Monday 18 April 2016

Where Can I Get Money For College Fast - I'm Desperate

Where Can I Get Money For College Fast

I'm Desperate 

Recently a student emailed asking the above question and it really got me thinking about my College days and how difficult it was to make ends meet.  

Students are more under pressure now with the cost of tuition fees, loans and equipment for college skyrocketing higher and higher.  
The more the Government makes cheap credit available to students the faster the costs will rise.  

In this post I want to share some ideas and strategies for college students to make money fast. The money you make should be used productively so pay off as much debt as possible or avoid taking out debt altogether.  

The last thing any student wants is to graduate with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of debt spending the rest of your life paying it off. 

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Where Can I Get Money Fast For College? 

#1: Outsource for Fast College Money 

I have a lot of savvy student friends who hate the idea of getting into debt to pay for their education. For these students Student Loans is not something they even consider, instead they keep asking themselves where can I get money for college fast 

These students pay for their education by working part time and live extremely frugally. Every student has a skill that could be monetized. Whether you're a design student or a accountancy student you could offer a services such as UpWork.com or Fiverr.com.  

The key to success here is offering a professional service at an affordable price. No one likes to pay designers and accountants through the nose so if you can offer something competitive and professional you will get freelance opportunities to make money.  

You can charge anything between $20 to $50 per hour and make ends meet by working after college. 

#2: Get a Part Time Student Job 

Students who are not employed and need college money fast must look for a job. You MUST get a JOB. Burning through your student loan and partying for 4 years will put you at a very disadvantaged position when your graduate.  

As I said earlier the last thing you want is to graduate with $200k worth of loan working in Starbucks. Find a job that is relevant to your degree and then see if you can make the position permanent.  

If you're doing an accountancy degree contact all the accountants in a 20 km radius and apply for a job. Just email them and ask for any meager opportunity. I know students who send out 50 emails per week looking for a job, these are the students who get ahead when they graduate because it's very likely they will have a full time job after they finish their studies.  

Don't look for a job using the conventional methods, think outside the box and network and look for hidden opportunities to get your foot into the door.  

#3: Sell StuffDon't Buy Rubbish  

This was something that came up time and time again in my research for where to get college money fast. Before I started College the best advice my elders gave me was to not buy things I don't need and to sell items to raise cash.  

This was something that stuck in my mind and I always arranged my finances this way. I only bought second hand items I needed such as old textbooks and used computers and laptops.  

I also sold the stuff I don't need to other students. I recycled all by books and always used the library and campus facilities to save money. By living frugally as a student I was able to graduate with no debt which is one of the greatest feelings ever. So, sell stuff on eBay and always buy second hand and you'll save a bundle. 

#4: Sell Yourself for Fast College Money 

Nope, I don't mean that. If you're desperate for College money you could sell your plasma for cash. There are clinics all over America in desperate need of Plasma.  

If you're a healthy student then giving a couple of pints of blood every month will help to supplement your income. You could go further and donate your sperm and eggs for money. It all depends on how healthy you are and how consistently you can do it.  

I know student who sell plasma, sperms, eggs, hair and even take part in clinical trials for drugs during the holidays to make enough money so they avoid debt, It can be done and it should be done, Just imagine that feeling of being debt free at graduation, this thought alone should motivate you. 

#5: Earn College Money on the Internet 

If serious bloggers can make $100,000 per month on the internet it means that students can make a few hundred bucks per month doing odd jobs online.  

You could take part in surveys, you could offer a website building service. You could write content for money. There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the internet and once you find what you're good at you can keep doing it whenever you need money.  

You could even enter competitions to win prizes. I know several individuals who enter hundreds of competition per week, these individuals have won cars, holidays and even cash. If you can spare a few hours you could strike it lucky and win a grand prize, anything is possible. 

#6 Recycle for Fast College Money 

Recycling is big business especially cell phones. The rate at which students churn cell phones is mind boggling. Some students even have two of the latest phones bought with their student loan.  

To get a piece of the action start a recycling facility at your college. Encourage students to recycle their phones. If you can get the word around and recycle 20 phones per month and receive $50 for each phone you could make $1000 dollars easily.  

It's all about reaching enough people and gathering enough phones so you can make money. You don't have to stop there, you could recycle plastic, metal, computers, laptops and tablets. The more electronic items you have the more money you can make fast. 

Where Can I Get Money For College Fast? 

It is entirely possible to get through College without getting into debt. You can easily use the ideas given above to get money for college fast. The key is to schedule your time for studying and working so you can graduate with minimal debt. The worst regret a student has is the overburdening debt they have to pay off when they graduate.  

Be smart and use your time productively and earn some money rather than relying on student loans. I really hope this short post answers your question - Where Can I Get Money for College Fast. Also check out the post below for more ideas to make money quickly - all these ideas are legal and legitimate and could make the difference between graduating with zero debt and graduating with $100K.  

If you found this post useful please leave a message or join me on Google+. 

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