money quickly. I will give you 22 websites which pay you within a few days as soon as you reach the payment threshold.

All these websites are legal and legitimate so you will make money quickly without the need to worry.

I will also be giving you 10 insights to change your life and your finances. If you take action your personal finance will improve and you will make a lot of money in the future.

I Need to Make Fast Cash Online for Free

I have listed 22 ways to make money online for free.

You will not have to subscribe or make payments upfront.

All you have to do is join the website and then perform the activity the site requires and you will get paid. It's as easy as that.

so without further ado here are 22 ways to make cash online for free.

One: Swagbucks - Get paid for reviewing stuff and watching vids online

Two: Pinecone Research - Get paid for taking surveys online

Three: Slice the Pie - Get paid to listen to music online

Four: Amazon Mechanical Turk: Get paid for doing repetitive work for Amazon

Five: Easy Shift: Get paid to check prices in your local area

Six: Ibotta: Get paid cash back when you use this app to pay

Seven: Microworkers: Very similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Eight: Mobisave: Get cash back for using the app to make payments

Nine: OneSpace: Get paid for freelancing your skills

Ten: Opinion Outpost: Get paid to take surveys online

Eleven: Paid Viewpoints: Get paid cash for your opinions

Twelve: Picky Domains: Get paid money online for coming up with popular slogans

Thirteen: Short Task: Get paid for solving problems as a solver

Fourteen: StudyPool - Get paid to for tutoring an advance subject

Fifteen: Task Rabbit: Get paid for doing tasks like mowing the lawn etc...

Sixteen: TreasureTropper: Another survey site which pays for your opinion

Seventeen: Zaarly: Get paid for doing tasks such as plumbing & building online

Eighteen: Clearvoice: Get paid to write quality articles for waiting clients

Nineteen: Field Agent: Get paid for doing tasks in your area

Twenty: GigWalk - Get paid by being a remote worker

Twenty-One: Qmee - Earn money by shopping Online

Twenty-Two: Scribie - Get paid to transcribe vidoes

I Need to Make Fast Cash Online For Free

All these sites offer a way to make fast cash online for free. If you are able to dedicate your spare time you can make an extra 200 to 400 dollars online. 

You could use this money to beef up your emergency fund and you can start saving for your future.

Do not get overwhelmed by all these sites. It will take a bit of time to make money.

Make a committment to join a site every couple of days and give it your all. Over time you will make a lot of money once the jobs start to roll in and you give it your best shot.

10 Tips to Improve Your Personal Finance

I also wanted to share 10 tips on personal finance. This will help you build you improve your finances in the future.

Take action and put these tips into practice, I guarantee that if you take action now you will be in a better position financially within 12 months.

One: Pay yourself 10% as soon as you get your pay check and put in savings account

Two: List income and expenses, find ways to reduce expense by 20%

Three: Ask employer what you have to do for a 20% pay rise

Four: Look for another job which pays 30% more

Five: Stop taking out new credit cards and loans

Six: Improve and fix your credit file if you have bad credit

Seven: Use the 22 ways to make cash online to boost income

Eight: Move to a cheaper place and save money on rent

Nine: Make lunch and dinner from scratch by batch cooking

Ten: Invest all money in low-cost index funds after you build a 5000 dollar emergency fund

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